Trump on Navy Secretary's harsh comments: I might have to get involved

President Trump responds to acting Navy Secretary's comments regarding ousted captain, says he seems like an outstanding man. #FoxNews FOX News ...


Frank Velasco: The CO of that TRAC should know that his actions on relaying a concern did require adhesion to procedure, which includes the highest degree of secrecy. In point of fact a look back in history will tell us, with certainty, that our soldiers, airmen, sailors and others in the front line, have faced much graver circumstances in the past, and yet didn't flinch any, nor betrayed the sacredness of their oath to defend the nation. Our doughboys in WWI, for example, faced not only the bullets, bayonets, artillery rounds, gases and vicious attacks of a determined enemy, but also battled a deadly viral flu outbreak, Spanish flu ca. 1917-18, in filthy trenches and foxholes with no sanitation or medical assistance ever coming to their aid. Any whining then?

J. Rich: Petty vindictive disgraceful like his boss trump.America deserves better.

Ptexpress 74: This is ridiculous! Why do people in this country have a hard time conducting themselves with decency?!? Pathetic!

Tima I: Every time Trump speaking makes me feel proud. Great president.

Tim Ellwood-Wade: Is the virus still a Dem hoax or have we just got good figures the best figures in the world, figures that no one has ever seen

Wally Weaver: I hope Trump fires Modl. Model is just mad because Capt. Crozier called Modl out for zero action in a time of crisis on his ship. The only stupid, naive F bomb dropping fool here is Modl for not having the good sense to speak to men as men. Instead he spoke to them as stupid, naughty little kindergartners.

One Wheel Appeal: I'm getting so sick of these questions from the stupid news people

Marc Ribaudo: This shouldn't be happening in our forces and anyone leaking this kind of stuff should be reprimanded.

Fat Albert: I never cease to marvel at the know it all media and the losers that they habitually support.

Alexander Ikaika: Bush league reporter!

Joseph Olson: If Crozier had a problem, he should have contacted the FLEET COMMANDER, who was stationed on the USS Roosevelt with him...before going outside chain of command....

jim sbarglia: What is up with all the media talking over our president while he is answering their questions

jokerwe: Trump was bashing Capt Crozier and now because people are backing the Capt, Trump is going to change his mind. What horrible leadership to start with. Trump should have been supportive of the Capt from day 1.

keith cox: No that doesn't make sense

gorams csu: Please don't get involved Captain Bone Spurs.

sunny robinson: Hell Naw he's Lying about settling argumentsπŸ€”πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Robert Douville: Trump is a good man, listen at the end, I like it!

Arthur Culbreth: Please why not you let that Navy Seal murderer not to long ago.

Steve Spurr: So sick of hearing and seeing trump on TV. This dude doesn't have a clue and hasn't had a clue threw this pandemic. Hes not for the people. Hes garbage.

S J: Bottom line we handled this poorly so we may give him his job back...

Suzanne Muliolis: Good job! We should not show weakness!

jokerwe: The difference between REPUBLICANS and Democrats is this, REPUBLICANS consider Seal Member Gallagher their hero even though 7 of his men testified against him, Democrats consider Captain Crozier their hero when all his men and women cheered him on. See the difference?

Roberto Rodriguez III: Wow alright Dems I’m sorry I really am but this man now has my support. Wasn’t sold before seeing this

Ahenkel36: Trump is the best actor ever lock and load he is nothing but a treasonous scum Like I said he is the best actor ever America has been hijacked

Scott Eddy: For those of you who DON'T understand military chain of command and an officer's "duty" especially captain of a ship..this was a BIG mistake! He got exactly what should've happened to him. Period.

jwang604: Look at what that Captain did by getting the media involved? It becomes politicized and creates divisiveness within the military. He had good intentions but he solved nothing by his actions. You think the military is just going to let everyone get infected so there will be no men to operate the ships? They were already in the process of off loading the sailors.

Songs Forever: She need to hush hush already ask him when Americans gona get job back

nancy strong: all other countries hate Trump and USA

srinath mk: Very nice honest man president trump . Honest way of answering

banditdawgs: Perfect response!

nancy strong: both gentlemen. trump doesnt even know their names


Northern Pacific Railway History: We've heard no reason why the e-mail should have been classified info. If the government had yet to do anything about this situation, the captain should have gone public in order to protect his crew. Trump and company just wanted to sweep this whole thing under the rug.

William Gene: No. Not the greatest President but the greatest head of state ever. I can't believe I doubted him years ago

Steven Corey: If the captain had requested a delivery of the anti malaria drug for his crew, the left would have crucified him...

Ooompa Loompa: If the captain had said nothing then sailors would die and then the captain would be blamed for that too.

COVFEFE 19: It's a supremely dangerous situation leaving the ship full of sick men on Guam, a leak could happen outside of the captains control though on Guam and then they'd really be caught with their pants down.
The situation is surely under control but the fact it was in the news is really weird.

Erin levere: Hold off on the sarcasm and be a president in this moment have empathy for those dying. Not the time and place for that in a pandemic

Cevdet Ali: Modly how much time did you serve in the navy?!!!! How dare you call Capt. Crozier stupid?!! We are very proud of him for trying to protect his crew members. Resign because you are disgrace and a foolish person.

Alex T.: A lot of people forget that when Obama was President he was firing Colonel and General's like there was no tomorrow.

great outdoors: What does one expect....The Navy Secretary is a brown-nosing Trumptard

Bryant Carr: At a time, that people are dying due to the Corona virus, people on Fox are celebrating the way Donald Trump is handling reporters.. unbelievable!


Fishing With Finesse: Obama off a Teleprompter for a few minutes, TRUMP off the cuff for HOURS.


Robert Bohnaker: Great job Mr. Prez. Handling these people better everyday.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜Šβ€οΈ

Mer Kin: Whiny Trump: "everybody is so unfair to me!"...mimimimimi

Craig Hart: This kind of news would never have happened in my Navy. The public doesn't need to know ; especially the media about the internal affairs of the military. I trust the President will insure that our military is strong and has capable and qualified people at the helm . I feel sorry in a way for our sailors. They are probably restricted to go on liberty because of the pandemic. That lifestyle was never meant to be fun and games. The military has it's own politics. ( the right way, the wrong way and the Navy Way. Go Navy.😁)

Mike Kelly: Yeah, Trump, like any slimey politician, won't want those Navy votes to slip away. What a scumbag.

SJG SJG: It would be nice if we had a patriotic country loving media instead of these douchebags.