Trump calls NASA astronauts carrying out first all-female spacewalk

President Trump and Vice President Pence participate in a video call with the participants of the first all-women spacewalk. #FoxNews FOX News operates the ...


As a tax payer we foot the bill for golf trips and now we have to pay to " La Familia Nostra, oops, Cosa trump" warm up a chair.

snake pliskin2.0: Wonder if Obama had a transgender toilet installed on space station before he left office

Jonathan Schmidt: So, if you look online (something we didn't have 30 years ago) you can find the exact moment you can look to the sky and see the I.S.S. (something that was only a dream 30 years ago) and see those brave women flash by in the night sky. What a moment to live in.

Crystalline Heavens: He looks very unconvinced that these bitches are actually in space. Also he keeps flipping off the camera lol 😂

Dr Raoul Estrada MD ESQ: Shame on NASA and ISS team just because all women space walk shame women been doin space walk since when long time since when is this a big deal their doin their job so now they think their better than ever one dam shame on our team up there dam shame

Freeloving MGTOW: Trump 2020

Marcus: Astronauts reply was..."You are going to be impeached"...WAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Josh Joslin: TRUMP... is going to go down one of the best if not best presidents in our history!

Samsung Galaxy: 17 seconds in and he flips the bird lmfao

Richard Wyant: Was he giving the media the finger?

Spooky: 1:40 Trump: Quote "And this the First time for a women outside of the space station" Unquote followed by the names of the 2 female astronauts.
I still had little doubt but this statement is the confirmation that Trump is the Dumbest Ignorant American on Planet Earth!
First EVA on the space station made by a women was Tamara E. Jernigan on May, 30 1999. (and 41 women after here)
No wonder this Idiot gets Impeached soon!

Marian Higo: Trumpet is a spymaster and he should be charged with treason

lactosis- -undefined: When they get done screwing off they can make dinner.

MikeB: Two female astronauts + high school football team= the universe's first zero g gangbang!

Snackfeast: WHat the HELL is Ivanka Trump doing there... SHe literally has no experience just like her demagogue father sitting beside her.

Snackfeast: The astronauts should have assumed it was a wrong number and hung up on that orange jackass.

SB SB: I Wonder if they are lesbians,

Matthew McGhee: You Fake

Jeff Bryan: "How's the hen party going?".... "Watch out for the Van Allan belts."

Michelle Winn: Where’s Melania with kiddos and the Be Best campaign for seeing what happens when you follow your dreams of young girls in science? Instead of two old men and Barbie?

Bob Howell: did he say where he wanted to grab them

Bobby K: Mars? Nope. They still haven't figured out how to keep bones from decalcifying. Until they figure that out, Mars in not go. Not even close.

Mike B: Wait...Trump is nice to women? No way! Just No way! Democrats tell us he is so mean to women. I’m so surprised! Democrats talk about how they are for women, but that’s just all talk. Look at Trump, he is actually doing it.

{// WTF! //}: at the risk of seeming like a pervert, from a scientific point of view ... REALLY ... one would think that the medical research team, with all of the flights since females began to fly about 40 some odd years ago, that they would have had a reproductive success experiment by now. Seriously, an extended flight to say Alpha Centauri could take several generations of humans to complete and seeing as how we can't do stasis yet, there seems to be no other way than the "traditional" procedure to create humans to complete it. What a trip... literally and figuratively. What a buzz thinking about the possibilities... An entirely new definition to the term "Mile High Club".

MikeB: Very strange mix of people in this comments section: drooling Chump supporters and deranged, clueless left wingers.

MikeB: Philosophical Question: If a MILFtronaut has an orgasm in space, can anyone hear her moaning?

d wilson: Who's the Russian Who're next to Trump???

Geoff Gyro: What a moron. First woman to spacewalk?
42 women have walked in space you idiot.

brokefolkfabrication: she forgot to twerk

Wl Clark: Whatever that man has not done anything this whole life but lie we're all done rangatangs on the side of them and in the back of them

Erika D: 🙄I'm sure this is exactly who they wanted to talk to. Sorry ladies.

Mr. White: Andrew Yang 2020!

Joe Carr: AOC asked to Text her while your up there 😁

RussianBot [Lvl 9001]: So they could have sent one man for this repair but they decided to sent two females just to say an “all female” space walk lol. That is so irrelevant.

MikeB: Let's just call it what it is: the first all-MILF spacewalk.

MikeB: If they were able to do a spacewalk in thong bikinis, then I'd be impressed.

Paolo Jiménez: When the first first garbage woman ??
When the first woman mine worker??
Plumber ?? ,
Steel fixer ??
Brick layer ??

Micho Rizzo: Now this is fake news....LMFAO get back to the treasonous Twittler impeachment

MikeB: You just know that after all that time in space, these two MILFs would love to be turned loose in a high school football team's locker room...

MikeB: Hoes in space.

Jamie Rayborn: so we do not try to put the best of the best in space anymore... now it is "look for the best of a gender"... what is next.... an all trans space walk?  How many more qualified people with more seniority were passed over for this stupid publicity stunt?

Ouroupremier Sourokou: Les plus riches de l'Afrique

Tyler B: I wonder how many qualified men got disqualified for this job because they’re male. Liberals win the culture battle again without even trying.

Karine The Great: Why not a woman and a man....why 2 women?

MikeB: Both of these female astronauts need to find out what a zero g orgasm is like.

white4884: So we gone ignore him giving people the bird.. lol

Dee: 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 say no more

SuperMich66: well good for them....I really dont care that they are all should be based on the best person for the job....not interested in liberal agendas making their quota.....its not a big deal, as lots of people have walked outside the space, bleh.....

Frank Garrett: All female ...lmao 😂

A B: Christina Koch and Jessica Meir. Meir said during NASA's broadcast of the spacewalk. "It’s something we’ve been training for for SIX years, and preparing for." What is it with the number 6? It is like they worship it or something. More people are waking up to the real enemy.