The Patriot Hour Epstein Murder Plot

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Tone Gaglione: Can you Patriots wear bullet proof vests? Stay safe and I will be praying for you. The World is watching!

Christopher Spearrin: I got a big old heeeaaavy dose of the tooth most people couldn't handle...oh they say they want the Ol tooth....but they ain't wanting it!!!

Crushing_The_Losers Of_The_Lying_Left: MUST SEE BEFORE GOING TO VIRGINIA

Fork Lift: #The Great Awakening, #The Trump Effect, #The Super Great Awakening, #Destroy The Babylonian System, #Prayer, #Wake Up The Collective, #Keep Up The Good Fight Patriots, #Hard Hat #"Dark to Light", and #WW1WGA. That's my 10 Meme Picks. They're Simple. However, Yhe Meaning Of Each Of The 10 Memes Packs An Immense Whopper!

Kathy GARBEΕ”: Be safe guys ! I love y'all as many of your subs do ...we want NO HARM COMING TO ANY OF YOU ! A friend just called me from Alabama ..said the news showed cops and people fighting this evening up there !

Kathy GARBEΕ”: Off subject BUT ....WAIT FOR IT....ILHAN OMAR FBI & ICE IS ON HER BUTT ! Yes ! One more mouth gonna be fighting for a foothold &passing bricks soon !

Marian Snyder: Does anyone know if Der$chowitz accuser is telling the truth, sex with underage girl

Manuel Avila: trump just hired Dershowitz as part of his legal team?!?!

Susie I: Safe travels...keep your heads on a swivel, Godspeed to All Patriots WWG1WGA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

vΓΆlgyes Γ­stvan: Patriots need to get to Virginia early. Days early. Scope it out. Surveil the scene from all sides. Watch from a distance. Maybe bombs planted in trash cans or anything. Watch the people who are preparing for the rally. Don't trust anyone to keep the public safe. These people are sick.

Ann Bullard: Tribunals have been going on since 1-1-19. There is a couple that has been covering them. They are getting "the little fish," right now! Then BOOM!!! Gitmo will hold the "Big Time Evil Cabal / illuminati!"

Ann Bullard: Also Q had mentioned last year that Gen. Flynn would be freed in 30 days. You have to be locked up to be freed! Look for 1-29-20 - 2-27-20. (30 days) the watches were markers!!! X22Report did a program about it too on 1 - 15 - 20. NO FEAR! After 30 days indictments?????

Ann Bullard: Fear is lack of faith in God! I pray a hedge of protection for you and your group. I plead The Blood of Jesus over y'all! I call forth The Holy Angels assigned to each of you to come protect and minister to you all, going to Virginia / while you're there/ and coming back to your homes in Jesus Name!!! Amen and Amen!

Heather Williams: I would bet that Mcafee's dead man switch employs an automatic update/notification to his security software, or an automatic email pushed out to every subscriber unless he turns it off daily.

Virginia Palmer: anthony bourdains ear

Red Blanket: The ones traveling from Oregon will be expected a ounce of information for our men going to help them is better than a gram of nothing.Yes antifa is everywhere we all know that .These men have to have every eye opened for them.
Any bit of information that a warrior has will keep them alert and have a better chance to survive if SHTF when they are there.
X22 is a good source there is no BS.No matter what time its recieved.
My birth middle name is Annon.

teeza beats: the map is upside down

teeza beats: there is only one entrance im from richmond

teeza beats: at the top wich is broad street the old city hall has been demolished its now a costruction sight

bill began: What's funnier than hell is that bullets can go a long way into those GOVT. grounds,what good is a gun free zone πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†. No Worries,the military will have you covered there. Trump isn't going to let anything happen there. Silence is golden. The !πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ˜πŸ‘

teeza beats: the fence is around where the speakers will be fill it with us the armed people can support from across the street outside capitol square

teeza beats: we need to fill the inside of the fence with us yhey have no support the only people that want this is them

teeza beats: thank you both for your service and your support come to va antifa wont attack armed poeple its a ploy to get the numbers down

Jason Best: Love your work guy's. Keep it up. Love from Quk πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§


Donna Silverthrone: Good morning to you ❀️

Curtis Kane: Link to Paypal donations does not work :-(

Mary Walk: Praise Him from the skies πŸ™Œ

Mary Walk: I can't think being gassed 24/7. I beat alot of people are being Targeted and gassed with out knowing it.

Watchinyou2: Hu band?

Mustang 82: Love the music, fits.

Delores Berger: VA is a set up. Crisis actors hired. Antifa marching WITH 2A'rs? If you go be prepared to be blamed for what goes down there. That is their goal. They want a second Charlottesville. Pray about your decision.

Robert V: Cant add to the chat it's not there

Robert V: Sounds like recon should be done

William Collins: Still waiting for Epstein post mortem "DNA" ???
Ears just dont change !!!

BRUDAS Dm: The ear looks the same. But I think that quadruple murderer brightened it up some.πŸ‘‚ If you can't be brave in this world, how can you expect to find courage in hell? πŸ”₯πŸ‘»πŸ”₯ my guess on who called the hit? Bloomberg.

Shadow Poet: "he's a walking muscle. The beach is that way, maaaaan" XD

Nancy L. Davis: Guys, if you stay outside of the check out area, then you are supposed to be ok...BUT, I have heard that the Gov. CANCELLED the reciprocity CONCEAL CARRY WITH ALL STATES... so, that would leave OPEN CARRY...

Als PipelineHauling: 1776 here WWG1WGA...

Als PipelineHauling:

Angie Corrigan: I've never got a notice not one time yet so I always have to watch after Phhhhhh

Barb B Q: No GPS- it’s a set up.

Barb B Q: Oh, yeah. Antifa been training with Hamas.

T T: Stay safe and take some good ole American sammiches and KNOW the rest of us here and the world ARE and WILL BE PRAYING FOR YOU ALL.

Barb B Q: Have alternative comm methods. Feel like there’s a price on your heads. Will pray the Lord covers all Patriots. You are being set up. Stay outside the gated area.

D. L. Austin: Epstein Alive vs Epstein Dead
The Ear creases don't match...
The Eyelid creases don't match
These do not change just because, when, or after you die.

Barb B Q: I agree with CEO.

Barb B Q: Sounds like a trap to me! Have back up outside. Like bikers!

Red Blanket: Antifa from oregon is being bussed in on greyhound.

Gail Harris: Have a lookout from theCommonwealth Hotel on 9th St... That's what I was going to do ,if I could a gone to this.ugh