Trudeau 'brown face' photo surfaces amid re-election bid

Photo taken in 2001 shows Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in 'brown face'; Martha MacCallum and Jesse Watters react during this week's 'Wednesdays with ...


julius ceasar: Whatever the tickle trunk will bear. He should be dressed up at all times so we know where he is.

pseudopetrus: Trudeau is a groper x2!

Seb B: Can’t wait to see what Trump will tweet about this. Lol

Thomas Oklahoma: If I seen Trudeau years ago wearing Brown Face in Hollywood Aladdin attire at an all white party, I would've just thought "ignorant goofy White Man". As far as it being racist, nope it wasn't.

If I was to wear a White Face at a party with all Brown People, acting like the masters of the world soaking in white privilege, now that would trigger millions of white right wingers, even some on the Left, lol.

shaska ocelot: As Canadian, I want to say sorry to the world, that we have this pro isis lover, disgusting liberal thug who insulted and women in snc lavalin affair, an absolute madness. PLease conservatives save us. PLease.

Brexit Monger: We must not remind dark-skinned people how shameful it is to be black. What a load of bs. Lots of black people are happy with their skin colour. We must pretend that black people are not black.

Gaius Baltar: Literally NOTHING will stop me and my family from voting Trudeau.

R. A.: The dude is a doo doo head so it is perfectly suited

DezineDude: Only the MSM deems it "brown-face" This is BLACKFACE!

Steven Bradley: Imagine if this had been Trump omg!!!!!! But it will get little attention forgotten in a week and he was so critical of our president.

bob wach: That's why the Chinese refer to him as Mr. Potato Head

Słowiański Wojownik: Nothings going to happen, if this were a right leaning candidate however...

Skum: Let's be honest though. Things were different 18 years ago in 2001.

Dakar 528i: Another WOKE WANKER and Tosser.

Russ Gallagher: Don't know why all the fuss about the makeup. Wouldn't he still have been "guilty" of a crime called "cultural appropriation" without it?

Ack Attack: Got money says he cries on TV.

Adrzz 11: There is way too much hypocrisy here. Isn’t this the same guy that called the media a bunch of “snowflakes” after Megyn Kelly’s comment in blackface caused controversy? He didn’t seem that offended interesting. And also, Trump literally called Canada a national security threat and ramped up a trade war with Canada. I didn’t realize “allies” were national security threats lol

Aaron Ainslie: Many other pictures and a video have surfaced since then. He has created a media "fund" of $600, 000 to pay off approved media. He is from the most bigoted part of North America -- Quebec. They even have many laws against speaking English.
He has surrounded himself with Quebecers who do not put Canada first. Please don't judge all of Canada by the crooked (see SNC Lavalin) Prime Ministers from Quebec. Hopefully we can take our country back in the upcoming election.

Karen Bling: The press in Toronto is ready to forgive and forget since he did apologize! but the same people still call Trump names!

Country City: 👍🏼 then take down the with 4 liberal hooches thats in the pic to

Chris Langlois: It was stupid but he should have just owned it. The lying part is what makes him really look bad. Hate professional politicians.

Gym Temple medias: Fox news you are not qualify to talks about issues of racism at all, because the number one racist is Trump, you all his friends. So, need to stay out of this matter.

Gabriel Martinez: Hahaha..leave the makeup on.. hahaha

ps allen: I never liked this guy, to me he seemed like a smug cocky rich kid.

Hyperpandas: While this is a bad spot of luck for his campaign, it won't have much impact on the election.

vrnc M: The leftist PC culture screaming "racist!" at every opportunity is backfiring on them.
Trudeau's one of them, so they'll let him off the hook....HYPOCRITES!

`Keeping an Eye on things`: Is it allright to `throttle` a female peoplekind while wearing a blackface?

Connie Jennings: lolooololololol

DiJodilee Dixon: I can tell he loves black people ...and good he knows the Jamaican song Day O ... wow that's amazing ..please visit Jamaica we love you


Roy Fokker: black face

brainwashing detergent: Whats racist about black face?

Is that a thing?: Okay this guy Trudeau you really don't want him he's a big scandal.. will trade you Trump and throw in Alaska... that's our final offer!!!! Maybe?

da1otta: If possible, I have an even lower opinion of Fox News. You are the scum of the earth. No self-respect, no integrity. It must be terrible to know that you're such low human beings. Doing whatever you can for clickbait news with no consideration of truth. You need to disappear as people realise how low you are as human beings.

Sunflower Productions: LOL

Bleeding red-white-blue: ha hahah aha ha.

joanne morris: your president is a disgrace,a criminal,and a stain on your country.

t s: He's still going to win, he's bought off the media and every special interest group. The right vote is being split.

SNFU: Wheres Don Lemon with the out rage? Not cool right donny? Two face hypocrite s all of em.

3finger10: What did he do wrong?

Larry Wilson: He'd admit to anything....he's a wuss.

MARY WELLS: i love our northern neighbors but only you can vote him out

Peter Dejong: If Scheer has done it, the left would have been screaming for his head!

Mike Dillman: Trudeau is such a moron. He's been nothing but an embarrassment to Canada!

Dirty Burger: Meanwhile in Canada.... 🤣😆🙈

Daniel VILLARAIGOSA: For the record the Can a dian president isn't even can a dian hes half Arab look at his ugly face structure and his eyes the way they are formed look Saudi and how is this offensive if hes Brown lol

Javier Latin: North American powers: leaders that use paint and spray to get a tan.

Stuart Parkinson: Or have a hero of your own race?

Stuart Parkinson: I don’t see how it’s racism, in pantomime. Isn’t it racism to make Aladdin white? Or not to acknowledge Aladdin because he was a different race?

Satheesh Y r: Shame on you fox news..that is not a brown face..that is black face..