‘The Five’ slam high ranking Dems for defending Biden

Democrats accused of double standard on presumptive presidential nominee Joe Biden; reaction and analysis on 'The Five.' #FoxNews #TheFive FOX News ...


akaredcrossbow: Forget the election, just let Trump continue to 2024. Give the money to the US public the election would spend to make it happen!

Destin Williamson: Great. Our only options are two right wing rapists. God bless America.

wetwingnut: It's interesting, though, to watch young, SJW Democrats waking up to the utter, in-your-face hypocrisy of their own party.

TheNarrator: i want to see daily talks by Biden....i know his DNC handlers wont let it happen because its evident he is mentally unfit for office but would love to see how bad it really is.

Noble Tarkan: This whole thing is mired down in how outspoken and biased Democrats were against Kavangah on the basis of less evidence and less harm. Hypocrisy never plays well to the American moderate public.

Craig Wells Jr: It's a double standard!! If your a Republican you will get investigated if your a Democrat it's OK!!! The system is broken. We need term limits.

AZHOBBIEZ: The Dems have to defend him...they have all their eggs in his basket. It's too late to turn back now.

tracy songs Price: Would not expect nothing less rats always will stick together make up lies about Trump and go through three and a half years of b*******but yet when it's a Democrat can't vet them it's always a double and the difference is we're just used to as Republicans but have no fear the Trump train is on its way choo choo

Robert Larsen: Yes Biden should be investigated like they have investigated all of the republicans. He is just another politician and should be investigated. And all of his records should be made available

Cypress Warrior: Perverted Joe talked about his hairy legs around children.

Canadianlady2012: Dana, your hair is too long for a woman your age, and it makes you look older.

vincent fave: 2008 is irrelevant

Houston Brown: If the DemoRats win the election,will peversion be a norm ,

Joshua Doggett: Juan needs fired he's a joke

vincent fave: These Dems are lying pigs Witmer needs to dissapear

Rob Tolley: Look at sniffy uncle pervy's V.P. line up ........good luck! TRUMP 20/20 🇺🇸

Laurie: Juan as lead news speaker - Fox that was really clickbait, I clicked and I got baited - Good work, keep it up.

Myrtle: Joe won’t be running any country even if he did get the most votes 😂🤣 He doesn’t even know his name and they all know it. Hillary, Obama , Pelosi and everyone else with high stakes and lots to loose will try to take over. But folks it won’t happen.

Christopher Van Zant: Your gonna have to walk over the coals Joe, just like everybody else. You have to answer for this. Or maybe you don't have the fortitude to run for president. Just drop out Joe. Get your mental health back in order.

wetwingnut: If you watched old Joe's denial, he never actually refuted her allegation. He only ever claimed that "it" didn't happen, which is, linguistically, an odd form of denial. First of all, the human mind doesn't typically apply the pronoun "it" to something that isn't a memory. Hypotheticals are generally addressed as "that". Secondly, "it" is a nice word to keep from actually lying. He can always claim (to others or to himself) that the "it" that he was denying mustvhave been somehow different than the "it" that they were asking him about.

Billy JEAN: Where am I? What am I doing? He doesn't know.

Qwiet Ryott: A Dem's just a Communist with their brains kicked out. ffs

Bobby King: Where was tara when biden was veted for vp. Fox news and there double standards.

John Giblin: This may not be a thread Fox News want to pull on too sharply

JOHN'S WICK: WHO is Barak Obama? LOL

realist bob: Obama the puppet

Dennis Lawrence: The Republicans have had a double standard regarding Trump since before he was elected.

Lala Lyons: I didn't think there are any high ranking Democrats. Rats yes👹👹👹

Lynn Thompson: The lady waits so many years to complain.....an issue

Kristen Nealon: Due process, by the Democrats rules..he should be guilty right? No. I think Biden is innocent unless proven guilty. Democrats, not all, but most, have no respect from me.

Dave Wrasman: Joe did it...Joe said she was Nothing to him....Now Joe says he did Nothing ...Hes a scumbag liar and a real monster...Jill must be so proud of him!

Big Louie: I bet president Trump has been invested more than Biden

Mike Rolla: I think court is a good way to solve the issue.

realist bob: Obama was a puppet...He trusted Biden...Meanwhile Bidens family was cashing in all over ukrain and china...Obama was to busy partying with hollywood to know anything about what was going on

Michael Domansky: Juan’s yellow tie is so apropos!

Bullofthewoods Bodacious: Get the gaff u pig. Fuk U Obama fuk u BIDEN. CRIMINALS at BEST...

Matt ulrich2: Its been clear for a long time that Biden is just a place holder for the real nominee. Look for a Clinton or Obama to replace him. WWG1WGA.

ed conger: I want to see what's written in Biden's High School yearbook we need to have a senate hearing and his yearbook be entered in as evidence

Gary Bonnell: Creepy Joe is don't remember he's fondelt so many wemon

Richard: The 5 need to slam their heads together before they can have a reasonable thought

Frank Vocal: Dems always seem to forget Tara Reade is a democrat...

Lumi Nous: Alright I can im not biased towards one side or the other but fox News just made multiple fake statements, come on guys don't be freaking idiots and listen to this crap

EbFilesX: 5 devil's calling out other devil's saying they are more evil.
All these talking heads and politicians are corrupt.

graham mark: Same Democrats just making themselves look idiotic again ( i mean the total nerve of it )

jamie oxenreider: Who remembers when news didn’t milk a single story for months and actually reported on more than one story a day- oh wait OANN still does and is by far better NEWS.

Jeff Salver: Creepy Joe Biden if you guys stand next to him then you're one in the same and you know what we mean

2tone50gt: Tara Got Fingered by Uncle Joe...Nothing to see here, folks....

Victor Yanez: Hypocrisy. Trump 2020.

Yared Christo: We are witnessing cartoonish levels of hypocrisy and ignorance, what’s next?

brian bowes: All you have to do is look at Biden speak. The DEMS are screwing themselves.