The Patriot Hour Sunday Live Chat, Chill And More

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Love Magnet: CREEPY JOE...

Jackie Wagner: It’s a toss up between uncle joe and smart Bloomberg who wants to help poor people by raising taxes on the poor. Where do the dems dig them up??? Mini AOC is the current front runner. She named her bill “green” because she’s learning her colors.

Crisp Bean: Missed the show live, watching now. I love you guys! Much love and respect, God bless

Carol Collins: You guys were awesome.

unsubstantiated claims: #NEVER FEAR TRUMP IS HERE!

Sheri L: Let’s create a #WakeupWednesday and flood ABC, CBS,NBC, CNN, and the like on FB and Twitter with Epstein memes. Pass it on. We the people aren’t buying it!

Anita Morrow: Missed the live show yesterday but just wanted to say the three of you look so great on the screen. I love seeing the three of you all at the same time. Thanks for everything guys. We love you out here in Webland.

Als PipelineHauling:


Kimberly Hedrick: I had to share the video. Get you guys some more patriot aboard!! That part of Biden saying all that jibber jabber is all signs of he's lost it 👉😒!! I wonder if Trump seen this bit/part in the video of Biden?? Malfunction of the

Roisin Mangan: that perv should be taken off the airwaves.

Dan TAU:

John S: Every day I learn that things are worse than I thought

Charles Coombs: Haiti arrested a old Senator that was affiliated with gun trafficking with the clintons

John Surratt: CIA protection

harry Henderson: Biden Was Forced to Sex Therapy by His Own Family"
HIS Diagnosis after 2 yr. Remission was That He Was THE TYPE INCURABLE !"
Secret Service Agents Hate Uncle Joe Also because he couldn't keep His hands to Himself @ White House Parties"
Jeff Sessions Told Him @ a Party to STAY AWAY FROM HIS DAUGHTER & WIFE The Moment they Arrived @ a White House Party Also"

John Surratt: How are they going to spin this

harry Henderson: Uncle Joe Needs To Go Bye Bye "

harry Henderson: Yay !"
Who Rah Master Sgt .

no one: the tri-effecta of overlapping useful relationships: secret services\organized crime\entertainment industries.

Ignatius humble: alert... is Jane Doe 15 Rachel Chandler?

Nita Lane: Doesn’t Every Man love his his his leg hair rubbed in the pool, then the kiss jumping on his laps?? He sure love it! Where the hell are the adults across this nation? Why do libs get to continually act and say the most moronic nonsense ever?? Oh ya...
~~~~> MSM <~~~~
I’m so sick of these evil asshats from Obama to the Carte... Gad it up to here!! #Trump2Q2Q

Susan Jefferson: We love our President Trump!

Susan Jefferson: They found heads cut off of people in Texas! No one says anything!

JoAnne Anderson: Catching rerun late Sunday eve, west coast, love tou guys!❤🇺🇸, Seattle here MAGA WWG1WGA

ΑΝΑΣΤΑΣΙΣ ΒΙΡΤΑΣ: end the fed brothers from greece

D. L. Austin: Somebody (live chat), thought that the Brazilian President thought Leonardo DiCaprio was cool for burning down the Amazon... that wasn't what he was trying to say. He was saying that everybody thinks he is so cool, but they arrested the guys responsible for intentionally setting the fire. When questioned, they gave up Leonardo as being the guy who paid them to do it. He was at a political meeting recently with some foreign leaders and politicians, and I remember thinking, "why is Leonardo there?" This may tie into that...🤔

Jonathan Currie: Wish I had the means to join

Oil Kkoop: Watch YouTube laws you can face $42,500 per video.

Royce McNeal: Gross, I cannot watch because i get a sick feeling looking and listening to Biden. I will scan forward to see what else is on.

W Collins: Fort lost in the woods ???
Come on get real ?
Find an old well !!!!

W Collins: Hint CIA pulls cartel strings !!!!!!

W Collins: Perhaps a good remote inoculation rifle with a quality delivery system and a chemical castration product are in order here ?
And after reading comments add 200 Mike's liquid lsd ...

Jon Maroney: When Politicians and Rich families children get in trouble the MSM is quiet. The P&R's control the narrative with one phone call, while the average families children are routinely punished and incarcerated til proven innocent. The P&R's have a "privileged life" where laws and rules don't apply. Where's Hunter, Pelosi's son and Kerry's son? Why are they indicted as easy as President Trump is?

Chris Coghlan: 3 Battle Groups down South... Focus on the 3 major Cartels!! Take them DOWN!!

John Powell: Where are all those indictments? Total bs where’s q? More bs!!! Mike gets fooled a lot he knew the whole time he was pumping lies..

Danny Hepler: Chomo Joe is setting up his insanity defense as he knows he is going down as a traitor

Chris Coghlan: Hint DECODE Juan-46,4+6=10 O- Savin= ? 10,__,___

Chris Coghlan: ANybody know who Juan is?

Chris Coghlan: TIC TOC 12/9,12/11

Gerald Tumbleson: Biden is creepy

Robert Harden: My subs was removed by UTube or Gurgle??? All of them again.

Robert Harden: Hell half of them are probably CIA.

Maureen Callahan: Can you please look into the death of Jennifer Joynes who was just found shot to death. She writes about corruption in the vaccine industry. They are trying to say it was a suicide? Two bullets in the head I heard. WTF

Gary Martin: No matter what we can not invade run operations in another country without their consent as for the cia it was not for toppling governments only Intel gathering we've over step our boundaries to many times

Vernon Peterson: Just build the wall........................

Patrick McInnis: So when they retire a flag it is burnt?

Kevin Rogers: ❤️ y'all 🤜🤛 So happy to see Ben and Woodman with you live. Great show. Sorry I missed the live. ✝️❤️✌️🙏

Simone Ellis: So sorry I missed y'all tonight ..... WiFi smh ..... but I was connecting with some great Q peeps been doin it up for Q too ! #PatrionessSimone 🤗🇺🇸🤗

Shellie Gustafson: That is too far for me to drive. I'm 1/2 blind at night when I drive. I'm up North also.
Seems like everything happeni g on the east coast. West coast.
You all stay safe.
Beware of clones!