Through A Glass Very Darkly

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Atomic 419: Any predictions about the outcome of Dec 9th and 11th? Michael, love your channel man and the hard work that goes into it!

J H: This should entail a complete dismantling of every alphabet agency in America. All of them. Declare martial law to run the Government militarily until all these agencies are wiped out completely, which of course would entail also any and all members of both branches of Congress and each branch of the military. Set up special military courts to try and convict every person involved in such activities complete with public executions for the world to see that we mean business and will not tolerate this behavior in our government any more, forever. I don't mean martial law to abuse the citizens, but to enforce existing laws against government agencies. It would require the most competent and just of our military to fulfill this. It's either that or the citizens will begin to take law matters into their own hands, with a very undesirable outcome.

Dean Bowen: Bloomberg wants all of your guns; it sounds like he is also like bill and Melinda Gates to depopulation of American. Oh wait let’s vaccinate

Linda Reiber: @jonny rambo maybe, but he's got bigger knots on his head. That's why when he was born, his mother gave him the middle name of KNOTHEAD!!!

Kathleen: What is he talking about! It sounds like double twisted insanity talk! Complete BS!

traci smith: WOW ITS amazing how the poor NEED these parasites that feed off the people they cause to be poor

Stephanie A' Harris: They stupid. 💯 Shiddddddd.

KelKelKel- Kel-Cubed: The level of condescension among these elites...😡

JeanettsFarm: WHAT A SAD PACK OF LIES! If the POOR has more money. They can afford better stuff. Even RICH eat and drink what they want. People are CRAZY to vote for Bloomers the illuminati devil worshipper.

fun4uleader: What a crock of manure this guy is.


Cheryl Conroy: So the rich die sooner

Cheryl Conroy: Higher taxes for the poor so they can’t afford to live and that’s why many are killing their families and themselves because it’s so stressful when you can’t afford your medical bills and food

Cheryl Conroy: Bull taxes take more money away from hard working people so they are struggling. Meanwhile the rich don’t pay their fair share and that makes them die sooner according to what you are explaining

LegacyMfgSolutions: Ahhh gawd. They literally use words wrong and change the meaning to suit their agenda and now I feel dumber

John Wudarcki: Live longer, work harder to pay more taxes

Tracy Edwards: I can’t believe that any sane person could ever agree with this monster. The EU are right up his street.

Cindi Possidento: Give it up Bloomberg...... You are no Donald Trump.... u think u are.... but NOT !!!!!!!

Evella: This guy is a schmuck!


Edna Miller: This sounds like a dictatorship to me. Power monger, and fos Democrats.

Lisa McDonald: What a dumbass! Smart democrat? No such thing! They are!

NO Bull: Very well done, Thank You

Death Dealer: A large portion of military brass from Captain on up the general are Satanists!Just like with Hollywood, officers cannot Excel through OCS and be promoted to such high ranks without being part of a satanic secret society!

Death Dealer: There is nothing former about the finders! They are still operating strong today out of Omaha Nebraska!

Jaydee Cee: With Bloomberg middleclass and poor are the "other"....amazingly Trump relates better to the working class

Ken Kalanik: everytime i try to learn about this awful thing my computer starts going bonkers whoever is doing this to children should stop karma is gonna get ya

Ma ON: Notice how the wealthy people think taxing poor people is funny?

Ma ON: They make the poor do what tjey don't want to do: fight in wars, pay taxes, etc.


Jito Gee 420: The Bloomberg video is a year and half old .... jus saying, he’s got no chance lol

Carrie Gentz: Excuse me! What the hell! Screw the experts! This is double speak and living off the back of all of us! The elites treat us like stupid slaves. Forget this screwed up thinking! OMG!!

xVSupremacy: Remember, Hilary Clinton won the Margaret Sanger Award 🥉 for her contribution to child Eugenics/Planned Parenthood 😱

John Surratt: How about you give me a hundred dollars per bottle of water I drink

John Surratt: How about you give me a hundred dollars per bottle of water I drink



Nonie Vic: What a idiot!

Tim Pavloff: These evil cowards will get what's coming to them.

Dan Bates: Bloomberg must be bored. Go have another bowl of oatmeal you loon. He speaks utter nonsense.

michelle brown: Bloomsburg is an elite moron

Taylor Made: No wonder he doesn't want to debate. He's a complete dumb ass.

William Allen: Rich people pay a lot of money to kill in rituals and you know the CIA is about money and

monchorga: Bloomburg is full of shit. If you tax poor people more then they won't buy the sugary drinks, which would extend their life. Yeah, right. Well if they pay more taxes they won't buy as much food for their family to eat either. How would that one's extend their life. He wants to tax the poor so that he can put it in his pocket. He's a scumbag.

Elizabeth Cooper: At around 4:40. In reference to the crimes against children, and the satanic ritual sacrifice networks, we have to deal in the truth, not the FBI's damage control on their own part in this.

If the FBI wants to point the finger of culpability exclusively at the CIA, in this satanic occult child sex trafficking, showing the Finders files about the CIA et. al. satanic cult kidnapping rings, it would be well for the FBI to remember the Ted Gunderson videos, that implicate the FBI too. If the CIA has largely been dismantled, then how convenient is it at this moment in time, to point the finger at the CIA now that they are largely dismantled, with fired rogue CIA. Many fired will not so unsurprisingly, likely end up recruited into the FBI. Few if any, take responsibility that way, and the show just goes on with corruption in a same key Government Agency, the FBI, disgraced by, and riddled with unacceptable levels of corruption. For decades, the CIA has been filled with serial criminals, and the FBI wasn't very different from the CIA on this point.

Your show and tell FBI vault on the Finders networks, does not bring back the missing and murdered children, FBI. You know what you did, and what so many others among your affiliates did. You knew about the Finders for a very long time. Why is this Finders network only finally coming out after decades of the FBI and CIA working together on these cases as different sides to the same coin? Is it because someone has to finally had to be held accountable, but with high probability, only some of those responsible got fired or took early retirement, but will likely never be prosecuted.

Why did so many kidnapped children die brutal deaths, FBI and CIA, while their parents and families were left with emotional scars so deep that they will never heal? Did you never think of them? Never was about the money, it always is , considering the type of people who were being recruited. It was also about the fact that so many in the FBI,CIA, Department of State, and with associated State and Local agencies, and Judicial counterparts, had been blackmailed, and were so compromised throughout their careers that they would do anything, anything at all, so that the pictures, videos, and audio tapes would not surface.

What you did, you did to yourselves, FBI, CIA, Department of State et al.. No one else is responsible for your crimes. Under these longstanding corrupt patterns and practices, there was no lie, and no crime that the FBI ,CIA, and their counterparts would not engage in. The Mossad and MI6 were involved in these crimes too, along with some others. This video is appropriately titled, "through a glass very darkly".

I believe that we have one chance to fix what is wrong here, and we can only hope, and pray that our Country finds its moral compass again someday.

Edward Quigley: Did the FBI report to the President? Why aren't swarms of FBI making arrests now? Why is the CIA still being funded? Why isn't the military taking these jackals down?

Jimmy b747: super great video info and analysis from absolutely the best channel on utube. people wake up and tell your friends to pay last more taxes to live longer . remember that is from a total billionaire clown who said it so it must be true. thank you and keep up the good work

Claire Sills: “These people are stupid”. [Bloomberg] WOW 😳

Kelly Lennon: Bloomberg needs to find something else to do

Susie Q: The poor already have free the poor will just have higher taxes...good job Bloomberg! Typical Democrat wants to take away your rights, no more soda or sweet drinks, what else's e is he gonna keep us from beef next?