Trump denies saying 'something inappropriate' on call

John Yoo and Buck Sexton react.


Yurit Cardenas: TRUMP2020.

Tim W: We all heard you say it! Now say you didn't say it? This clown will go down in history alright!

jon davis: Did he agree to sell uranium them? Or maybe send 150,000,000,000 in cash on pallets ?

Radiation Network: The stoey was already proven to be FAKE NEWS!
The Ukraine foreign minister has already defended Trump's call with Zelenskiy.

Donald Bailey: Dennis Walker,
Not certain what You mean by triggered. Tell me what You mean by triggered.

Don McKeoun: Trump 2020 let's save America and get him re elected

WildwoodClaire1: Donald Trump's attempt to extort Ukraine's help in smearing Joe Biden is his most disgusting act yet. At this point there really is no question that the man will do anything, ANYTHING, for his own benefit, no matter how impenitent, immoral, or illegal and he richly deserve impeachment.

Melanie Shepler: What we have folks is simple...The Democrat party is trying to hijack our country with violence & conspiracies.

freddie congote: For such an Innocent person and kind hearted person. Trump sure finds himself in scandal after scandal. I wonder why ?

paradigm respawn: "Only the President can speak on Behalf of America to World Leaders."
Not John Kerry.

1Hitmanvee: So Democrat's proving what kind of liar's they are

Cary Clan: The President works for US.

summer wind: More Democrat crap, consider the source. Anything from Adam Schiff should be ignored,he is now the boy who cried wolf!

Richard White: It's all part of the Plan and its working the Patriots are winning and the Dems are in panic mode everything they claim Trump has done is everything they have done.The calm Before the Storm

EviLLivE Clan: Buck Sex-a-Ton

Theresa Church: Have these democrats ever heard the story of
" The Boy Who Cried Wolf"? Just wondering..

Archie Bunkers Grandpa: WOW, that's the worst-looking thumbnail of DJT I've seen yet. Yikes. WTG, Fox.

David Watson: Libs r fools

David Watson: Why not investigate Biden or his son?

Kathleen Harms: Knowledgeable guests !

fawn999: u bunch of f** demons ..leave our president alone !!!!!!!! your all going down with your souls as black as the ace of spades!!!!! go find something to do besides following every more our president does just so u can try to black ball him with your lies!!!!!!

DR Dan: This stands a great chance of damaging Biden and the Dems as a party.  Biden used threat of with holding billions in loans if they didn't fire the prosecutor looking into his sons actions and actions of the company on which he sat on the board of directors getting like $50K a month.  Then there was his sons financial dealings with the Chinese Communists which were also very profitable.  All done while Biden was the V.P. of the US.  Yeah, that might merit a little looking into.

Dawn Edwards: Hmmm.... POTUS asks for the Ukraine government to investigate established facts and admitted to, BY JOE BIDEN HIMSELF ON TAPE. And it's a crime? But HRC can pay for opposition research conducted by a foreign spy, who supposedly consorted with Russian spy's to fabricate lies, and the FBI can lie and say his stories are "VERIFIED" and open an investigation into the Trump Campaign and continue to investigate POTUS Trump based on those lies and FALSEHOODS for collusion with Russians for over 2 years (Somehow this is not a crime, But POTUS asking about Bidens/obamas corruption is a crime? Talk about smoke and mirrors/look over here not here. The dems have to be the most corrupt party in the world.



James DeGray: I said something offensive... It was "His name was Seth Rich!" Hillary was offended, I think because Seth was attempting to expose her rigging of elections and plotting to do it since around 1992-93 when she started investigating in voting machines to get investor only information. Paper ballots or some newer highly secure digital ballots. Remake the registration roles before 2020, citizens only! After we have a solid border we can have an amnesty program, to get people into the citizenship line!

Rick V: Joe B is on the news bragging about what he did and got that man fired. Also John S already has the report and testimony from the government involved trying to take Trump down.

Roy Fokker: trump says outrage things to fin leakers. How stupid is everyone

Mary Nelson: Yes there is a breakdown of the rule of law! The Democrats are completely guilty of that !

GTP: The only thing worse than Trump, are his low IQ, 25% cult members.

Jim M: "Dear San Francisco" and all other Progressive Democrat lead states and cities you are the evil that is attempting to dismantle America!

Jessie Hamby: It's just more BS from the propaganda pushers to appease their treasonous bosses, the deep state democraps.

Tony Winikerei: sallwells a duchbag he'll give his right arm to find any wrong doing concerning the president even if it ain't the truth,and besides the president can talk to whoever he bloody wants to. you should be inquiring about the prick listening in on the sure thats a crime in its self.

Jo so: I say Fight Fire With Fire give the Democrats a dose of their own medicine

leslie hale: Congress is trying to run our Country and acting as if we have no president Dems need to back the hell off and Let the President do his job

Graham Gibbins: Here come all the social Demonrats spouting impeachment again......ready steady GO 😴

Aeolian Harp: deep state spying on Trump again

Leslie Alvin Stewart: You far left dems sure are making us real dems look stupid

RagaSHOT: Lies lies and more lies from man child trump.


N Bach: Stop apologizing. Behave like a men President Trump. Stop apologising .

Odette Morgan: I pray these people will fall into the pit they are digging for the President.
The word of God said whosoever digth a pit shall fall in it.
It's so sad the behaviour of these adults they are not fit to be leaders
It's only the devil I see go about digging up dirt on people.
The LORD Jesus Christ said whosoever is without sin cast the first stone.
God knows the evil of their hearts!
They better repent before it is too late!

jack michael: congress gets up set when he flush's the toilet

Hope Sorrowgrave, The Outcast: Democrats still have not gotten over their loss.

John Hall: Who f**** cares haven't you heard of the First Amendment he can say anything he wants this isn't even news it's ridiculous greatest president for the people most hated by the elites because he exposes you evil scumbags God Bless America

Sergio Marin: Dropping procedure is what I'm getting. Still going over the presidents head, our heads for that matter. What deviance and outrage. Very, very rude.

Rex Smith: Trump can change him mind just in a second. Can’t trust him!!!!

Raymond Yocum: Joe Biden doesn’t want us to talk about his Ukraine connection! Uncle Joe likes little Ukrainian girls! 🤣

Hoosier Hermit: Nobody cares Shannon. Except RINO's and Demrats

brenda north: "Something Inappropriate"...our POTUS.