Trump awards posthumous medal to man who saved thousands on 9/11

President Trump presents the Presidential Citizens Medal posthumously to veteran Rick Rescorla. Rescorla, who was head of security at Morgan Stanley, ...


Ayhan Cetin: I love when he is angry then he can be emotion

KenyaNu Era: Is this Moron been Impeached yet?

Chad Michaels: A president for the people

Ayhan Cetin: People's reactions so predictable

En_PΔ“_Cee: Very admirable that our President Trump held this ceremony for Rick Rescorla.

This is what real American Presidents do.

Ayhan Cetin: I bet on trump president

1221drpepper: Trump hands out medals for being good while the deep state hands out money and praises for being bad . wonder who going win

Ayhan Cetin: Trump sounds like a real good soldier

Donald Harvey: Not a chinese phone in sight

Samantha Shannon: God Bless Rick's wife Susan and his entire family thank you for paying the ultimate sacrifice
"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends" -Jesus Christ John 15:13
I pray great is his reward in heaven.

ifellfromthesky: 71 emasculated baby men gave it a thumbs-down. Nice, now go and high five the other degernate losers that you consort with.

Aidee Flores: Trump yo fire

Steve Lam: Wow ... Rick fought in two War. Amazing human being.

Ayhan Cetin: They say America isn't fine

malcolm clark: 39:10...The POTUS arrives, but not one person asked, where was the proper fire drill, why there still isn't a proper fire drill, in place for high rise towers, an air space invasion alarm, a fire pole, a zip line, cargo net, slide, air bag, a safety harness to repel, or even traverse..?
Thank you Rick Pascorla, and your family...all us volunteers thank you for your fearlessness and bravery, and all of us people just trying to do our jobs, be a neighbor, and a watchful aid to someone in need praise be.

Lawney Malbrough: All right. They are standing atvattention. Must be about to start!

Pedro Rodriguez: This is incredible, how can Rick Rescorla never received a posthumous medal until now. Thank you Mr. President for your love for the people. We love you. Four more years!!!!!!!

martini carbine577/450: I'm glad its not live waiting around like a tool !

Robert Waszgis: What about the 9 americans killed in mexico, ya going to do anything about it ??

Mario Arenas: What a hypocrite men,you morons don’t listen to the real news the only thing he cared about was that his building was the second highest

lauren flanagan: And the weird thing is I think it was the guy from Morgan Stanley said they told everybody to stay in their offices and he was like hell no I’m responsible for all these people and he started evacuating ,I wonder why Obama didn’t do things like this! Seems like Obama just put metals on people who are already famous pop culture figures!

ma,ma gee's gospel: HOPEFULLY he won't mess this up ! πŸ˜„πŸ˜‰βœŒ

Joel Sattler: Rescorla was an immigrant.

Brenda Wise: Thank you President Trump for Honor in this great hero of ours. This has been long overdue. I have seen the story about this man rescuing all those people never thinking of his self for a second. Thank you sir for the job you were doing to make America great again. We are so happy with you. Really didn't know what we were getting. You are an amazing man. God has blessed our country when you got into office. We pray for you and your family continuously as we do for the world. You sir are the greatest president of my lifetime. God blessed us with a Maverick and you don't back down. You are the one sir to lead our country God bless you.....

JOE: President Donald J. Trump continues to bring out the best feelings of my patriotism and respect for him and our country by his deeds and actions.

For Peace: That was beautiful....

Jo Ann Funseth: An extraordinary man, lived an extraordinary life, honored by an extraordinary President. Its never too late to honor our heroes, thank you President Trump.

Eric Decamps: Start at 39:40. You're welcome.

Ayhan Cetin: Our souls will either be with stones in space

Ron Walker: 1 good deed wont stop the impeachment

JaiUneGuruDeja: There is only one way that three modern skyscrapers (one NOT hit by a plane) collapse symmetrically at free-fall speed into their own footprints: controlled demolition.

erynlasgalen1949: It's high time Rick Rescorla's bravery on that day was recognized.


angel Curley: LORD! Give blessing to the Our President Donald Trump and give him
A strength to fight of from evil destructive Democrats,
God bless America! Donald Trump 2020!


Brenda Wise: Ma'am your husband was a great and honorable man and we were blessed he was there. He died a hero that day. And nothing can ever take away from that. God bless you and your family always

Josh ua: What a warrior of a man. Thank you Mr President πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

Anthony D: The President saved millions of lives that day. Where is his medal? He should get thousands of medals, the most ever.

ray bon: De Americanization is over Welcome to Re Americanization.

Maria Cheung: I just can't believe that some people will dislike the video about honouring a real hero.

Richard Peaslee: This was so wonderful our President loves the people. The sweet wife of Rick is so sweet but she made me feel so bad for her and her family to loose a great husband . God Bless them, and God Bless our great President .

How Did you know: Beautiful. Now I'm all out of tears for Jihadists. All out.

Connie Baum: I am so proud of our President for honoring our military service. I particularly like seeing the military personnel as they serve in the White House. We are so blessed to live in America.

Richard Edwards: Figures 1 to give away medal. Not a patriot

T4TEXASTOM JOHNNYCAT: President Trump.... the greatest U.S. president since Dwight D. Eisenhower.πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‘

GTOHawg: Posting this because Fox won’t. BREAKING NEWS. Trump fined over $2 millions for stealing from his charitable foundation which is stealing from Americans for his own Personal use. Yeah a high quality man.

Joe Mancilla: No Criminal trump 2020

Sam Orra: @40:04 is what you're looking for no need to thank me

Kevin Martin: This should be televised. To remind and keep people abreast on their history.

Mariah Villa: God bless the President and America πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ