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Quantum resonance Frequencies: There should be headlines after headlines after a headline about Don lemon and his sexual behaviour to other people.SUPREME COURT OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK
Index No:
(hereinafter “Plaintiff”
or “Mr. Hice”
), by his attorneys,
 Nesenoff & Miltenberg, LLP, with its principle office located at 363 Seventh Avenue, 5th Floor,
 New York, New York 10001, alleges upon knowledge with respect to himself, and upon
knowledge, information and belief as to all other matters, as follows:
n air and through social media platforms, Don Lemon (hereinafter “Mr. Lemon”
“Defendant”), an American journalist, and Emmy Award winning news anchor for Cable News
 Network (CNN), who among other things,
 purports to be an staunch advocate for the “Me Too”
movement, a social movement meant to bring awareness and give a voice to victims of sexual
assault and sexual harassment. When the cameras are turned off, however, Mr. Lemon
are in stark and disturbing contrast to the public persona he attempts to convey. Such was the
case in July of 2018, when Mr. Lemon, unprovoked, physically and verbally attacked Plaintiff in
a public bar displaying his true nature.
Accordingly, this is a civil action brought on behalf of Plaintiff against Defendant
seeking damages for,
inter alia
, assault and battery in violation of the New York State Common
INDEX NO. 615507/2019
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Michael Shapiro: I'm WRITING to THANK CHEW TUBE for TURNING DOWN the VOLUME on this channel & others to 1/2 OR LESS. YOU PATHETIC ASSHOLES will DIE SOON!

jimmy jimmy: Fredo!

Lea Schaub: So all the illegals that get paid and say quit we pay taxes quote are not really giving what they owed to the IRS

pnpou812: Congrats BCP 45 years here with my sweet wife

Eugene H: I hope it wasnt lost to everyone how racist these White people are. Normal black people dont have Id cause they are two stupid to have one? Or perhaps they want white or black crack addicts voting? People who cant even remember their names. If I was a person of color I would be insulted by their racism.

Equality Ofoutcome: The only concern Jake Crapper has, is the election of Democrat's.
He doesn't give a shilt about American Citizens impacted by illegal aliens.
What a despicable human being.

Acquiring Targets!: Can you PLEASE shut up and LET US LISTEN to the clip! I'm about to unsubscribe your channel. Your unnecessary interruptions double the length of your videos. Time is money and our time is limited. I will stick with channels that are more succinct and brief.

uknowleeminho: when trump finds out that they were illegals he has fired them you fricking moron jake

uknowleeminho: jake is a hopeless case

uknowleeminho: get those IRS sob's

uknowleeminho: i like to see our citizen children on the streets who have been crying for months and demon rats have done nothing...

uknowleeminho: hello miss BCP

Chris 3.1416: Bill in a dress and high heels like a bitch in heat. That;s all you need to see. Hillary knew how to pick her men. She would have made a good president.

Bonnie May: Cuomo has not been right in any of Trump's decisions or actions. Nobody on CNN, MSNBC or even the network stations we no longer can believe anyone of them. Make fun of FOX but they've been right on everything and hakve been telling us the truth for the last three years. We know whats happening now and the Dems are clueless.

Sharyn Leato: I'm disgusted. I think I might go to Alverado st. and purchase a new "Illegal" ID for me so I can cash in like the illegal aliens do. How about that. Oh and I'll borrow a child to make it look good. Hu, hu, how about I do that. Yeah I'd be thrown in jail so fast your head would swim.

MrZep420: My Daddy entered the country illegally, stole someones ID, he didn't do anything wrong, I can't be leave that they separated us...Oh come on Orange Man Bad why can't we over look dad breaking laws because a little girl is crying...Daddy and his little girl need to go back to where they came from....I'm sure the country they came from wouldn't separate them when Daddy commits a crime because his little girl is crying....I'm sure the country they came from has no problem with ID theft and breaking laws....BECAUSE WHEN A LITTLE GIRL IS CRYING WE SHOULD OVERLOOK CRIMES.

mm California: Their parents shouldn't haven't broken the law.

ProHorizon: What's so funny about reading the comments posted here, is that you don't see anyone defending Fake Tapper or Fredo Cuomo. Can there be any greater affirmation that BCP is telling it like it is and no leftist, or socialist, or any other fan of the Fake News, can offer a cogent counter argument.
LOL! LOL! LOL! Fake News and their followers = clueless imbeciles having no argument.

ProHorizon: Great job, once again, BCP for so clearly and concisely exposing the mendacious Fake Tapper, Fredo Cuomo and all the rest of the parrot holes on the Fake News channels CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, etc.
You're awesome!


Shemuel Roget: Mr.BCP, can you do a story on why this happened?
Kiron Skinner, a top State Department official and respected black foreign policy scholar fired.

Shemuel Roget: Mr. BCP, great video.

Maria Badillo: Why these people didn’t leave their children in their country? It will be easy for the father to find a job and a place to leave, and have money to send back home. Once the children are released to their relatives, their calvary begins. The Congress Woman, representing part of the Bronx an Queens, should visit these areas to see how things are going. But its more important for her to be seen on TV snooping around areas she doesn’t belong to.

Gist Erme: That talking head is dumber than a box of rocks. Jake is it? Is this how CNN is trying to seem relevant again? If so they're obviously scraping the very bottom of the barrel. Yet another fail for CNN.

Andre Muller: Adolf Hitler said if you repeat a lie often enough people will start believing it. Which begs the question, WHO ARE THE NAZIS THEN!!!!!?

sylvia g: Perhaps these videos should be seen by those who want to come here illegally, stop making the U.S.A. look like utopia for the world. We have a great country but we cannot afford to take care of the world.

Fred Derf: Dam 17 people on one card ! My nephew has 1 on his and the IRS knows who it is and so does law enforcement , but they don't do a f-ing thing about it !


Thomas Alan: People who rob banks and kill others in the process of the bank robbery are also "desperate". Do we let them off the hook because they were desperate. They just wanted a better life.

US ARMY VETERAN: Jake Tapper is an unspeakable piece of garbage.

US ARMY VETERAN: Undocumented people are undetected with a free hall pass in the U.S.

Kip Welch: The title to this video is way over rated ! 😆😆

the man with no name: The left are truly delusional and deceitful.

DIY Dame: BCP, I luv ya darling, but alittle too much interruptions in this video.

Wulf Claw: BCP !! Ithink I have the answer !
Put stairs in between the walls at each mile or so. Then have Fredo appear at each spot and push the illegals down the stairs !!
After a while- just his appearance would have them giving up !!

Wulf Claw: Thanks brother,
Be well, be blessed,

Anthony Watkins: Mr Morgan should have ended with 'Class Dismissed'.

45Patriot LuvPrezTrumpand Q: So luv your wifes voice

Reginald Smith Jr.: Well done mi amigo!

Jan Olinyk: Do they know (pulling on our heart strings) isn’t working?!!!

Michael Bruning: You interrupt more than Hannity. You sound like a typical mouth runner who just loves to hear yourself validate your opinion. WOW!!

P OW: Indoctrination destroys a persons ability to grasp truth and process it logically

P OW: Leftists are emotional wackos

u2mister1: Americans need to understand the commiecrats have no intention of Fixing Anything! The Constitution (mans laws) or
the Bible (Gods laws) have no place within totalitarian Communism.

If we want our Country back start with eliminating every Democrat office holder down to dog catcher. We can pick up the
pieces from there.

rjx757: You keep ruining it by interrupting.  I can listen and understand it all by myself!

Gantinx Gantinx: PLEASE cut down on the interruptions a bit and let the video play.

Mike Allen: I do like your channel but will you just play the dam clip! not start interrupt start interrupt for god sake it is beyond frustrating.

Heiress Watcher: BCP, if I watched media news without narrative as yours I would never hear what Mr. Morgan is saying. Mr. Morgan even says "so Jake again, this is the third time..." I am very thankful I stopped watching all media many year ago.

Jose Lopez: they put the kids on tv but they dont realy care its all manipulation of public opinion, im from venezuela i know its bad there but there is a lot of bad people behind the victims pooring in more sufering just to exploit the situation, if you realy want to help go there and tell them wath to realy expect, they tell a lie here and an other there to create this caos.
so i dont buy it. realy sad for the children heart breaking stuff, but we need to secure our country or we are SCREW!