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Grumpy Bear: Bcp you need to stop rambling and be more concise. Ugh!!

jrmerkle: George Bush is guilty of torture and war crimes that took thousands of lives. He was also involved with the drugs coming into the US through the Mena Ark airport. He & Dick Cheney we’re complicit in 9/11

God Bless us all: Why dont democrats like the idea of leaving Syria? Cant rob its budget.Havent they been screaming for three years that Trump was a war monger?Now they're pissed he's ending our involvement there.

Theo Fulk: Just like the Clinton tradition, the DEMONRATS smear whom they FEAR

Toni Lofthouse: BCP you are great as usual. I’m waiting and praying for all of those who are going down due to pedoism.. I want to see some hurt, maybe a necktie party or two!

Wynette Greer: Don’t care what the mayor thinks, we must have the wall !

Wynette Greer: Always thought Thune was honest, but no, so disappointed with these rinos ! They must be replaced next year

Wynette Greer: The Deep state Bushs started this war ! We lost so many of our young men and wounded the rest, they only want war ! They benefit from it ! They don’t care about our country! HW Bush was the cause of all of it ! He brought down the towers

Wynette Greer: Romney has never done any of this, he doesn’t care about the Kurds, he’s just bashing Our president

Nina Lower: I believe there are some RINOS entering information on the Conservative Review!!

LaDonna Young: Wikipedia says that the US Military is 170,000 troops strong, deployed in 150 countries outside our borders and US Territories. The truth is the US is not prepared for a conventional war engagement in the Eastern Pacific theatre yet, we are spread too thin in border skirmishes all over the globe. China knows exactly how strategically vulnerable we are. Before President Trump we were relying on China for 95% of our steel production reserves. We were at the point under President Obama that we could not challenge China's military expansion into the South China Sea. Why the hell do Democrats feel they can justify spilling American blood and treasure defending the borders of others when they are preaching the virtues of "borderless" States to us domestically?. Why do Republicans justify these wasteful military engagements, who is our US military serving anyway? Its often said that the US serves at the behest of the Oil companies... Its worst than that, our US Military serves at the behest of the CIA and other Intelligence agencies in the FreeWorld (Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, namely) and thier secret agendas. The question is whether our Commander-in-Chief who serves at the behest of his electorate can direct his troops in light of these pressures. The Deep State is not just in D.C., it is a global network of connected elected and unelected bureaucrats constantly running about to manipulate circumstances and perspectives for their benefits and power enhancements or expansion. Only one head of the dragon is the Military-Industrial Complex. President Trump needs our prayer and our support, we must be actively engaged to build up our communities at the local level, that is what we can do.

Jasmine Khoo: Let us pray.

Allen King: Nothing but net! Another excellent news report! You know you're good when three days later this report still carries momentum.

saintcruzin: The War between The Globalists vs Nationalist Patriots...continue...Both Bush and Obama are Globalists which is why Bush will criticize Trump but not Obama....

Street Outlaw: President Bush and dick Cheney were found guilty of war crimes and they are wanted.they also carried out genocide of over 3thousand innocent Americans 911 .they need brought to justice.they also stole over 2 trillion dollars from there various projects and departments including the Pentagon.they stole all the gold in the basement of the towers and they completely looted all gold from Fort knox.they also took 2trillion dollars from social security to help pay for his illegal destruction of Iraq Afghanistan and other money used to finance his private.shadow government and the many military assets the black hats manage for the bush cartel and there crooked secret societies.they control many submarines navy assets.there private air force their bankrolled private army.there resupply needs.

Street Outlaw: The Marines that is fully controlled and loyal to only PRESIDENT TRUMP went dark two weeks ago..

Rich Mappe: GW is speaking out because his corrupt daddy was put down , as a traitor to his country should be. Effing Nazi Scherff.

312vandal: Lmfao "our rights come from god" you've lost your damn mind.

312vandal: God damn, you are a moron.

Richard Smart: My "thoughts" are that you are a TURKEY-VOTING-FOR-THANKSGIVING.

Just saying...

Beauty of the Beat: If all of us have been paying attention Trump has followed through will all of the previous administrations promises...... Criminal Justice reform ........ Building a wall ....... that Obama and the Democrats failed to follow through with........ Promises unkept ...... Obama promised to get boots off the ground ...... was he sincere ? I don't think so...... These wars have been going on for years ...... I don't feel this is about the K_rds........ This is about big money thats involved with government and military contracts ....... The swamp is being exposed .... They are nervous

Jehovah-Jireh's child: What do ourTroops think about being pulled out of Syria? Nobody ever thought to ask them for their input.

Peggy Micsky: The RINO warmongers want the money they get from endless wars! They don't care how many young men get kill fighting for other countries just so they get their payoffs! President Trump knows these wars are a waste of money and lives! Bush should keep his mouth shut after he has the blood of 4,000 Americans on his hands! Why did we go to Iraq? WMDs Bush and his elk lied about! Bush Jr. and Sr. are going to be exposed for the criminals they are! Bush Sr, and his Pedophilia and Jr. for all his war crimes! Republican RINOs are going to lose their jobs if they don't support our President and that's a promise after his re-election election! They think they rule but Hillary proved they don't!

Robert Burgess: Omg now it's ok to kill people because they are not Americans but when they come to our borders lets feed them bath them and take care of them and sing them a lullaby this is really pissing me off

BethAnn Torres: Hey asshat Romney, we paid the Kurds too fight!! If Russia pd them they would have fought for Russia!!! You feel sorry for the Kurds? Go suit up and take your ass too Syria and fight!!!

BethAnn Torres: Romney!!🙄... what an asshat!! Remember how he came running when President Trump called!! Just like a good little dog!!!

BethAnn Torres: The establishment is running scared! President Trump is exposing their corruption!! I love how the MSM has ex military giving commentary on the situation with Syria. 🙄. They are use- to- be’s!!! They DO NOT HAVE ALL THE INTEL REGARDING SYRIA TODAY!!! The Senators and house representatives ALSO do NOT have all the information President Trump does!!! We just need to sit back and watch who screams the loudest.... they have $$$$$ invested in war!!!


Rene Robichaud: Mitt Romney says its about our honor. He should give us the example and go fight with the Kurds himself!

Dave Libdan: BCP, lighting in this vid is particularly good. as usual though your content is money

randy roberts: Keep doing what you do BCP. You're the best my brother.

brenda wilson: Why isn't the Country's that local being the mediators. Another. Ploy keeping us there! We're being manipulated again.....! Now what cause Turkey to attack who orchestrate this.....Kabal? Makes everyone wonders ..but now we are seeing who are apart of the Kabal looks that way........

TRey62: So why has Romney abandoned the President of his own country? A President who is pursuing the USA's best interest? Maybe Romney is pursuing his own interests, for the sake of his own personal career. Folks, Trump has pulled back the curtains on a corrupted state of operation, which is Washington DC; our government. Now that the light is shining upon these cockroaches, they are scattering, desperate to extinguish the source of their exposure. Republican or Democrat, there are some very, very evil people in our government that need to be cast out. Who are they? For beginners, they are the ones who oppose & disregard your vote

Jacques Bakke: Let's not forget the history of Mormon mountain in rino's hypothetical statement about the Kurds.

Carolyn Houser: The fact that the Bush's are hanging out with the Clinton's tell's you everything you need to know. They are one in the same, not Republican & Democrat but "Globalist"! One World Order

Chris Xavier: Haven't they learned YET?
Time always proves Trump right!

CplSki USMC: Hey Brother Conservative Patriot, I live in Wyoming and I want you to know that where Liz Cheney is concerned... I voted specifically against her because I knew she was establishment all the way. She's nothing but a party apparatchik and coasted into office because of her name. I don't want anyone to confuse her twisted politics with the good people of Wyoming, but I think people made a mistake by electing her to office. As for me, I don't believe there is any issue more important to the future of America than draining the swamp. It will destroy our nation just as sure as any war. In fact, it is a war and we cannot lose... the future of our children and grand children is at stake.

nvsbl2: CINOs are Christians In Name Only. That is NOT a recent vid of George W!

deborah elliott: The results of an opening in the border wall at his town will create a bottleneck of criminals entering.

Pat Brockman: Why have you put Kevin McCarthy as a RINO? He is fighting for our President & our country.

Red River Rover: The RINO's are war mongers. They have been financially rewarded in all those "endless wars."

ez duzit: Remember Obama built the Utah Data Center to spy on America

Tink Bel: omg yes I remember corel, which Dell inserted and word perfect. Mike Lee cannot be trusted anymore. Not a dime to him or his pal Mittens.<---borrowed name from Trump ;)

Tink Bel: Sorry BCP, this is o/t but I didn't know how else to contact you. Pls sign the petitions to impeach Moonbeam Jr. (FYI) A popular drag queen Maebe A. Girl who is a man is challenging Schifty for 2020 seat. Pelosi is being challeneged by a young Replican conservative woman and guy. I think the guy is gay. BUT social media has already stopped their accounts. See RP78's interview w Laura Loomer and how she has been banned not only all social media, search engines but Uber & Lyft

7Sandie: Romney is an idiot!!! America only had a handful of military personal in Syria, were they supposed to stand against a whole country? Pres Trump did the right thing bringing them home if he left them there and they were slaughtered they would be screaming for Pres Trumps blood, he's damned if he does and damned if he doesn't!!!

7Sandie: I am really scared for America, (I am not American) but it worries me that so many republican in Washington are speaking out against Pres Trump, even hinting and some outright saying that Pres Trump should be impeached, it terrifies me that the crazy left could possibly be in charge!!!

USA#1 !!: It doesn’t take much to get Mitt’s magic underwear into a bunch.

G Gus: This is what i emailed to Mike Lee's office.( I might have been a little strong by calling him a RINO along with Mitt Romney but to me immigration is a HUGE conservative issue.}----- The Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act. Why don't you and your other pal, Mitt Romney, step aside so the American people can get Senators with high-skills and truly love Americans. I always respected Mormons and their working habits, but it seems Senators of Mormon faith work hard AGAINST other Americans. Do your Mormon brothers and sisters know you two are RINOS when they vote? Or do you fool them like Bernie Madoff did his fellow congregation members? I would hate to be you. Two faced for shekels.

Kathy A: Mark Sanford has the personality of a rock.

Ron Villarreal: Trust the plan