Supreme Court to hear 3 cases for Trump's financial records

Reaction and analysis from former deputy assistant attorney general Harry Litman and former independent counsel Robert Ray.


Mark Wood: How about the record of the Squaw valley concession contract...your just as much trash as CNN MSNBC etc..and NO!!! I as an American do not watch you..OAN..

S.A.M.: I'm so sick and tired of this witch hunt and waste of taxpayers money!!! Leave the president alone. Media and corrupted politicians is ruining our counntry!!

Juan Diaz: something smells bad here.....

Nico Polis: Wow ! Nadler was obese at that time .

Happy Raccoon: That girl has impeccable lipstick. I'd smooch her up.

Toro 2017: What is Trump hiding? Past Presidents, both Republican and Democrat have been open and transparent with all of their financial records. Vice President Pence released his financial records. Trump promised during his campaign that he was going to release his records.

Otso: Never ever would any other president steal veteran charity money and have it not even be the worst thing he did.

Lost all respect to Trump.

Jim Donaldson: The big problem here is the "alleged conduct" DIDN'T HAPPEN !!!

Walter Bell: More Fox News BS

rich s: This ought to be interesting since Trump tried to rig the court in his favor

Rick Beal: I could care less about trump's taxes .treason of the Democrats needs to be taken seriously and do something

Jon Esqueda: When you Schitt-Schiff's, you in big trouble boy.

Jon Esqueda: America, the world. Supreme Court,... is but his armature to assure trueness. Congress,...double check it. House, the door greeter. and the King, PEOPLE. DUH.

Bettye Wiley: The tax records of Trump are his, seal them where they can not be opened!

Asleep Awake: the criminal trump did this to himself. Never excuse trump the lying narcissistic selfish promoter, and always double check the conman's boasts.

Brother Barton: Transparency is trumps greatest threat

LOST REALITY: MSN is getting harder by the minute to watch..why don't know tell the truth..🤔

BUZZTROLL Inc.: No removal of the President, No private taxes released, reelection in Nov 2020, Liberal Meltdown 2.0.

In that order lol

Flee Tyrrany: Chris Cuomo of CNN fake news asking Trump supporters commenting on CNN if Trump is going to "Make Ammends with CNN"
Ah hahahahahahahaha. Oh you cant make this stuff up...

SL Adams: If they force Trump to hand his taxes over, they better force Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer, Jerry Nadler, and other Democrats to hand theirs over too.

Darwin Penning: It's political harassment. We all know the fake media and Dems will spin up negatives out of nothing. They want to create a sensation right before the election and influence votes.

Jeff Lectka: Let me guess. Taxes will get released. They will be very complex. Each side will claim victory and nothing will happen, like the Mueller (who saw the taxes) and Impeachment hoaxes. Trump will be re-elected.

Tron Nort: Demanding his taxes is just another Democrat ploy to incept the public via maliciously framed media stories that Trump has something to hide.
The IRS is all over Trump. They'd have found something and resolved It privately.
Let's see Bloomberg's and Biden's tax returns then. Let's see how on the level they all are.
The act of demanding the records is nothing more than fuel for a media frenzy. Bias Media coverage is all about framing.
One media can say "The Democrats are out if line demanding private documents of an American citizen". That's one way, or they can frame it like "Democrats demand Trump's tax documents, Trump refuses, what is he hiding from the American Public?"
See what I did there?

Lucius Saints: Trump is a lifelong money launderer for Russian oligarchs. His taxes will prove that. He has lost every single appeal in the lower courts. This will be no exception.

Sharon Gygi: We should be asking for the tax records of John Roberts.

Robert Thompson: It's funny how they purposely take and show bed pictures of our president to make him look like a fool Fox News is a corrupt idiotic station full of corrupt idiotic people

Business Chicken: Do constant attempts to undermine and unlawfully remove the President = Treason? If I was a lawyer chicken I would make the case.

Jay Tab: Democrats are scumbags. They have done nothing but harass Trump constantly.

97goe: If trump puts up his taxes then everyone does how about that???

Adrian Brown: Wow what is wrong with Fox news they actually fake news VOX

scott left: 3:40...Someone said this was Nadler after a bee i doubt.

gb: I heard that they are rounding up all the crusty old white men and sending them to Russia? So they won't have to pay the crusty old white man pensions for serving in the wars or spending 30 years building cars in a factory to feed his family. Say no personal and individual rights and freedoms send COWM to Russia now. And don't forget to snatch their money.

Thundertrain: ALL politicians should show tax returns if it means so much to those trying to see Trump's

Cadre Deux: If the Court says That information from my tax returns can be used to incriminate me, then it is a violation of the 5th Amendment and will make the tax code unconstitutional.

Adam wiggins: It’s his taxes.... I thought it was voluntary to give you tax returns and Trump was just exercising his right to not...

Nicki nurse: Trumps resume:
1991: Trump Taj Mahal. (Bankrupted)
1992: Trump Castle Hotel & Casino. (Bankrupted)
1992: Trump Plaza Casino. (Bankrupted)
1992: Trump Plaza Hotel. (Bankrupted)
2004: Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts. (Bankrupted)
2009: Trump Entertainment Resorts (Bankrupted)
2015: Trump international golf club In Puerto Rico (bankrupted)
2019: American farmers( bankrupted)
Trumps FAILed businesses:
Trump airline
Trump ice water
Trump the game
Trump casino
Trump magazine
Trump mortgage
Trump steak
Trump travel site
Trump comms company
Trump tower Tampa
Trump university
Trump vodka
Tour de trump
The New Jersey generals football team
Trump on the ocean
Trump network
Trump radio show
Trump media
Trump foundation (fraud)
American communication network( pyramid scheme)
Now United States of America

TheBestWayOne: Support American products whenever possible and next like minded countries of fair made products, tell stores to have Made In The USA and give you that choice. Look online for Made In The USA. Fair Made American Made.

wendigo: If they can make Trump show his records would this not apply to all government politicians.

Robert Shrewsbury: I think that the entire Congress/Senate need their tax returns audited and investigated and further investigate the sources and spending of their money, receptions/dispersal's and even their 501-C where some of them hide their cash money and how and where they spend it and be held accountable! They need to also be spot checked for drug abuse. Innocent ones should have no fear of this. To only audit one or a select few persons is way biased no more than the "Russian Collusion" piece of work! Public servants have no special immunity or hiding places from openness and transparency to the people that voted them in.

Boingfish1: Wish the pursuit into the qualification of Obama saw this much effort to uncover- Obama's birth certificate! Not piecemeal blurry talking points. I would to witness officially certified documentation. Once and for all but alas, this not the subject.

0UU RS: Wow Nadler was severely obese in 1998

Junibug W: If we get trumps I say there should be a full review of all politicians! Everyone of them!

Beverly Crane: It will be fascinating, if everyone s tax records are open to the public. According to the one Trump tax paper everyone was so excited about, he doesn’t cheat and he pays his taxes...unlike so many politicians who brag about not paying taxes. He works for FREE, how many millionaires in congress, can say that? Pilowsy? No one’s taxes will be private, since they are starting at the top...maybe what they collect in back taxes will cover the National debt!

Nancy Olson: That will be GREAT ! The Dems. can get their hopes up again, he will release taxes and show they are PERFECT and right before election and DEM tears will REALLY FLOW this election !!! If there was ANYTHING wrong with
them it 2and 1/2 YEARS investigation would have
found this !!!

Mcg Doc: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Brave Sir Robin: What is the probable cause for the search? What evidence of a crime is under investigation? He has a 4th Amendment right. He doesn't lose that because he is the President.

NC State Wolfpack: We already know Trump a crook what we really want to see is Trump birth certificate

brian woo: Apple vs orange.
For trumptards they don't see difference.
Clinton impeachment started from an affair and illegal wiretapping. Starr went so far in his rabbit hole to get Clinton that he had to gave immunity to the criminal who audio taped Lewinsky.

Orangutan's case, it's about national security and the integrity of US election.
There is no comparison between these 2 cases.

Trust Jesus: I have no problem with everyone who decides to run for public office having to present their tax returns. If Trump has to show his tax returns, so should all of them from now on.

Richard Willette: So what if Trump doesn’t pay taxes, has dealings with Russian gangsters, is owned by Deusche Bank, and lots of ties to Ukrainean oligarchs