Texas AG slams decision to jail salon owner: ‘Feels more like China than US’

Ken Paxton joins Laura Ingraham to discuss a Texas judge's decision to jail a Dallas businesswoman for reopening her salon before coronavirus lockdown was ...


Carol Feher: This is exactly what the socialists wanted, power and control over the middle-class, small business owners and those in service industries. These entrepreneurial people are the ones who keep economies going, not the BIG guys who are getting bailed out. It is sad and scary how quickly the masses handed over their basic freedoms because of the F.E.A.R pushed by the media and the corrupt Left. If Socialists cared, they would have done something in the winter of 2017-2018 when according to CDC directory Robert Redfield, 80,000 Americans died due to complications from the flu. This was reported in an Associated Press article dated September 2018. Where was the panic, hysteria and concern for the elderly, sick or immune-suppressed then?

The Chosen One Illuminati: Call in the posse,

chgojoearchivist: How dare this judge basically say "kiss the ring of the king or else!!". Save the names of these corrupt judges and politicians and remember come election day! NEVER VOTE A DEMOCRAT AGAIN! Let their family starve! THEY are the plague we are fighting!!

Kevin Smith: I'm glad I live in a small mountain town in eastern Kentucky life here hasn't changed a bit

Jesus is Alive!: The Governor needs to go to that jail and remove her himself, He needs to tell that judge to poke it!

The Official Andy Saenz: Why isn’t there public outrage about this in Texas? Put those criminals back in jail! Release this woman NOW! She’s done nothing illegal! Trump needs to issue a Presidential pardon for her!

Moses Mukuna: That judge is a psychopath.Jail the judge.

Carol Fanucci: Now that is a strong woman. My hero!

Family Phone: Excuse me while I act like a democrat for a minute.
Judge is black and defendant is white..... RACIST JUDGE. She's in jail only because she's white!
Now my true thoughts.... She's in jail because you folks have a power hungry far left judge sitting on the bench. He has abused his power and needs to be removed today!

Adam S: VOTE RED IN NOV lets make America American again VOTE RED

Nice Guy Eddie: We no longer have federal or state governments for and by the people any longer. Our governments have become self-serving nanny-State entities that have their tentacles wrapped around the most intimate areas of our personal lives and care not about inalienable civil rights or Constitutional limitations.

Lucia Ferreira: the judge who put her in jail should be removed and investigated for abuse of power...he is a moron..


Alicia Coleman: Gush! Okay let the mayor feed your family and pay your bills.

Douglas Adams: The people of Dallas need to get down there and tear that place apart...Tar and feather that judge and free this women...Enough is enough..

Kathy Borthwick: Absolute insanity - This is something China would do quite frankly! Disgraceful cowardly behaviour!

Hung Phan: This black judge convicted a white woman. That's racist

Tracy Richard: If this was a black woman no one would care Becky broke the law and on top of that the judge tried to let her make it her arrogance got her lock up

Rita Holden: SET HER FREE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think the law has more pressing things to worry about liike real CRIME. ugh

Chris Reed: Just so everyone knows, the judge is non white and was behind the release of a LOT of non white FELONS from the jails who have came out of jail for crimes such as battery and identity theft to come out and do the exact same crimes all over again! I bet had this salon owner been a black shop owner he would have not jailed her!

T GS: Who set these criminals free?

Iss. hinck: This is a disgusting abuse of power!

Mike Speelman: Terminate the vicious marxists!

Lady Cheetah: Unfortunately this is what happens when our educational institutions have successfully indoctrinated people with capitalism bad, government control good.


KRB Minniefan: Locking everyone up against our constitutional rights feels more like China.

Margaret waters: Please let this woman go ! So you go to jail just for trying to do her job washing hair. Lord have mercy . And has children to feed too . Criminals are being set free. But she's in jail please explain this to me.

Jesus Christ: If she was an illegal alien they would have not even visited her salon.

j Blaze: If you live there go get her out go to the jail and don't leave this is communist BS

Barbara Packard: There seems to be no way to help these people give their decisions the "does this make any sense" test.

Bottom line, it doesn't have to make sense any more.

JJ Groves: THIS IS NOT ABOUT A VIRUS. Everyone in America that can look at data, know this to be the case now.

Anonymous Google: Now the Republicans are doing what Nancy Pelosi did back in March. Moving slow on the stimulus checks for the people. As people slowly go back into the work place they still need stimulus checks to catch up. Most Americans are behind on their finances.
They need to speed things up or risk getting voted out of office. The Republicans have no problem getting funds to their wall street and corporate friends, so get the stimulus checks to the American people.

J M: I am for Trump.....where is he on this issue?????????

Lesia Aguilar: 10,000 people do it, it is a disaster. 1 person does it, you are a celebrity.

Mark P: Wait, what? Contempt of court? It's not like she said F U to the judge, she said something along the line of respecting law and respecting the court but she would not apologize for being selfish.

Freed By His Grace: So .. the governor can't pardon this lady because she was sentenced for contempt (of what?? ... common sense??), but they can certainly issue the unlawful edicts that put her in that position to begin with. She would not have been there in the first place, if it wasn't for this draconian, authoritarian BS.

TheCut2009: So why did she open up her salon ? In Michigan salon owners were able to file for unemployment benefits. People are ready to open and continue to spread the virus is crazy.

StoneyMaloney: Keep her in jail. One less idiot.

Marty Johnson: Regime, don't like that word when used in any context in America!!! I thought that regime's only happened in those other places, like communist countries??? We better pay attention folks, the Democrats want a communist government where WE THE PEOPLE are their livestock to do with as they please!!!

Shane Taylor: Impeach him.

Chinninat: I’m a hair dresser self employed. Why is she so special? I need to pay rent and bills also. All she had to to do is apologize . If she wants to work why go to jail and a fine .

vegacool1: God Will Judge Us.

John Kovac: Arrest the judge and gov. For treason

Bruconic Inferno N4NO CLAN: WARNING....WARNING...... He will use every kind of evil deception to fool those on their way to destruction, because they refuse to love and accept the truth that would save them. So God will cause them to be greatly deceived, and they will believe these lies. Then they will be condemned for enjoying evil rather than believing the TRUTH. God bless.

Paulette Poole: Praying for our Nation Today🌹🌹

James M: Incarcerate the judge. Isolation, guarded, harassed by Governor's state police detail.

Melissa Moats: Release her this is free america not communist china.

Razwan Khan: That's why guns are nesseaary.

Jordan Haynes: This is literally insane.

YouKnow Who: Totally absurd . This needs to stop . Mr. Paxton is absolutely right.