Stefanik becomes left's latest target at impeachment hearings

Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik is attacked by the media, Democrats and even celebrities after week one of the public impeachment hearings. Fox News ...


# Einstein MMA Tony E.: Twitter is going to start a real US Civil War .

Emma Bell: I live in the 21st congressional district and she is terrible. She does not even live here, but her parents have a vacation home here in which she claims residency. She also has not had a town hall in a long time, meaning she does not do her duty of listening to us northern NY’s at all. Cobb is much better in many ways

Chris Sturgis: Any committee led by Adam Schiff should not be called an intelligence committee. Because he lacks anything close to intelligence.

Killingglorie: Can someone explain to me why and how Chrissy Teigen got famous? all she does is swear and make fun of people

Kyles Isler: Stupid Democrats are like dumb, spoiled rotten children.

Carlos Garrido: Where are the Republicans.. u got to have her back and condemned the Democrats ... Trump 2020

Politicus Rex: If even President Obama says this impeachment inquiry is a fantasy you know it's ridiculous.

Javier Sanchez: Trash.
What a snow flake. Lol

Dredd M: It’s funny how laws are enforced as long as it’s not a democrat

Mike Missouri: And Trump is the bully?

My Goddess Shasta: I love this woman. She's awesome

Uni Pey: Republicans are even below eikasía on Plato's divided line.

They do not just confuse shadows and mirrors with real objects and processes (which is eikasía)...but they confuse their own imagination with real objects and processes.

They seldomly see real objects and processes (pístis) - especially with more context and detail.

And certainly they are not able to gather knowledge on their own from data given to them (diánoia).

And certainly they cannot reach level 4 - the direct insight of reason into the essence of ideas (epistēmē).

Wanda Roderick: Let them attack her we the patriotic Americans will stand behind her just like Candace Owens we will fight for these two young ladies and stand behind them all the way more power to them

Pale Horse: She is from New York calling out the traitors and cannibals.

Jordan Ebling: Crazy Schiff and his cronies bullying ppl again funny all the true bullies and close minded ppl are on the left

Leo Leftbehind: These idiots in Washington DC have let the power go to there heads the very reason that they should be stripped of that burden shiff and pelosi you are not needed in our government

Drago Sutalo: malicious gossip

TheMad Country Woodsman.: Why is the news give the Dems a pass? I'm not understanding this one-sided story.

Gi Al: Stekanik is a congresswoman and doing her job. Just like Teigan is married to a rich man and doing her job.

Dhee Keol: Both sides are Trash, but the Democrats are more TRASH than Republicans.

Hector Garcia: sick and tired of turning on the tv and seeing this crap every dam day!😡😡 what makes it even worse is when i think about how much this is costing taxpayers 🤬🤬

Mike Meagher: Could you imagine if Ms. Stefanik called Pelosi trash? The left would be asking for her resignation on the spot. The left is a one-way street and it is their direction only - all others stay out.

Bucky Pinata: Dems hate being tasked to answer real questions.....

Stacey Nichols: They are scared of people who call out their scam!
TRUMP 2020

supermantra: Finally. Honestly seekers .

chocobo77: Republicans hired Ashley broad from hardcore pawn. Just as annoying. Damm that voice.

SanAntonioSlim: Women supporting women...unless you refuse to submit.

April Sim: Stefanik certainly comes across as intelligent & strong in her analysis & understanding of Schiff's questionable & ludicrous impeachment proceedings. Thumbs up for Stefanik. You can stand tall, & keep challenging the lies & crookedness of Schiff w/wisdom to debunk them.

Delta Construction Bear: VERY IMPORTANT: Jerry Nadler is trying to hide the renewal of the 2016 FISA within the Continuing Resolution (CR) they vote for on Wednesday. This is so Horowitz doesn't expose the Seditious Conspiracy the Democrats permitted in 2016. Contact your representative and tell them to vote NO on the CR!!!!

No,Isaidposse: The left IS hypocrisy.

MIRA RES: She is the Bomb keep up the Good work. TRUMP 2020

bax 60: Do these stupid. Democrats think that we the people arent watching? The dumb bastards are all going to go down as the worst dems in us history

Pay It Forward: Has anybody checked Mr. Schiff's mental health or prescription drug dosages?

P J: Stefanik is an easy target. Between being a tRump turd & idiot it's no wonder she's easy to set your sights on her & fire bombs away.

Jim Cornerstone: Oh oh, schiff put out a hit on her

my life 44: Tearing the country apart is part of the plan to take the country over. Can anyone else see this?

James Young: Liberals are jealous because Stefanie is intelligent and knows what she is talking about whereas AOC is thick and stupid

Sue Lang: They hate a truth sayer

R. Cogburn: They created chaos to impeach Trump. Not going as planned. Attack next in line, The Power of Personal Destruction. l o s e r s !

John Villalovos: The deep state far left libreal Hollywood media democrat agenda wake up people

F Stev: Anyone else notice how even Kim & Kanye distance themselves from that freak tiegen & her loon husband. It’s total cringe!! She “was” a model. Now all she’s known for is bitching on social media to anyone that’ll listen. Bore off u arrogant rude stuck up b itch

Hype From Heck: Wow. Talk about low class...

Hiding Hunter: Please pray for my home state of VA. The governor is trying to make law abiding gun owners felons.

P J: Last wks. testimonies were very revealing & damning. I expect this weeks to be even more so & just might prove to be devastating to Russian useful idiot Puppet Trump.

Laura Lea Frederick: Stand up for women EXCEPT if they are Republican!

Appeli Sauice Stroke: Because every single Democrats Is pieces of trash who hates the truth.

Mythron 420: I would like to start out by saying that I am a Libertarian I do however enjoy viewing Fox News because of your in-depth coverage of topics I however for the next several weeks will not be viewing any news shows that post or show anything about the impeachment I do not believe that we should be giving them any air time to promote any of their BS thank you for your service fair and balanced news is important but I'm not going to sit here and absorb there lies through other media sources

Robert Moeller: lowlife dems, look naround for somewhere to go. as maxine says, you are not welcome here. wakanda maube?

C JJ: I like her! She's unafraid, full of facts, and obviously wears Gods armor of Truth.

Rocky roads: Can you believe adults calling this woman trash doesn't tell you who these people are? Wow