Trump on call with Putin: Russia, Saudi Arabia are close to a deal

President Trump says he had a great call with Vladmir Putin regarding oil. #FoxNews FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX Business ...


Otis Hall: All he do is lie.. How do people follow him..


leslie rose: Money money money is all he cares about.

Alternative Facts Survivor: left vs right = establishment steering wheel, a joke !.

David Carter: And now we are safer with our leader checking in with the our true caring friends the Russians and the Saudi’s... the guys holding Trumps chit.

Oved G.: When America becomes a dictatorship trump is coming after everyone's guns

Carlos Martinez: I got some space could hold maybe 3 million barrels of oil for a small iti biti fee

Over50 Adventures: It was a perfect call

manuel acosta: Don’t worry people
Transcripts are secure on a different server that they usually use
Just in case there was a quid pro quo again
Just another perfect call

Jehovah Luv AngeaLs: not more BIG BUSINESS profits... or OiL companey 🕳🕳🕳baiLouts
inna AMERICA🇺🇸


Johnny Eagle Tail Feathers: Another bankruptcy settlement? Maybe from Duestzmark,?

Jehovah Luv AngeaLs: 😅😅so 🇺🇸TRUMP🇺🇸 its best to do whats RiGHT n FAiR n GOOD unto thur "street people" n hungry n poverty homless familys...inna AMERICA🇺🇸.. withe that
"baiL oute" money💸💸💸

Big Trips Keepin it real: It's all about invading China

The Fishy Life !: Putin will and probably already has play Trump for every chip in the pot! Putin is waaaay too smart for Trump and I think more Republicans should take this seriously. Many people do not understand how Putin works and without immediately dismissing it because the media plays off it all the time, I urge everyone to go research the history of Putin and the Trump/Russian connections!!

James Bond: Mr. Spock: Insufficient facts always invite danger. High levels of stupidity detected. Trump 3 buckets of KFC short of a picnic.

Kara Lozdan: China won WW3 without firing a single bullet

Lionheart Roar: Trump doesn't have to ask "Mother May I"?? He's the President!

Kara Lozdan: Oil stock might be a good buy, like Ford

Greg Gaba: Will NOT matter. No one cares about your dollars they’re as good as firewood.

Andrew Murphy: They need to stop accepting oil for a while it's killing our oil resources here in America guaranteed doesn't stop that's going to collapse

rob young: United the Nation??? That's a good one Donnie!!

robert starkey: God wants Trump and Putin to own everything on planet earth and do with it as they please

Wishes: God bless everyone who has lost a loved one or is suffering from this painful & terrifying illness. God bless America, and all our leaders on both sides for making their best efforts to ensure our safety. I pray that we seek all the more to see the world with the eyes of Christ, to speak the truth of Christ, to dwell on thoughts of Christ, and to love with the heart of Christ. Let this moment, in the midst of a crisis, be the moment we rise as Christians and glorify God.

SJG SJG: But the Democratic canaries and weasels don't like Trump talking to Big Bad Putin.
He must be talking about rigging the election right demon scabs?

SJG SJG: Oh my God Trump's talking to Putin.
What will the dirty corrupt fake news and Democrats have to say about that?
I say they can all go f*** themselves.

Seven .8: Please Russia - double ur production and save the world from war mongers - Irish man loves you and all of Europe always do

Kevin Stiffarm: Putin is having a happy Easter, laughing at your fake leader,watching pee video

Chris Draughn: Orange Biff go back to your casino

Seven .8: America begs Russia to cut production in order to save extortionately expensive American shale oil , while at the same time accepting covid 19 plane loads of help from Russia , and sanctioning Russia as a thank you this ten years

wolf blitzer: Trump had a conversation with the godfather

Jehovah Luv AngeaLs: 😅😅🇺🇸TRUMP🇺🇸alls you mostly doe... is irritate n aggitate thur lord GoD to "smite us" annaway... n then hide inna that "white house" arrogantly..

KAFA *: Get ready for the recovery of the top 1%. Trump government just spent 10 trillion dollar your kid's money to pump up Trump stock market for rich.

Edward Taylor: “Trump spent the early months of his campaign praising Putin. While appalling, this made sense: the two shared an affinity for corruption, extravagance, and white supremacy. What I did not know was that they also shared a history. When Manafort joined the Trump team, I began researching Trump’s ties to Russia, and discovered that the connections I assumed to be aspirational were real, stretched back decades, and had been acknowledged by Trump himself. “Putin contacted me and was so nice,” Trump bragged to Fox News in 2014, referencing his 2013 visit to Moscow to host the Miss Universe pageant. Trump added that the United States should stop “knocking Russia” because Russia was going to help ensure a future “win,” the details of which Trump did not specify.”

Bobby K: there's no news here. Fox, you suck.

Cberyl Cacvhione: Cant trust evangelical people may coming pope Francis speech one more pope after francis were going home to the lord soon im not voting people get smart they wont either

Black&White: Mr. president please, release a transcript before liberal media mob and stupud democrats start yelling about new impeachment.

Paul Brodie: Trump and Putin will sort China after this virus nonsense

Mark Yaske: Trump 2020!!!

Michael Niedermyer: Trump and Putin share the same snake skin. Don't be deceived.

Befire Befireangel: Another perfect call with Putin this time and his Saudi Arabia Prince who killed an American Reporter quit pro quo shady deals

J. S: It's about time the filthy rich started sharing OUR wealth

Lovely day chaps: Stop drilling for oil, stop at home 🤔🤷‍♂️

Craig Donaldson: 16,000 US citizens DEAD. Thanks trump.

Kevin Katz: President Trump, as usual, is absolutely right... Replenish our oil reserves while the price is so low. There may come a day when we really need it - kinda like how New York really needs ventilators - which they unfortunately sold but never replaced... but that's another story...

Mike Tuesday: I'm pretty sure I just heard Citgo stocks hit the floor...

CelineJones: What does this mean for the consumer?

Yes: All China does is cause issues for countries around the world. Cheaply made products, bat eating people, and worst of all... COMMUNIST!

GRJCLyon: Did he get permission from Pelosi to have this call? The call didn’t happen yet but I’m sure she has a transcript already. 🙄

NorthSA: Crooked don, good luck with your failing motels, during the economic crisis.