The Queen addresses the UK on coronavirus

Queen Elizabeth II will address the United Kingdom on coronavirus. FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX Business Network (FBN), FOX ...


Deep-fried-zombie: Long live the Queen!!!

Harry Browneigh: She forgot the shredded corpses of the dead children she drank the blood of to let her live yet another year.

Ryan: Am I the only one who's never heard her voice before?

Kim T: Sending my love and good thoughts to her from my American home and may GOD bless the queen.

Brendan Mathes: She is the largest fraud that has lived in a century!!!!!

วงเดือน เชอร์แรทท์: The money she has is held in trust for the good of the people time to cough up deary

George Manthe: This is a pedophile lizard

David Pumpkini: Pray For Boris Johnson. 🙏🏻 🙏🏻 🙏🏻

ROTTEN RICKY: lol I think they dry freeze her and pull her out for emergencies to talk to the country great speeches though.

Traveler: Who gies a flying F what this Queen Baby Eater has to say!

h: She speaks better than Biden and trump

Sound Money: We didnt forget about Epstein!!!!

The truth is out. We know what happened

Rainy J: Please live for 20 more years so Prince Charles the adulterer never becomes King.😁 He's a WEASEL!!!

Olivia Anciso: Victory from this Evil virus is certain, but with it also comes a PRICE!!! The WRATH OF GOD is on China's Communist Party (CCP)!!! May their DESTRUCTION come Sooner than NOT for their Crimes against the World!!!

patrick: Trump needs to use this as an example of how to build up the county in public statements.

DOUBLEDEFENSE: Why is she not wearing a mask ?lol

Scott Raiman: Was She Evil Enough to blame one person for this worldwide tragedy that started in China? Of course not, only the CORRUPT mainstream media and the delusional leftists do that!

TheFinalBoss: Jesus! What a leader! Long may she reign!!!!

pedro gonzales: Gotta love the Queen. Shes a very strong woman. I'm not British but I can see how the Brits adore her.

Robert Eaves: Maybe she can encourage her pervy sons to self isolate to protect young girls.

Will to Freedom: Biden should take note of how this near 94-year-old reads a speech.

Paul Bouchard: Together ?????
She inherited wealth, has no experience on live, other than a prepared speech,long past time for royalty to step aside

Addy White: I’ve never heard her speak before...

Julie N: Reptilian speaking like a woman. The eyes are the windows to the soul. I don't see an ounce of love in hers.

North Georgia: Except China, Mame

DRB: Brits are a proud and determined people. Like so many other enemies, the Brits will defeat the Covid 19 virus and continue on!

Eben Ramos: Things won't go back to normal until a definite cure is found. Stay safe at home. If you have to go out, you need to fight it with WMD:

W-ash your hands frequently
M-ask - wear them in public
D-istancing - very important

Spend your surplus time to binge-read on the bible and in prayer. When we fall flat on our backs, we have nowhere to look but heavenward.

Herencian: A class act all the way, that Queen. Shame about the grooming gangs.

Pirata Cofresi: The rainbow 🌈😏

Juragan C: If Trump were impeached in early January (Senate trial), there wouldn't be coronavirus. The coronavirus that started in China on Jan 25th is to bring the America's economy down, and to defeat Trump in Nov 2020 (thus all the nationalists such as Boris, Bolsonaro, etc). That's why pelosi, schiff and democRATS tried so hard to impeach Trump because they knew this will happen.

So in short, China and democRATS and the globalists, are working together even if it means killing thousands of innocent lives and destroying the world economy, they won't care.

Leslie Knight: See, here's a lady with immense power, someone who knows she has power, but doesn't ACT like she's got power. She supports her people, supports her nation and gives them all a sense of hope and a reason to keep fighting. This is what ALL of us need right now. Well said Your Majesty :)

Tom Moncrieff: This is why we have a monarch. Above politics, embodying the nation in one person, on everyone's side, unifying. This is only the third time since her reign began over 68 years ago, that HM has spoken to the people outside of her scheduled annual messages. By reminding us she broadcast to children evacuated from their families in 1940 - EIGHTY years ago !!! - HM subtly tells us this is just another thing we'll get through and we've been through far worse. In thanking us she's actually reminding us we've got to put up with the rules for longer. And in saying We'll Meet Again she quotes the biggest English song of WW2, sung in darkest days, but oh so true, the nation came together again and life went on. I thought her broadcast was spot on and perfectly delivered by a great lady who will turn 94 in just a few weeks.

Liz E: Never get a flu shot

Billy JEAN: The writers did good on this one.

scott peterson: How about protecting our vulnerable's from Prince Andrew?!!!!!

M Oshadey: God save the Queen 🇬🇧

Holden: Take us back Queenie

Michelle Murray: She's beautiful, strong, and well-spoken. I admire her.

wolf blitzer: The grandest of majestys long may she reign upon and over us and may she save us from the virus 😂

Frank P.: You can’t compare her with Biden.
Biden is a idiot !!!

Sun Shine: Biden eat your heart out. Go Queen Elizabeth!

Ravikant Nishad: Good work by queen

richwiz2: She is an impressive woman and an inspiration to all of the UK and her allies in the free world; thanks, from America.

Anastasia Zoldak: A noble Monarch! Take some notes on how to lead Pelosi

Mickiel Dupree: Jesus!!! How old is this woman. I thought she would have been dead long ago. Shes like Morgan Freeman. The man was old in driving miss daisy. She was old when I was 12 and I'm 37 now.

Benjamin Biggers: Still, the Queen.

scott peterson: How about our children!!!!!!!!

Zachary Schultz: i love her, such poise and grace, a true lady of class, and she's immortal. Can she teach our senators and reps a lesson?

scott peterson: How's Prince Andrew & his minor girlfriends doing????

Danny Sullivan Music: There is really important news
really important news