Trump holds 'Keep America Great' rally in Louisiana

President Trump speaks to supporters in Monroe, Louisiana just a day after Trump-backed Kentucky incumbent Governor Matt Bevin seemingly lost his ...


Karen Mauss: "It must suck to be that dumb!" ROTFLMAO! I love Senator Kennedy too!

Neville Bennett: Their is nothing in the President speech that is divisive.He speaks the truth about what is happening in America. The media and the socialist dems tried to make his demeanor so divisive.

akfrench3579: show the entire crowd......we are all important!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

videobeez: another wonderful production of the Putin Events Team

GTP: Shows the low IQ idiots in Louisiana.

Parodoxical Sox: That's a whole lotta stupid in one place.

Paul Nguyen: The Democrats used all kinds of hoaxes to slow down Trump progress, which will slow down America progresses. They are working for the Communist. Wake up America before it’s too late.

s j: 트럼프만세


M T: Boris Trump never works, putin keeps out of office. LOL

Chatla Suresh: The dog is working in late night missions.

M T: russian trolls working their AM PST shift already. LOL



Vho-Fhulu Mueda: My leader!!!

Denzo D: Pres. Trump through his lawyers should now go on the offensive and file charges against all his detractors, including the corrupt fake news mockingbird MSM, for
promoting false claims against him since his inauguration and give them a dose of their own medicine. Let them lawyer up and sell their houses like what they did
to American patriot Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.

Marianna Oonna: Are those two guys behind president Trump democrats??? Look at the white guy with the MAGA hat and next to him black guy...they never clap and they never vocally support president speech....I was surprised by them, why they got for the rally if they don't like president speech?

Brian Callison: Impeach

Chatla Suresh: Lou isi ana like Lou the chewing😁 land.

M T: LOL....lots of female profiles, all russian bots/trolls. LOL...very predictable. LOL

Jetzebell Garcia: God bless our POTUS

GuruChaz: Phil Robertson used to be a great quarterback. Terry Bradshaw was his backup in college. He could have easily went to the NFL.but chose a different path. Cool true story.

Joseph Donahue: Need you in Jersey Mr.President

Phillip Scott: I love watching Trump rallies!!

Denzo D: Pres. Trump and the Republicans are rebuilding America, but George Soros and the Demonrats are bent on destroying America. TRUMP LANDSLIDE 2Q2Q! 💪👍😎

Corri Milner: What Pelosi and Schiff are doing to Americans - a once united land of people with different opinions - is beyond corrupt and hateful. Pelosi cares nothing about Americans - nothing about er constituents in California - who live with feces, needles, 10's of thousands of homeless -- all in your face when you go to her district. But she has plenty of time to tear our country apart and put the whole country into a sh__hole! - Voted Democrat most of my life ... now, no way I could.

Carolyn Miller: It’s time we take our Country Back from the Arrogant Liberals and a do Nothing Congress.


Steve Jones: The Best President Ever. KAG 2020 !!!

Carolyn Miller: Thank You! for remembering those who are maimed in these awful horrific attacks on the innocents. They are living with it daily, for the rest of their lives.

Dennis Leavitt: why not rally california? stick Trump's finger in the Rothchild's eye!!

Slidergreg: Roll Trump!

Little Miss Twiggy: Trump 2020

Unstable Genius: Trump reminds me of Mussolini, the way he poses and struts around the stage like a banty rooster. Also the way he changed political parties to get a crowd behind him.

FF8WasTheBestFF: Please, humanity, put the phones down and watch an event with your own eyes and store it in your mind like humanity used to do. Why do I have to look at a sea of hands holding up phones? Demoralizing.

Total Football Talk: Here in Arizona we are feeling the brunt of this open boarder problem. Lost 12 total people in two days. The nine that were murdered and two Mormons on a mission were killed. In Eloy Arizona a business man was kidnapped by the Cartel in our country took him back across the boarder and held him hostage for $100,000 FBI saved him. Where is the CNN story.........crickets. Side note I give it two days before the fake news media makes a big deal with ok sign Trump used. These people in the media are truly the enemy of the people. Yellow Journalism is a disgraceful.

Carolyn Miller: This Song says it all and Trump is ASKING US TO Stand Up next to him...God Bless. When an American Black Man is a Conservative and is elected Attorney General of Kentucky on his merits it tells Us the USA is Great...The MLK Dream has been delivered, Thanks be to God.

backspace4353: "I've said if Ivanka weren't my daughter, perhaps I'd be dating her."  Donald J Trump

Bell Ringer: He gets booed and reviled by the crowds he does not pay and dress in costumes .
Anyone with an education can detect that he is a lying charlatan ..and that is going to be a problem anytime he faces the actual public .

Angelita Bahe: Trump Cannot defeat Opioids

Jesse McRae: To the 567 people giving thumbs down, what do you not like? Is is the lowest unemployment in history, protection of our borders, restocking the military, standing up to China and Russia for the 1st time, return of manufacturing, or just what? Doesn't make any sense.

Joe Cabral: trump 2020

BigTex4545: The ,so called, whistle blowers name is Eric Ciaramella. Spread this loudly across the internet until Fake stream media does their job and reports on it.

Kerkopes: impeach this goof

TINA COLBY: always told, if u don't take of your own first, homeless included(Tiny Homes) u are worse than an Infidel. Then one can extend to others.

jpjohnson07: Duck Dynasty!

Krystal Ball: Update:
The recent election results should draw suspicions. Why?
Digital scanning machines which can REMOTELY alter 0's and 1's were used.

The Equipment Type are: Precinct Count Optical Scan
Optech IIIP-Eagle Used in 2016: Statewide in Rhode Island, 6 counties in Indiana, some towns in 9 counties in Massachusetts, 1 county in New Jersey, 10 localities in Virginia, and municipalities in 27 counties in Wisconsin.

George Rodriguez: Lock him up

Tom Platz: Looking forward to Trump's next State Of The Union speech in a few months, after this Ukraine Quid Pro Quo Hoax is finally over... I can't wait to see the looks on the faces of the Democrats.

Jolie: ❤️T🇺🇸R❤️U🇺🇸M❤️P

gary webb: I was at the airport when Ronald Reagan flew into Monroe an spoke in an aircraft hanger at the airport. Lot of people but nothing like at this rally. Many people left because the lines were so long. I spoke to friends who went home because they knew the capacity of Civic center couldn't hold everyone. People drove in from Arkansas, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, even Georgia. Was unreal. Democrats don't have a snowballs chance in hell to be Trump. Rolling Thunder. It was an event like no other. Glad I stayed an got in. Hell of a President. Can't believe the man's energy. Go Trump. Thanks for coming to Monroe, Louisiana.