‘The Five’ slams high ranking Dems for defending Biden

Democrats accused of double standard on presumptive presidential nominee Joe Biden; reaction and analysis on 'The Five.' #FoxNews #TheFive FOX News ...


Monique Seargeant: WIlliam. again ? 😈🐍😈is he taking over FOX. NEWS ?

Sky Dragon: Ole Joe, really needs help. His family and wife should get him in a sanitarium.

Unikyan Roza: AG Barr it’s time scame Obama scame Hillary scame Biden all evil Democrats go to jail shame on you evil democrat we will vote evil democrat out out 2020


Alex Davis: Somebody give Dana a raise

Holy Harlot: There is a reason this dumbness came out now.
Wow, Biden is a hypocrite. I'm so shocked

Alex Davis: That’s the picture y’all had for Axelrod???

American Facts: if the Democrat didn't have double standard they would have no standard .

n7hevn: This would be a great video, if Juan wasn't in it.

Scott Phillips: Serious??? He says Obama vetted Biden… Yet no one on the left vetted Obama… So how reliable is what he says or does concerning Biden???

BRING IT: They are criminals!
Effing worthless criminals!

Bobby Tront: I love Dana perino ❤️

Andrea Lindley: Kavengh was vetted by the FBI 5 TIMES AND HAD A PRESTIGIOUS STANDING AS A JUDGE FOR YEARS! If he had refused to turn over documents then he would have been labled absolutely guilty before ANY hearings!

Life With The Locey's: This is B.S

Mary Hooper: Why isn’t Biden put on trial. Let’s hear what she has to say. Let the people decide

Tim Henry: Joe can't remember? Huh.

Edward Johnson: This is a actually helping sleepy Joe . It is taking people off the ball about his mental breakdown .

mr. oof: The guy feels up children in public on camera. He definitely exhibits grooming behavior that is textbook predator.

Wayne-O Abernathy: If Tara Reid was accusing Trump she would be getting air time on every channel!!! Creepy, sleepy joe will continue to be protected by the left. It's bias and bunch of bull💩

James Byerly: Don't watch much "mainstream" TV, but I like how they have Juan moderating more, and interjecting the liberal beliefs, that he can hardly believe, less.

Eckyhade: As a Trump voter and supporter, I tend to lean toward believe Sniffin’ Joe. Reade would have been mid 20’s in 1993. This would make her at least 15 years too old to attract pervert Joe.

cvcoco: What happened to believe all victims, believe all women? I want to know!!

Rusty Nail 5 by 5: Joe and Stacey Abrams don't have a chance as a snowball in hell to be anyting

Manuela Gabathuler: Now I understand why Obama didn’t want to endorse him at the beginning! Democrats Party are disgusting, hypocrites and liars.

Plutarch: Its uber simple. If you want to work, feed your kids, pay your rent/mortgage, car payments. Work in a healthy economy.....vote Trump.
If you are into welfare, not working, like to live off others, do not care about losing your home car equipment and feeding your family....then vote Biden....because be assured, if he gets elected it all collapses.
Every mover and shaker , every money and wealth creator will shelve plans and pull in their horns until these Democrats collapse again and go away.....and in the interim we will be left holding the bag as usual.
The sooner you understand these so called professional Politicians do not know what they are doing and they are not in there to serve you and yours, but to feed on our taxes and American sweat equity.... the better off we all will be.

Angel Micheal: Obama vetted Joe. The DEVIL vetted a DEMON and so, the demon must be OK.

Kathie Carter: This Biden "accusation" proves Democrats are uncertain what they stand for unless it helps them politically!! They are morally corrupt and inconsistent when they vacillate between issues!!!

Superserial: It’ll be fun to watch the female VP candidates get on their knees and virtually blow Biden with support in order to be his pick. How ironic.

D A: I see the Democrats placing Hiliary Soros in there last minute to replace Biden= Dirty politics and to keep poor Bernie out ( which isnt a bad thing) lol...

Derek Wilson: Pocohantos NO , Harris slept her way into congress NO , so take your pick of the other 2 ?

John Metzger: Joe Dirt looks like a ghoul

Mr Magoo Biden: Females have rights as long it’s not accusing a Democrat for sexual assault.

Kbholla: I belive that Biden doesn't remember.

Derek Wilson: The woman said her allegation should be in some documents biden gave to a college I think , so just look if it is there , if not we can carry on?

Mary Hooper: It’s not time for a women

John Sidor: Democrats are bigots and liars

Mary Hooper: Trump 2020

joe Domjan: “Jeffery Epstein is a terrific guy and loves the young girls as much as I do” Donald J Trump

Mary Hooper: Cuomo will step up for President

Julberry Juan: Its because Joe Biden is the leadership America needs. Give him leadership today so his methods begin.

Lenny Taylor: Dems are no worst for supporting Biden as you Trumptards for making sense of this failing president , I hope he has a heart attack soon

thomas ramirez: They should put all these evil people on a island by themself

Dave Miller: How can you pick a vise president just because there a woman? What happened to being qualified, idc about gender or color I care about being qualified... Trump 2020

William Birnbaum: Its plain and simple...the Dems , as Donna Brazille said, "WROTE THE PLAY BOOK!"
One of my favorites...is when Harry Reed was asked about lying about Romney.
His reply...."WE WON DID'T WE !! "
We need to drain this swamp...starting with having TERM LIMITS on the 2020 ballot.

Nokie Pruitt: Why is Juan talking?

Randy Woodworth: Joe has people who travel around with him who continuously have to remind him who he is, what he's running for, and what year it is, and tell him if he's a man or woman.

Mark James: Ooh. Obama says Biden was vetted! You mean like Obama was?

Tongus Grump: Hear we go again don’t ask don’t tell media on the democraps

JusticeAA: The democrats will continue to defend creepy sniffer Joe Biden due to the fact they hate President Trump. The democrats know that the criminal actions of Obama and his team against Trump is about to be revealed. Indictments coming against some of them.

assindiastignani: Let's all pray for Joe, because if they manage to throw him out, guess who's waiting in the wings? I'll give you a clue: his/her initials are H.R.C.