Trump praises call with Biden: It was a very warm conversation

President Trump takes call from former Vice President Joe Biden, as well as companies working on creating vaccines. #FoxNews FOX News operates the FOX ...


Christ meister: Good

BS HUNTER: Trump is an imbecile......46% of Americans chose him as their leader LOL

Ja Niss: Trump 2020

Joseph Shaul: Biden: "Turn your your your record player down, Biden's got somethin ta say bucko, you know that that thing, yeah, we need to protect it because the cause can't be worse than the cause because, and I'll tell you another thing, they like to feel my leg hairs"
Trump: "Joe? Joe? Are you there? Are you at the Telegraph museum again thinking that's how communication works?"

Sandi B: Why hasn't the presidential Seal been on the podium? Sure I won't get an answer from anyone at fox news

Gy Bx: Wow. This comment section is thick with Bernie Bros upset because it's taking so long to charge their vibrators.
Bernie Bros, you need to let one charge while you use the other.
Stop trying to spitroast yourselves while you watch Cenk and Ana over at TYT.

charles mccormick: Johnson & Johnson , W.H.O. and fauci - who is working with who here , including the others ?

Tas Cabron: Biden in his delusional mind ! Thought he was calling Boris from Germany πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ

A Friendly Hobo: This was news to Joe Biden. He doesn't remember the conversation.

Clinton Nebraska: I guess Joe changed his mind about beating Trump up behind the gym. πŸ‹ Uncle Joe 2020 πŸ‘₯

Grace Holaday: I was puzzled about why there were so many 3rd grade level comments here then noticed this is from Fox News! Now it makes sense, lol!

KYoss68: "A very warm conversation" Was it perhaps, a "heated" conversation?

Scott Koehler: 15 minutes you overloaded his feeble mind !!!!!!!!!!!

Peter Hunsader: 1:50 is the biden topic...

marcbronze1: BIDEN 2020.

Mike Wilhelmson: Did Joe know who he was talking to?

Brian Jones: Trump: "Sleepy"
Biden: "We can only re-elect Donald Trump"

Gary R: Joe Biden: I remember fighting the Coronavirus back in Nam, the Germans hit us with a double latte and Mary had a little lamb!

ping pong: You have a great heart and your a great leader to talk to that dirt bag Biden fret he trashed your name, but this is what again has made you a great leader

Ville boss: He's so confident and positive 😊 God bless πŸ™ πŸ˜‡ him and this beautiful countryand people that we try and stay hopeful in these times that we can change. Even the worst folks out their. I know it I just don't get why some people still don't like him
He's a white man. Just like the world hated Jesus cause he spoke the truth and looked white. tho I forget that's really what it is with alot of these people that don't like him. I look at them. And can tell that's crazy and messed up that in this time you can't just get over that crap.

Mimi Stern: Where are his tax records? What is he hiding?

Live Strong: Hey Fox "news" I THOUGHT IT WAS A HOAX?

Lawrence Genereux: Earliest concession speach EVER.

James Lyback: Let's see the transcript. Someone should come forward and describe what they heard someone say about what someone heard. Impeach Trump. Impeach Trump. Ahhhh....the good old days.

Gy Bx: Trump is the only one who has the energy to handle this crisis as President.
Neither Biden nor Sanders have the stamina to do it.

ScottLoves PlayingBass: As if Joe will even remember the conversation

Kenneth Simmons: I think Biden called Trump to do an over- the- phone, Mr. Spock mind meld!

Isaac Cavazos: Is his hair getting thinner?

Mer Kin: I can't wait for Trump getting infected with Covid-19.

Edgar Alain Flotte: Biden endorsed Trump for 2020!

Kevin Thursby: You are an idiot....

veromikes: Huuuge.

U Haul: Will transcripts B released on dis convo?

catranger01: Trump is fattening Biden up for the slaughter.

IRISH-LAD: Creepy joe why would you give that dirt the time of day


Megatron Man.: I'm glad many peoole realized is time to stop watching Stupid FOX NEWS,

Eddie 1700: Listen to that Johnson & Johnson. They cut the sales on baby wipes. And all these companies Day on. They stopped sending them to Walmart and Dollar Stores. You know, it was a big gender. The big trillion bucks the big trillion bucks. All these products we need Johnson & Johnson makes a hundred of these products that we need. But yet. They got a stockpile at Johnson & Johnson and they decided not to ship them. So they can make this vaccine and be number one. To get the money that is so crazy. Wake up people stay woke.

Susan Muncan: I'm wondering, Is this Coronavirus going to become like the common flu now
I pray and I hope not.
We should all turn to God. We should all prayπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

wash beezy: Lol. President Trump can lead these moron dems by the nose. He calls out Biden for not calling him and later the same say Biden calls to try and save face. It's hilarious but also rather pathetic.

1966bluemax: Trump is so out of breath. He should just let pence take over

ron trulycanadian: And Americans are going to wonder why they are getting run of of the road in Canada once this all settles down.........


rollin' stoned: alot of people except the left...right nancy?

David Goeken: I don't care what Trump says, he failed big time. No matter what he says is BS.
Trump had the tools but he chose to ignore them!

Robert Phillips: What?

Ron Caron: good 15 min conversation with Biden ABOUT WHAT/
4 named companies, that are doing what they are supposed to be doing?
I'm getting the point of what "I'D RATHER STICK A NEEDLE IN MY EYE" is all about
Listening to him? I get it, I'd rather stick a needle i my eye!


Spying Beast: I LOVE POTUS TRUMP, he is the man!!!

po4RP20361: Sounds like another perfect phone call with that dog face pony soldier