Trump admin moves to deny green cards for immigrants on welfare

Fox News contributor Karl Rove and 'The Five' co-host Juan Williams react to new rules for green card applicants. #MarthaMacCallum #TheStory #FoxNews ...


Leib Meir: If it's 1999 it's a Democratic rule.

Steve Polverini: Great move!

dewback1975: What about we the people who are struggling ?! Simple

Alan Olson: Juan Williams is a fkng dumb a$$. So, Donald Trump is Punishing illegal immigrants by not giving them health care ?? That is such BS. I, like millions of other US CITIZENS pay dearly for health care. Millions more working US CITIZENS can’t even afford health care for their families. And you Jackasses think it’s ok for us to cough up more money to pay for health insurance for someone that’s here illegally?????? Easy for you to say when FOX gave you 2 MILLION DOLLARS for three years. The moms and dads in this country working their asses off, can’t afford health insurance for themselves should help pay for someone else’s ???


dennis smith: theres ol harris stoned again

SGT XJ427: I thought trump got the money for the wall

Fla sun: Move and bus the homeless in California, Oregon and Washington to start a new life working in the chicken plants

Jared James: Good

MAGA COUNTRY: So cruel to make them work to provide for themselves. How dare they ! Immigrants from the 20s-30s didn't have to work, they had Peter Pan!

Randy Quaid: Oh Snap Obama wanted everyone on welfare. Its too bad we have a Cruel President making people get out of bed and get to work

Kaboom 214: It's ok Bush was on my mind as well 🍻🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸Trump 2020

Minor Threat: The people who are against this rule are people who have all the money they need. Why should we take in people who are going to be a burden to the tax payers? The are plenty, PLENTY of American citizens who could use the help before. Take care of your own citizens then I'f there's money left give it to non citizens.


mindfull frog: if this law has been around a long time, why has it not been enforced? because we would not be where we are today if it had been.

boynicey: Trump is the Real Deal Holyfield.

Goose K: This isn't punishing immigrants. You can't come here, not have paid into the economy and take advantage of public aid! Citizens right now have paid taxes and paid into these programs already and so it makes sense that they would get it first. It's still allowing them to use it for a period of time, just not for a long period of time. Why is this so unreasonable for people?
Somebody could still use 11 months of help in a 36 month period of time. They aren't saying NO help at all, just that you can't take advantage of these programs, which again makes sense when you haven't paid into them substantially yet.

Micheal Emmanuel: Don't immigrate to America if you cannot take care of yourself. How is this anti immigrants, Juan Williams?? Williams is fool!

Phair Plaigh: Why is this a "new" rule? It should have been put in place when welfare was offered.

Gabriel Ruvalcaba: Great. Law.trump ..great job it's always being the law since 1989

Leslie Killam: God forbid being so greedy as to not wanting to help those in need.

McAfee Hammock: They work under the table jobs and still collect welfare. Juan is 100% wrong

Rob G: 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👍👍TRUMP2020

C B: This is still more than the old time immigrants ever got.....when did they start just giving away something for nothing? Can't afford to live in the US then don't come. Nothing wrong with having high standards to become a US citizen.

Patricia King: Phuck u Juan.....



dennis smith: hell yea!!!

John Davison: Shut up kamala Harris you hack!

I speak The truth: Cut off the gravy train watch the rats run away

Ms Tiph-eye: It's about time! Thank you for for putting Americans first, Mr. President!!! Trump2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Artie Bender: Amazing how you can switch gears depending upon what your choice is politically. As a veteran in this country I have spent thousands of dollars trying very hard to do what is right to bring my wife from the Philippines. Part of the responsibility of this is that I must provide and prove that I can support my wife when she, hopefully arrives within 6 more months. You expect me to keep paying for everyone else as well. John F Kennedy once said, ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. Almost Everyone that comes to this country illegally has had nothing to offer but expects everything with no purpose of giving back.

Sovereign Rex: Stupid leftwatic can't see how people do not want their wealth stolen from them and given to others, that's just too hard of a concept for the little leftwat infected brain to handle. Just call everyone a racist instead, forget the fact that immigrants don't want to pay high taxes either

John Davison: Shut up juan!

Bill Campbell: Juan is a fool, why should anyone care what he has to say. Send him to cnn

David Dicioccio: I'm not an immigrant I'm not black I'm not Mexican I'm not Indian I'm not orange and not yellow I'm not brown I'm not any other color I'm White there is no white privilege I work everyday I work hard I have no insurance I have no benefits I take care of my household take care of my family I take care of bills I have two cars nothing is given to me so why should everything be given to them?

Michael Baker: California, and New York need to be knocked down a peg or two THEY DO NOT MAKE THE LAWS FOR THE ENTIRE COUNTRY

Richard Gagliano: Steve choi is an idiot, Steve, why don’t you sponsor a public charge intending immigrant, since you are so critical of the existing statutory requirement.

Kevin Bowers: Of course California is going to sue.. look how well it's worked for thousands upon thousands of homeless drug addicts living off other people

C Zarza: Is Juan even talking about the same subject? He's delusional, so is Kamala!!

vik rackam: When Joe Biden says he was VP during 2018 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

themanuplet: Juan Williams is dumb

Ashton Blackmon: That should take care of the illegal immigrant crisis right there. But what about children of illegal immigrants? They are US citizens under current law.

John Davison: I don't get any of those things why should these wet backs get a free ride from Joe tax payers I'm not o.k. giving them a thing! By the way I'm disabled permanently when do I get my free ride?

John Smith: Juan looks like a cadaver

Kevin Bowers: Let's take care of all homeless Americans and all homeless veterans.. then if anybody wants to pay extra taxes let them sponsor an illegal...

Russ Gallagher: Once again, what Trump is doing is perfectly LEGAL and proper. Congress passed a law that says if an alien is a "public charge, "or likely to become one, that alien does not qualify for residency. Since the term isn't explicitly DEFINED in the statute, it's up the EXECUTIVE BRANCH to enforce it. The Executive [POTUS] does that by drafting an executive order, or having his department secretary write appropriate regulations. That's the way it's done all the time. NOTHING new here. Trump is NOT "re-writing" or "creating" law here; he's ENFORCING it.

Josey Wales: What about Clinton's campaign of terror when he was against all them Mexicans coming over what about Obama's campaign of terror when he stopped immigrants from coming you're prejudiced you're prejudiced cuz you have Trump derangement it's clouding your judgement and rationality

Imon2udude: Clinton body count unfounded according to Faux news. Of course they have to disable comments when they peddle that tripe. It seems there’s only a couple journalists who aren’t protecting the Satanic, Pedophile, secret society, scum of the Earth. Obviously they are part of it.

dfwSwiss: Yes, good decision! Immigrant myself but since I'm white neither my experience or opinion count to the Left - not going to shut up though.

Christina: Bravo 👏👏👏👏👏thank you Mr President Trump finally we have a real President