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AGIMJONES: “Nocturnal dancing woman” is the best thing I’ve heard all quarantine

Angelo Franklin: What do you expect from the bottom dwelling low life Biden's.

Verminia Mallari: American people were not horrified!! It is you CNN and your fake media are horrible. . Why up to now you don't understand Pres. TRUMP plan. . You malfunction brain main media.

Vic Darapiza: I welcome myself. Just suscribed.

Karen Kline: Please remember that many of our Chinese brothers and sisters are Christian.

Mary Hensley: It's racist to ask someone for their id? Since when? I get asked for my id at the bank, md's office, hospitals etc., and this racist? No this is hypocrisy!!!!!!

immrnoidall: Jake Tapper is a piece of trash. smelly lying disgusting garbage trash.

Todd Pierson: MSM is ignorant of the fact that once the NWO sets in permanently, they will be mowed down ruthlessly. Happens every time. Anyone voting for anyone pushing any type of global agenda is part of the destruction of the greatest way of life this world has ever, or will ever know. please wake up people.

Jessica Pleasant: I had my test the other day, its negative.....drop the mic!

Lezah Taw: Yes, we should have National voter's ID so each citizen should ONLY VOTE ONCE.

Jessica Pleasant: Trapper, lol all the news is doing is asking the same questions every second. How many times do they ask him that in the briefings? Cant any of these journalists come up with better questions? Why do each journalists ignore the answers he gives like it's all about attention and ego. They think they are so important that they cant go without showboating.

Richard Walker: BTW the President didn't order any lockdowns so how can the governors. They are trying to ruin the economy. Plain and simple. These people are sick.

Richard Walker: I wish someone would declare a PURGE of corrupt Demonrats and MSM and everyone who is traitorous and treasonous and obstructing justice of the American people.

Monica Goldstein: Jake Tapper is a Total POS!!!!!!

Likeitornotbut: It is important to always remember that just because a person say's they are "Praying" that it doesn't necessarily mean they are praying to our God, the One and only God, in the name of Jesus Christ our Savior.

tomwiles: We should all use this time to sincerely ask ourselves questions such as "Why do I exist? What is the purpose of existence? Why am I conscious?" etc.

scott woodard: Praise God.
Pray for people to see the truth and all truth is God....

Joaly nocontroly: Interesting.. even Grandma Biden is a disgusting sociopath.

Dwayne Dwayne DK-Stain: I'm just wondering What Happened to "The Seal of the President of the United States shall consist of the Coat of Arms encircled by the words "Seal of the President of the United States." ... on the podium stand it just says the white house Washington???

Thomas Red X Jackson: BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY...That includes us!🧐👍🙏💯❌....of course they want Trump to shut it,..just like we want them to shut their viralpie holes.❌Not gunna do it-- wouldn't be prudent 🔥1000 points of darkness ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫

collette mcgahen: Most Americans don't watch fake, corrupt news , cnn and the other media. You are so right. Speak truth!

James Martinelli: Do these scientists use the scientific method or the 'scientific consensus'? Dr. E Michael Jones asked.

Carole Eubanks: Thank you

TT: Chinese people ( least amount) do believe in Jesus Christ but being invaded by Chinese Communist Party dogs such as Xi
They just pray inside and can’t opening to public
I am Vietnamese and I gone thru all of this.
Hopefully, you understand what I meant

No Prisoners Waters: Their clueless

Kanook: lol i was gonna say why aren't they hahahhhha geeez

Kanook: i wonder if GOD gives these people the way for the virus .... some of these people are so gross and if you realize where this virus is its in the majority of all these non gender and bullshit states... just think about that

Kanook: lol meddling in our ads??? what the chinese reporter got into the white house when most US real reporters cant hahahah ... demons are nasty and they will not stop until we stop them americai needs to come together and get there shit straight and stop all this government nonsense... stop giving the rich pelosi and now the rich aos and allllllllllll the others stop it they steal and hurt us stop it quickly.. i mean illegals are more important then the american taxpayer WTF... we need to stop them!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kanook: happened in nc to voters voted for ID for votes and the governor dismissed it...
that's not working for the people thats a plan......

Scott T: Saying that Blacks will be prevented from voting if you make everyone show ID is racism of low expectations. It shows up in many other ways as well. Liberal Whites seem to think that they need the White Liberal Savior to protect them because of their many deficiencies. It's disgusting. Conservatives what to treat Blacks as equals, but Liberals think that is a racist approach.

TT: As you know, I love your channel
No matter what your skin is, the best of the best is knowledge, discipline, polite: that shows all of people in the world who you are

Anthony Delanzo: Really I like to see him make the person or persons responsible for releasing this shit

Anthony Delanzo: What happened lol

Stuart Fox: What do Chinese women scream when they ride the rollacoaster?
"Wooooooooo Han!"

Gary Rieck: Joe won't remember anyway

Beverly vankavelaar: can someone tell me why president trump want 5g in our county when it will kill us all


Karen Nichols: Loved the different President's & TRUMP talking about or PRAYING as America's leader🔥Make's ALL the difference❤

Doc Greene SR: Wow, I’ve met David Bernard! I’m a graduate 👨‍🎓 of UPCI bible college #RightSideOfTheMic

Doc Greene SR: Wow, I’ve met David Bernard! I’m a graduate 👨‍🎓 of UPCI bible college #RightSideOfTheMic


Steven Martinez: An interesting year for an election lol

Valley Lights: What would be Your plan Jake?

Valley Lights: The House is Totally Against the People!! Pay Attention!! 😬

Arthur archuleta: Why does he even deal with these idiots, Nothing But fighting President Trump at every turn, Throw these CIA operatives out on their asses, Start kicking their ass President Trump as we are feeling weak again

David Clark: I feel that if I voted for a Democrat, I would be voting against my own interests. Should I feel that way? lol

B: Cnn all of them make me sick, they are against everything good, please dont even play their clips, IT is poison to everyone who sees it, CNN = poison

bebebj137: The Gospel is foolishness to those who are perishing

Anthony Hills: grahm is a joke !! if he was truly walking in the power of God people would be talking about healing miracles !! i guess that is what happens when you walk a compromised walk before God !!

Rudy Jimenez: I saw and illegal crossing the border , he said he will vote democRAT.