Trump 2020 legal adviser rips 'unconstitutional' impeachment process

Chairman Jerry Nadler has given the White House a deadline to decide whether to participate in the House Judiciary Committee's impeachment hearings; ...


MrSebear: Remember, Trump supporters and Fox News viewers, the House of Representatives can still add an Article of Impeachment based on Volume II of the Mueller Report. The conclusion of this report is as follows:
"Because we determined not to make a traditional prosecutorial judgment, we did not draw

ultimate conclusions about the President’s conduct. The evidence we obtained about the

President’s actions and intent presents difficult issues that would need to be resolved if we were

making a traditional prosecutorial judgment. At the same time, if we had confidence after a

thorough investigation of the facts that the President clearly did not commit obstruction of justice,

we would so state. Based on the facts and the applicable legal standards, we are unable to reach

that judgment. Accordingly, while this report does not conclude that the President committed a

crime, it also does not exonerate him."
Remember, Mueller was prevented from charging Trump with Obstruction of Justice because of Justice Department guidance that no sitting President could be charged with a crime while in office. However, if you read Volume II of the report, Mueller's team argued convincingly that Congress via Article II of the Constitution could certainly impeach Trump based on the investigative findings of the Special Procecutor's inventigation.
More for the Republicans to worry about.

Ms Roxy Baby: Trump still obstructing ⚖ Justice!!

Phil Alexandre: This has been the most Constitutional impeachment process in our lifetime.

Troy King: Fair this is downright stupid . I done my homework this is a waste of time and money. And I don't want to give Ukraine one dime. Quit wasting my money idiots. Over paid kick back stealing money laundering over paid garbage government

Animegod: She is right .

windell parker: ➖➖➖➖
House of Representatives is a whorehouse...

Animegod: It don't matter because Congress has the power to check the president's wrongdoings through a impeachment trail.

Kalendas Graecas: In case anyone still doesn't know why the quislings abandoned Chickenshciff's initial "quid pro quo" gigantic stretch of his sick imagination, and all started chanting "bribery," here's the second reason, after the desperate stupid claim:
They needed to pretend loyalty to the constitution, which mentions only two charges specifically. They couldn't go with treason because treason is what they are and they think it's a good thing.

Article II, Section 4 provides:
The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.

TominBach: Apparently Ed Henry needs the concept of a Kangaroo court explained to him. Preferably with a 2x4.

Lexus Morant: It seems the left out and forgotten folks are still not happy....

Troy King: Donald Trump 2020

Daniel Duvalle: Dirty-Diapered Donny the Despot Dunce detects his doom descending. Desperate Devin's dereliction of duty and deflection to decoys from the Drumpfs' dirty dealings are destroyed as defenses due to deeply-drawn democratic devotion and distillation of data down to decisive and direct demystifying dialogue.

tgone23: Poor little, weak child. It's your fault you aren't participating, cun+

Kay Martini: Too bad Nadler and Shittface weren't taller. Then there would have been room for brains ! !

Ken Myers: Fox & CNN need to report the facts and stop with everyone's opinion on what they think. The American people are smart enough to view the facts and decide for themselves!!!

M4STRKRFT007: Impeachment is coming like a freight train, lol. Trump is a crook and y’all are just racist

Robert Fantazo: As an American citizen if I keep listening to this as if I'm reasoning with these people, then we are stupid; but we're not!

Carolyn Dennis: Why go defend a hoax

rjake61: Ed doesn’t understand that if the president says yes, he’s under the “Shift rules” of engagement. I wouldn’t participate in this sham if I were President Trump.

Carolyn Dennis: Can’t they use a different channel I like watching my soap argh 😤


Peter Peterson: Sadly lady, I will insert this here. Down here on the streets it doesn't matter if you are guilty or not of a crime. If you don't show up or have representation show up in court, even traffic court, you are considered to have admitted your guilt. How is that for due process?

Billy Sava: When I see Jerry Nadler all I can think of is music from Looney Tunes. LOL brings me back to the early 90s. Also Jerry Nadler was about 200 pounds heavier

mashroob: Forget the constitution… Must follow feelings! FEELINGS!! That is all that is important. Muh fee-fees!

Maxx Q: As in all investigations, shouldn't we look into the truth/facts of every investigation as opposed to voicing an opinion or what we wish to to be the truth? Truth is the biggest fear of those who are liars. Heaven has eyes to see see the truth.

Todd Schneider: Trump doesn’t have a defense? Really!

bisquitnspanky: Trump will not participate at all in the hearings. Like he didn't participate in HS, College, Vietnam, any contact sport ever (even among friends), never shot a gun, never went camping, fishing, hiking, never worked a day, never got dirty, never told the truth and never was faithful to anyone or anything.

cherrish roseberry-cornell: Dumb asses, they're not acting as prosecutors and judge, take a civics class, this man has compromised the country for personal financial gain, he's been committing crimes his entire rotting life and using mob style tactics and non-disclosure agreements, alongside of blackmail, bribery, and surrounding himself with the dirtiest of characters, to get his way. He's a spoiled, entitled, brat, who has wasted several fortunes, out of ego, and stupidity. We all know that he cheated his way to the office and now he is attempting to do it again. He's obviously not secure enough to play by the rules and just let the voters decide. He doesn't need to be investigating anyone, and he knows that all he needs is enough people to think that it's all corrupt and stay home, just don't vote at all. The hearings in the basement, were fact gathering, and that is where the secure location rooms are, they're also using the rules written by the Republicans when they controlled everything. They don't need people comparing stories, especially since this president has told over 11,000 lies and makes it crystal clear that others better get in line behind him, or else. He is the one who has multiple times admitted breaking laws, including international law, ignoring subpoenas, court orders, ordering others to break laws, and totally siding with the hostile foreign power that admitted to putting him in office on national TV in Helsinki. He was investigated, because he is a criminal, and that is what the FBI does, in fact I don't believe that anyone in his family could pass a background check, least of all Trump, himself. So yes, they were concerned, they bent over backwards to be fair to him, almost to a point where this is going to a dangerous dark ending, and is now possibly the prelude to a civil war, and other violence against the very people who he took an oath of office to protect, and it's all because of his inherent criminality. Everyone he surrounded himself with, by choice, is either in prison, under investigation, or worse. He has gotten himself into this mess, and now they will decide whether to bring articles of impeachment, but they probably won't bring all that he deserves in the interest of time. He is well aware of the situation he has put them in. He has a right to testify to have counsel and to have witnesses, providing that they are actually relevant to the articles. We wouldn't even be here, if he had not so clearly shown the day after the Mueller testimony, that he was going to cheat again, and therefore we would not be able to have a free and fair election and may never get one again, as he has many times made comments about being president for life, like XI, or possibly that he could hand it down to Ivanka, which is insanity. He has turned this country inside out, into a Putin loving, corrupt to the core, constitutional horror show, where it's ok to kidnap, abuse, neglect, and lose thousands of children, violate court orders and subpoenas, ignoring human and civil rights. He's broken international law, taken rights from women, stacked people in office who are known criminals, pedophiles, and pardoned murderers. Most of us would be rotting in prison by now, for one of those things, and yet, I hear fox news saying things like he's the chosen one, and I wonder, where the hell is your soul, today, he's your friend, but tomorrow, you might be his targeted demographic. Think people, your giving up your own rights and freedom to protect a man who gives you maga hats instead of armbands, but is headed the same direction.

Last777 Revenant: Why would they participate? Just impeach him so he can release his defense and evidence on live tv without it being edited. The deep state coup is about to land themselves all in jail!

Paul jordan stasney: There are over 1.6million Chinese troops in USA now planning to overthrow the government run by Obama. This is why they have to rid trump. The sold USA to Chinese

WTF Again?: Impeachment is in the Constitution.

larkjd: There’s nothing MORE CONSTITUTIONAL than an impeachment, how else do you run a traitor and con man out of office?


Lare Dare: Is Ed the only one working at FOX this weekend??

ken nesbitt: why is she just telling lies

Gothic Dragon warrior Queen: I swear this MEANS WAR! You take down our president and we will take down YOURS in REVENGE!!!🇺🇸🗡🛡🏹🪓🔫💣💥

Walter Bell: LMAO Fox news is so funny.

joshmaster618: Jerry looks like he going to have a heart attack , when the President drains more of this stinky swamp. He come calling for Jerry!!! Ohhh Jerry !!!!

joe C: congrats on the new time slot ed,,,,,republicans should really go after shifty shiff and get him to resign,,jenna is awesome and is doing a great job...

lyn5559: at 1 41 watch Ed;s eyes shift.............weird............

Willie Shook: Did he say they Vote on Tuesday? The real vote happens in November!
"Trump wins reelection by largest margin in US history" Thank You Jerry Nadler! You've been campaigning for President Trump since he was elected!

Durga Bhawanee: Over three years wasting tax payers' money trying to find a crime committed by the President, and the flim flam BS goes on. This latest scam should have been thrown out the minute the President released the transcript of the phone call. Instead, we were forced to watch a parade of jokers (witnesses) who witnessed nothing, coming out to Schiff's pony show to tell us about how disgruntled they are with the President. No case, in any court in this country, would be allowed to continue based on what was heard from a third, fourth, or fifth person, or presumptions and assumptions like we witnessed during Schiff's clown show. How much longer is this crap going to continue? Nothing useful happening. The democrats getting paid for this BS? I don't recall Ed Henry asking anyone to explain to Adam Schiff about his lawlessness and unconstitutional basement hearings during which Republicans could not even have witnesses. We are sick of this ongoing crap!!!

Peter Kelly: sorry not ahearing but an enquiry

Luntau Sintan: NO where the President participates in unconstitutional Inquiry psriod

Legendary Lion: I can’t takes another day of this presidents fake hair face !!! Vote him out !!!!!

Mitchell Smith: This is a constitutional process and therefore all rules, regulations, laws and by-laws set forth in the Constitution apply to this process. Fabrication of additional procedures and exceptions is not only unconstitutional but seditious and dangerous.

lyn5559: Nadler is the new Rattker

Prof. Weed: Can't attack the facts, attack the process, eh? There's nothing ambiguous about Trump's guilt.

WhatAmIDoinOutHere: Get him out!

Merlin’s Attic: TRAITORS EXPOSING THEMSELVES , aren’t they always exposing themselves to someone (kids/adults) lol