Trump clashes with liberal leaders during California trip

President Trump visits California, challenging leaders in the Golden State over hot button issues; reaction and analysis on 'The Five.' #TheFive #FoxNews FOX ...


Lamar Cantrell: Juan should be gone when I come back.

Reck ed: How dare President Trump call out this state allowing hundreds of thousands of homeless to poop and pee on the sidewalk. The nerve.
Allowing CA to set the standard allows them to set the standard for the country. It's illogical.

Christin Quinn: CA hasn't been the same since Reagan! Lets resurrect him!

rightwinghippie: Build a wall around CA.

Bo Hunter: Ah Dana is soooo smokin!

TaysonPlaysGuitar: California Congress is a textbook example on how exactly NOT to run a state.

Valentino Serrano: Please President Trump make California Great Again!

Tom Condon: California/ Arizona, "in Arizona they don't let crazy people roam the streets…" If crazy people roam the streets in Arizona, they die of heat stroke.

SunsTo7: Anywhere that Demo's. run has turned into a sewer and Arizona is beginning to go the same way to.

Nick Musetti: Assuming that the car is lighter and having it correspond to more deaths because of it was VERY DUMB. 4:15. I vote republican but that was absolutely cringeworthy, waaaaaay too many circumstances as quoted by the NTSB

Mariposa K: Thank God he clashes with Leftist loons. That's why we love President Trump!

BAM BAM: ⭐⭐⭐⭐20TRUMP20⭐⭐⭐⭐
so you understand 1st 4⭐ years. First 4 yrs
2nd 4⭐its 4 the next 4 years

BAM BAM: I do not care no more the jokes the slandering the hatred expressions towards our FIRST REAL DOING THE RIGHT THING PRESIDENT ITS NOT EVEN FUNNY NO MORE ON TV MAKING JOKES ABOUT OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP ⭐⭐⭐⭐20TRUMP20⭐⭐⭐⭐

Paul Dean: Ok first one up is Juan which I can tolerate and also you have to have a leftist on for the others to gang up on his crazy/leftist views. Please FOX don't ever bring on that witch Donna of the DNC

BackInTheGarden: DEAR CALIFORNIANS, It seems to me y'all are wanting to fit into your neighbors thoughts...
all the while your neighbor wants to fit into 'their' neighbors thoughts, whom wants to fit into their neighbors thoughts... whom want to fit into their neighbors thoughts, whom want to fit into their neighbors thoughts...'Ad Infinitum'...
The whole while, who's doing the thinking... Your big cities surely are a bad example.

Chris Camacho: Is homeless people shitting on the streets of Los Angeles and San Francisco put in place to fight climate change?

CSAcitizen Feather: The Electric cars is a fad that will pass just as it did last time they tried pushing it on us.
Electric cars will not stick ! Plus they have their own pollution and still use energy and deadly chemicals for the special batteries and charging stations that use oil to run..
So it really has NO benefits. It is just a fad as last time. It will pass like last time. So don't waste your money on it.

Allen Gerzoff: Good show, but it only takes Juan to wreck it.

Whattt Tf: Yes! As a California Republican I want to know WHERE HAVE MY TAXPAYER DOLLARS GONE??? 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

Allen Gerzoff: Williams is still an idiot!!!!

Lisa Natorski: I was gonna watch this, but there was Juan Williams and I threw up in my mouth a little bit.

Chris Christian: I'm so sick of evil liberal communist holding hostage the most beautiful piece of land in America

ninewolves213: Juan needs to experience a nice crusty case of leprocy.

dn kloepfer: Open show with Juan? I go to something else.

Liberty Vlogum: Juan, please speak only when spoken to. Only speak when you're asked a question. Thanks.....

88kings KINGS IS LIFE: Dammm that woman is 53 !!!!

Kenny Knight: The money in California Democrats running the pockets are filled with our tax paid money and that makes me sick

Richard Ike: The part people don't understand is that the current internal combustion engine format is over a century old. There are newer and better innovative engine formats than the legacy technologies running cars today.

tim brown: @ 6:26 Trump likes to go after big problems. It is merely coincidence that big problems just happen to follow Democrats. Nothing personal.

Ben Lagging: Its cooling not warming.

Michael Duffy: California doesn't deserve federal money, they are at fault for the serious problems. Clean out California by dumping the stupid Democrats out of office.

BBQSmoker NC: Go Trump.

Marcus McIntyre: The pervasiveness of climate bull fully demonstrated in this video. (Even if you don't believe them, some you end up quoting their crap). It's quoted at the start of this video, that it takes 7 days for a carbon molecule to travel around the world.
The circumference of the earth, is 40,075km (25,047miles) - meaning the molecule would need to be travelling at 239km (149miles) per hour, every hour, for 7 days stringy. Which is plainly crap - the whole world would need to be suffering a constant cyclone. Why are climate scientists allowed to feed us this bulls**t?

Neightrix Prime: You idiots know better than to let Juan lead any segment.

Mwfrizzellandsons: Sanctuary City = Leper Colony

Cuba Monier: I love.trump......

Cuba Monier: CAGAlifornia..... Y mierda lo mismo.......

derper derp: He should stay out of California and let the entire state go to hell.

Dean Harrington: Most people who live in suburbs and small towns in California are generally, more conservative than people who live in the center of large urban cities. The problems we face are political posturing by the left that overshadows common sense! The California State government is as corrupt as the cesspool in Washington DC. Where does all that tax money go ... right down the drain of swirling graft and into non-productive, poorly run, State run programs.

J Landon: Republicans won California in 2016! The voter fraud is that bad in California! 2020 will be different!

John Tatum: Homeless can be fixed..just elect a Republican major. End of problem. Californians are delusional...they think they can control climate change. Juan was probably born in CA...he seems like on of the delusional ones.


J Landon: Running out of babies to sacrifice to satan watch your wife watch you children.

Hippy Dave: I love our awesome President!! Hes got my vote again

J Landon: All Puerto Rico Hurricane money went to the deep state.

J Landon: All their federal money goes to the deep state.

AlleyCa7: Guys I know we all hate Juan because he's a total moron, but really if he wasn't on the show it would just be another eco chamber. Let him show the stupidity of the left. Just solidifies my love for Trump everytime Juan speaks.

Alphonso Devachenzig: The only person Satan 45 doesn’t clash with is his master, Putin. Get ready for whistleblower to bring 45 DOWN.

J Landon: Climate change doesn't exist because the LORD does!

J Landon: Liberal Stronghold? California is the most corrupt state in the union! Over 3 million illegal votes in 2016. Red in 2020!