Trump grants clemency to two Army officers

Pennsylvania Republican Rep. Guy Reschenthaler weighs in on President Trump's decision to issue pardons in military justice cases. FOX News operates the ...


T GS: Don't cut him off have some respect and yes Barry the bathhouse dweller caused all this corruption and lawless agenda in America.

Richard Willette: Trump did this cuz he still feels guilty for dodging draft

DONBASS DEV: What is this reporters problem ? She sounds AGAINST our troops. She needs to go....

Émilie Kennedy: The American public will always be divided on how the military should be run. Also if you want to put in your two cents when it comes to how to defend this country go stand on the front lines like our hero military fighter.

AeveryFreeman: Combat ain't Kindergarten, Sweetheart!

Cedric Dias: President Trump is the REAL DEAL and the people have to start openly talking about it. He needs every bit of support.

mark johnson: this woman need to shut her mouth and get back in the kitchen

Carolyn Miller: Good for Him...It’s about time they took up for the people who “WE THE PEOPLE”. Stay home and send them. Politically Correct is the ruination of any Country. Remember they have to Make the Decisions we are not there. We send them.

Myrna De Perio LaFauci: Obama is not American and he hates America, therefore he did not love our military, our men and women in uniform. so many of them died needlessly, died in plane accidents, died in combat. let us not forget Bengazi!

skunkhome: What is wrong with this woman? She is acting like a SJW. Facts mean nothing we have to go by public opinion.

Trent Davidson: I’m tired of winning! ! ! Truuuuuuump🥰

Uli Neunektar: The point is each president should lead the country on his own judgement according with the case at hand, not by a cabal intelligence wishes

Cha Le: Is she playing the devil's advocate, or just another Megyn Kelly?


Patrick Kisler: Who is this interviewer and what planet did she come from. I got an idea if the American public wants to second-guess what are military people are going to do , then I suggest that they join the military, pick up a rifle, and go to Iraq or Afghanistan or Iran or Syria and engage the enemy on their Turf and see what they think about the Rules of Engagement. Stupid.

Toma Villa: What did Obama have to do with this. I think this is your rules that they broke

Terry Daktyl: Trump embraces criminals so this is no surprise.

VOTE TRUMP IN 2020 MAGA: The public should shut up unless they are on te battle field

mAdeAgle: Obama changed the law to allow military personnel to be tried by civilian courts. The military has to do the unthinkable as part of their job. Military personnel should be held accountable only by those in the military. Why? Because the exposure of events that occur can ONLY be judged by those that have experienced similar occurrences, period. It's like the difference between a parent and a non parent, a non parent will never comprehend what it's like to be a parent. Same as the military. We that have not served have zero idea of comprehension, no matter how much we have seen on TV. POTUS is the same as us, he has not been in war, yet he respects every warrior, as I do.

Edie: President Trump is the greatest president we’ve had in our lifetime. We can measure that from our birth to this point in our lives, he is the greatest president in America in modern times.

Malcolm Mills: Trump desperate to buy the military vote.

Leanna George: There are rules of conduct that have been around forever. The problems in the military come from interference by politicals involving political correctness. These men and women go out every day to protect us and our country. Obama’s interference in the handling of the rules put a lot of mental strain on our warriors that shouldn’t have been there. Trump is absolutely right in clearing the record for these men. Remembering some of the things that went on in Vietnam with our military, but President Johnson kept interfering, especially in keeping open the opium trail, for who knows what nefarious reasons, but this type of thing certainly impacts our military in doing their job, and lease to frustration, that can lead to bad endings.

Doggorunning: 4:00 the interviewer is painfully ignorant on this subject, we keep revisiting the same question

Donald Grant: This is what I've been talking about if you join the military. If you are sent over to a war zone you might end up in prison for doing something the politician's find offensive. Now all due respect to those in the military, but if you look at what this country has become, is it really worth being put in prison? Now remember young people all you have to do is score less then 83 on the IQ test. Feel like a woman or be in college at the time of the draft. Even 10 years in Leavenworth and coming out with all your parts is better then the alternative. So just like being a policeman...……...DON'T! I do thank and respect all military personal, but this is getting ridiculous.

Elijah Ellis: Next Pardon Roger Stone!!!

fitrops ton: warfighters is a ridiculus word

johnny cash: She talks funny. I'd throw a mix in her though!!!

Ezequiel Garcia: Obama and the democratic party and the media hate a our young soldiers and they hate in general the militaries and Polices is really sad.

Homefront: Excellent job Mr President

Plege your Alligence: Yeah if you cant handle images of war, dont look! These poor soldiers risk it all and then get punished for the way they acted?! You go out there and watch your best friends get killed and barely make it! The Americans Public Opinion shouldn't affect the actual fighters!

Kim Shambach: She lost me and made me loathe her the first question... oh no, please don't blame Obama! FAIL! I will NOT be tuning in to listen - Fox LEFT us.

Joe Jameson: Beware FOX! Since DISNEY bought them, they've slowly been creeping to the left. First, they start by pushing nutfuks like Juan Williams & Donna Brazil at "round circles" with other conservatives, and give THEM more time to push their views while cutting back on opposing statements. Then they throw in pretty girls on the weekends to word questions in a derogatory manner that makes it look like conservative actions should be under scrutiny.

Little by little, they'll turn FOX into FAKE NEWS!

Crisco Deal: Obama was a communist Islamic treasonist infiltrator. He's guilty of Treason

matts spelman: What were they convicted of?

deee 327: Wow no wonder people say FOX news viewers are stupid meatheads looking at this comment section! Just as despicable as any CNN comment section

passtime for civilwar: 💥People missed this jewel.
John Kerry: Some sanctions relief money for Iran will go to terrorism

By Elise Labott, CNN

Updated 2:39 PM ET, Thu January 21, 2016

Clark Gable: 🇺🇸 Good Call Mr. President ....
🇺🇸 Trump 2020

Phil C: News lady is on the wrong network. She should be on CNN. The Communist News Network.

cuddle0000: God bless our President Trump, the best & strongest President Ever!

deee 327: Demanding the military to be doing their job according to the geneva convention is not something that should be debated and every soldier should be aware that if he breaks the law he could face prosecution. I dont know enough about the cases two condemn them but it appears that at least one of them violated the GCIV and therefore it at least appears that this was a moral mistake on Trumps part.

Troy Bradshaw: Sometimes and often put their lives on the line? Next time get a correspondent that has a clue...

Henry Lee: Where did they find this jag ?



M Taurus: This woman reporter is trying to turn the table around & trying to say that our Military are abusing & being cruel to the enemies ??? Hey correct your mind set here woman ... 1st of all it's NOT EVEN OUR WAR yeah ??? And we send our Military to die for another country & being accused as the baddest ??? Looks like our Military are sent there to be the target practice of these fanatic lunatics & Obama seems to sent our Military as their victims & only the beheading puppet of these Islamic States eh ??? Why don't you send your Family there yourself & feel how it hurts every time your live ones were hit & became the victims of these nonsense ???

Kelly Farmer: She sounds like she’s not getting him to say anything Bad about the military?!!? Won’t she just SHUT UP and Thank God for the Men and Women that risk their LIVES EVERYDAY for Her to Enjoy Her Freedoms!!


Believe In Truth: She sounds like she has a mouth full of *hit. Wait, that’s what is pouring out her mouth.

Believe In Truth: Another bimbo Fox News caster. Ugly witch. Isn’t the point that you don’t know what you’re talking about. Ummm stupid *itch!

Lucia Ferreira: "political correctness" is being misused by the democrats to allow themselves to get away with corruption...its no longer holding up.