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starlite33: BCP, I am not sure if the nick name "forgetful Joe" is a home run or a single. it's not bad, it will work, it's dead on accurate, but I'm wondering if there is something a little more funny or witty floating around in your head.

starlite33: Normally, it would be wrong to be picking on a 77 year old man with dementia, but this man deserves it. There is a darkness underneath that nice guy surface that you see slightly expose itself now and then when he is under pressure. Also, those crimes of corruption in Ukraine and elsewhere are not victimless crimes. There are little guys and ladies in Ukraine trying to succeed honestly and they get stomped under foot by this corruption. It's kind of a trickle down system. Each layer of hierarchy is corrupt unto the next lower level and so on until that corruption gets down to the lowest level and it puts its boot heel on the poor honest working business man who has no honest authority to go to for help. What a terrible feeling to know that there is no one in law enforcement and government to turn to when the corrupt ones with power are squeezing the life out of you. It is evil and Biden deserves to be called out, and he deserves to go to prison. Don't be fooled by the bumbling aw schucks nice guy act. Joe Biden, bend the knee to God and the American people and confess and repent, or suffer the consequences.

bobo4691: But no Easter eggs.

Youdate: This things going to last longer than that. Unless there's a vaccine. There won't even be a fall semester no football nothing. Btw screw the glorified athletes and the NFL.... Which is a good thing screw the liberal school system. Trump will destroy Biden.

Patricia Riggleman: @BCP
Perhaps that was Forgetfuls way of saying, We Need To Keep The Cure From Those It Will Benefit , As Many Demorat Governors Are Not Allowing The Drug, Going So Far As Threatening Dr's And Pharmacists Licenses, If They Don't Comply With The Governor's Orders !!!! Stop The Cure At All Cost !!!

wolfen244: BCP [Berkeley Conservative Patriot] - You are a great "Old Blue"!!!!!!!!!!!!

RAM Mannawar: Biden is a puppet being told what to say by the demons, if you know what you believe in and what you stand for you can speak for yourself the way Trump does!!!!!

Mark Edwards: Addlepated is a good word to describe Were Am I Today Joe...

Roger Williams: #GettingAmericaBackToWorkByApril15
Be common-sense and data-driven like President Trump is:
"BREAKING: Controlled clinical study conducted by doctors in France shows hydroxychloroquine cures 100% of coronavirus patients within 6 days"

And is THIS true? Amazing what a little research and reading reveals: "BREAKING: New evidence shows CDC knew since 2005 that chloroquine is effective against coronaviruses" ( )

And the success in South Korea explained?: "COVID-19 Update 8: Zinc and Chloroquine for the treatment of COVID-19;

PEGGY pifer: thank you lord . trump dident roll over for the dem now you people that are dem now you no who really cares about America , Pelosi you will never get him to roll over for you Pelosi you are just rotten to the core

Skip Rope: Govener Charlie Parker...LMAO...ITs Baker you dimwit Joe!

Truth Seeker: I personally cannot see him on the debate stage with some kind of live feed in his ear. Is that something he can do? Doesn’t sound fair to me but the liberal left never disappoint rules and laws are concerned. Smh. GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP AND OUR COUNTRY. daily prayers for all.

Gary Covert: Hi BCP, keep up the great work. I see yesterday Newt Gingrich said about 95 % of the stimulus money will go towards the stimules but around 5% will go to the politicians. Thats around 100 billion dollars. To me that sounds like blood money because they are paid federal government employees. What do you think BCP?

Lulu Rodriddle: They want us to collapse

P Chapel: Keep up the great work BCP đź‘Ť

P Chapel: Watch Highwire with Del Bigtree. On yputube and has a website Gives great info witb statisics

Tim Temple: Will they pull Bill Gates from China, to become their presidential candidate, for Hillary Clinton to ride into the vice presidency. Afterward, Hillary can become president thru radio-controlled bombs.

Joseph Yanni: Just had to look up the word "retarded".. and there he was in full definition "less advanced in mental, physical, or social development than is usual for one's age."


DTrueView: Does anyone know of a single death from Corvin-19 involving a healthy person; without underlying issues, of the roughly 86,000 infected? The CDC says some 23-54 thousands die of the Flu annually, and Flu kills healthy people without any issues. Nearly 1.25 million people die in road crashes each year, on average 3,287 deaths a day.  In the US - Over 37,000 people die in road crashes each year, and an additional 2.35 million are injured or disabled.  So do we stop selling cars, ban driving or outlaw personal use of them???? Think about it!

Dyl Brody: It is a total scam, I believe this is a total deep state plandemic to take out our President Trump. I work in a large community hospital and the unit I work on is the covid rule out unit. As of Sunday we had one patient that was supposedly covid positive (and that was on another unit). I know 2 nurses who took care of that person before they knew she was positive., they were put on quarantine. That was 2 weeks ago and they DID NOT GET SICK.

Edward Saucedo: Lots of waste in the stimulus bill, giving themselves a raise in process.

Susan Scott: Those traitors know VERY WELL that President Trump isn't anything close to wanting to be a "Monarch"; that's what THEY aspire to be! I'm not too worried that they'd be successful if they TRIED...they're not only too IGNORANT to pull it off, most of them are as STUPID as a box of rocks, not to mention INCOMPETENT. Just look at "Killary," all the crooked and illegal things she and her criminal cabal, including the Obummer admin., set in motion--spying, cheating (in a multi-million dollar and GLOBAL manner), and they STILL couldn't win the election or take him down! It's the BEST BLUNDER those self-interested Marxists ever made, and our COUNTRY THANKS THEM for it! God Bless America, and thank Almighty God for giving us, and guiding, a President who, through His will, was able to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Secerts of Commerical Finance: From now on...we should call him by one name...."Dementia JOE!"

Corinn Ellis: What's really funny is the media claims that forgetful joe is leading President Trump in polls!!!

Nerina De Waal: For all the world's economy

rain dust: When will we ever learn?

Vita Leonis: WHERE OH WHERE are all of the Self Righteous Hollywood Wealthy now??? At the Awards, they're spewing all sorts of words of Disdain in complete Arrogance.
Where are they now, with their wealth? How are they helping the needy, sick, starving people of their Own County!!!???

Where are now, Americans?
Where are they now.....
Remember this..........

Norman: In a presidential debate, Biden will have a "bug" in his ear so his "coach" can tell him what to say.
Just like Hillary did.

Sandra Walch: Good versus evil. GOOD will always trump evil. God Bless U.S EVERYONE ! Amen!

Brooke Taylor: LOVE the beard thing you got going on BCP! You also look like you’ve been losing weight!!!! Thanks for all your videos— you look great!!!!

Gerry Cooney: Pelosi is mad because Trump stuck her broom up her ass and broke it off.

Gerry Cooney: Maga

Norman: I want to know how much P O R K was attached to the bill.

B Crouch: There is still a bunch of crap in it

TheLawDemon: You nailed it again, BCP.

Ezekiel 37: 9:55 "I don't want the cure to be worse than the problem itself". Words of wisdom.

Mature Beauty: March 26th news report that Kaiser Permanente has threatened immediate termination of any medical staff that dons an N95 mask.

Jackie Brunker: Transaction: they ( the deep state) has to take care of the cure ( that the president wants to implement) because it will make the problem worse (for them) (those who are trying to destroy this country)

M4002019: More people die from other things. Stop using this to try and take Trump down. Why was there no pandemic for the flu which kills way more people? WOW!

M4002019: NANCY SIT DOWN this is getting to you; stressing you out.

Joseph Olson: Thinking Barr & Durham are pursuing deep state criminals is Q pooh

HYMNS OF PRAISE: Well, Dah...of course the DEMONRATS are salivating over the entire country being sunk into the Abyss of economic ruin. How else are they going to try to convince their brain dead supporters to vote them back into the White House comes November. It is all one big conspiracy. They sure know how to play, not only dirty, but deadly. They do not care how many lives are destroyed in the process. These people are SICK. THEY ARE THE COVID-19 VIRUS.

Pearly Everlasting: And added to the new "stimulus
bill" is appointing an investigation to discover how President Trump handled covid-19. They're at it again, looking for another impeachment I guess.

kurt coester: BCP - Great Patriotic information, blessings to you and your family.....kwc

M M: That is not what he said!
Hopefully we can go back to work

Judy Dean: My family and friends can not wait to vote for President Trump again!!!!

twice blest: Nancy power mongers her own journalists who are on her side! It’s up to We the People to make sure the DemoniKKKrats don’t get back into power!!!

kurt coester: Brother, keep up the great service you are providing to all of the Paytriots. Change will happen, praise the Lord. KWC

colette s: Only a competent leader would announce a date to look forward to instead of leaving the nation wondering how long this goes on. Goofy Gov Fredo said he was able to get 7000 ventilators but needs 30,000. He should be spending time looking for hospitals that are staffed and ready to help and drive or air lift patients. When a city's facilities are full, call your neighbors for help. Instead he's blabbing about people dying when 95% of the country has open hospital beds. The lunatic left always loses sight of what UNITED states means.