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Ken Titus: The Congress may end up sending information that the IG might have missed.

Q Ables:

Jason Springer: Yeah I think he's purposely hires Warhawk advisors. He is already the anti-war guy so he doesn't need an anti-war advisor

Jannie Meyer: Strzok and his mistress Lisa were in the thick of things. Why not just say yes? Are they being investigated separately?

Stigmata Speaking: Funny as ever. Your ears are cool man. Bcp! Nice report.

Beverly Webster: My thoughts about Horowitz response regarding Strokz (sp) is that he does not want to rely on memory alone, but actual documentation; however, I’m curious as to why he would not have brought a copy of the report with him knowing that would be the subject of the meeting. I do not know the requirements. It seems to me like common sense to have it with him.

Whatever: Remember that Stzrok is sueing the FBI AND DOJ For his firing; even though we know his suit to be BS...Horowitz is compelled to choose his words very carefully and be as non-committal in divulging conclusions as possible given the current stance of his investigation and dissemination to the public which is both timed legally and politically with optical considerations: re The Great Awakening. It is not lost on the WhiteHats that many of these SwampRats will be prosecuted in the DC Swamp where inherent “jury nullification” is a very real factor ..ala Obama swamp Atty. Greg Craig who was acquitted a few weeks ago!

Colette Savage: Pres trump we love FLYNN

Colette Savage: Who cares about the saudies they are disgusting oppressive fraudulent patriarchal male dominated culture who locks up their women

Mary: I’m very glad Bolton is gone.

Cathy Lamarca: Awesome show as usual. Thanks for all that you do, so appreciated!!!!!!!

extremlaybak: MR. Horowitz is trying to cover it up he knows what going on and petentend he don't know and have to investigate it more he lying and he stuck in the middle of the lies they all need to be arrested for treason trying to overthrow our president we need to send in the military arrest every body that was involved with muller investigation the ones that trying to impeach our president and over through our government the ones that involved with Hillary letting her off covering it up and selling uranium and delivering it Russia and Obama covering it up and a fake president he was not a volidad president he should have his retirement seized all his assessed and propitay taken away and be put in prison and spying on Trump let the military make a big swoop and take them all to Gitmo prison and lock them up and have a tribunal court and watch Hillary rat everybody out she squeal like a pig every body will turn on each other to try to get a deal lower sentence

Delinda Rozell: Hey, switching them up once a year, isn't a bad thing. Trump refuses to live in an echo chamber, and he can test HIS beliefs and decisions, based on what he hears from his National Security Advisor's opinion. He'll ALWAYS make his own decisions, regardless of others' opinions. Not bc he likes to argue, but bc Commander-in-Chief is a title he takes very seriously. Wars and deploying troops are no joke, since he'd like to keep our troops home and bring home others. The only way he can do that with Iran, should he choose to retaliate, is to turn it into a parking lot--and as he stated in his NM rally, he doesn't want to kill a million people. He knows there are a number of legitimate Iranian Christians in Iran who are trapped there.

Melanie Shepler: We don't want a war but if they keep threatening the US Trump will reluctantly attack by turning them to glass. Then the war will be over. Sand & extreme heat makes glass.

lennox283329: Love the show. You need a special person to check your attire line before you go on video. Other than that, you da man!

LOREN LEETCH: We should totally get out of the middle East and just protect lsreal

Dale M: I would rather have president Trump name a new FBI director...I know Wray hasn’t been in that position very long but he’s already worked against the president Trump...he’s stopping the release of documents president Trump said to deliver..maybe that’s a plan of his and he’s just using Wray as a backstop...

Cece Dell: Gotta love Mark and Jim!

Cece Dell: If congress doesnt have the power, what the hell is nadler doing! He sending out subpeonas right and left?!

Shelly Green: So you recommend CBS over FOX News?

tony p: Your narration was too loud in relation to the clips except one or two that were seriously loud.
For presentation info... A lot of variations there. I was all over the volume knob. Program format is excellent.

Ditkazbearz2: Way to go President Trump

Cecille Chan: 👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️

Laura Reeves: EARS!! 🤣😅😂You crack me up! I have great respect for the job you are doing, BCP, ears or no ears!

Russ Gallagher: war, our soldiers [the English-language word for all members of the military, collectively, regardless of their individual branch of service; they're not "troops" - you can have ONE soldier, but you can't have one "troop!"] get killed, maimed [permanently disabled] , wounded, and and psychologically damaged. Those costs need to be considered whenever the POTUS contemplates sending men and women in harm's way.

The Good The Bad and The Ugly: "Peace through strength".

Daevid Harvey: Does it seem as though he’s covering minimizing ?

Donna Jenkins: Thank you BCP!! You always give us great info!!
You look mighty handsome this evening sir !!

Lennon hessdorfer: Horowitz probably can't explain all the players, and what role they played in what aspect of the various and numerous cases off the top of his head - to much information to recall at a moments notice.
I would suspect that he is including Strozk and Paige in the mix.

Diane Czir: BCP looking handsome today, even with tiny ears....You look good in black, love the tie color

Mike Tuesday: Horowitz. "It's certainly appropriate"... 16:00

GORGON: Former President Barack Obama may have less than two weeks before he’s indicted for election meddling.

Inspector General Mike Horowitz submitted his report on alleged abuses
by Obama’s Department of Justice and FBI during the 2016 election to
Attorney General William Barr last week.

Included in the report are Horowitz’ conclusions on the potential misuse
of FISA wiretaps on Trump campaign aides during the election, which
experts have said that the scandal could directly link as high as
Obama’s Oval Office. H N

Richardo Frankie: This is what a businessman in Washington does. Keeps my company going, gives me a bigger paycheck, empowers me, and as a Vet, I don't have to travel an entire state to get an operation! Do I care about straws and a GREEN DEAL, hell no, I care about the USA - except CA - my family, my job, and my faith - and the President loves ME!

YahshuaLovesMe: Pompeo wants Assange dead, its a problem. That situation is out of control. Trump doesn't say anything because he needs Pompeo, now. But for Pompeo, Assange would have been left alone in that Embassy. Pompeo is a killer, Trump is not, he won't kill someone who has helped him and been faithful to him, as Assange did in the election, helping him win. Loyalty is a really big deal for Mr. Trump, he won't kill him, but he is still in danger from Pompeo, Trump has to figure out how to save him., before he succumbs to the cruelty of his prison situation which is probably watched intently by Pompeo. I hope O'Brien will replace Pompeo, could be, Trump has to replace him after he doesn't need him anymore, for Assange's sake because after Trump pardons him, Pompeo will FEEL betrayed, it's so bad. Trump won't kill Assange, but Pompeo demands it. Any ideas on that??? We need to do something to save Assange, he was loyal to Trump and to the truth.

Carolyn Miller: I apologies for being Who We are and we are Strong and be Meek means strength thru God....Don’t Tread On Us...

CSAcitizen Feather: Is there ANYONE who is not a Globalist OWG shill in govt at all ?

BILLBILLH: is this one a bush pick too?

Robert Trump: BCP just love your videos thanks for you efforts to keep us informed

Robert Trump: BCP was wondering where your ears were 😂🤣

Jill Hensley: Too many commercials

Beth McHugh: Bolton was like Dick Cheney...war, war, war....I sure hope this Obrien is not in the same mindset

Leora Rink: IG Horowitz is being coy about the identity of the unnamed "supervisors" because he knows that this goes right up to Obama and Biden but Horowitz doesn't want to say this on TV. That is what I think. WLR

Varekai Ascendant: Wow! What a CAREER ENDING BLUNDER, everything that Trump touches dies.
102 Trump personnel have resigned, quit or have been fired in 32 Months.
Donald Trump: "I’m going to surround myself only with the best and most serious people, we want top of the line professionals." Jan. 29 2017.

Thomas Gerardi: If the IG knows there may be pending charges being filed it's understandable that he would not name them in public and jeopardize future prosecutions.

Heather Webb: Please people wake up to the insanity, never ending dramas and distractions. We are sheep. We believe the TV. Seriously. We keep believing them. Paid actors? Fake news? How many more years are we going to waste of our lives believing people we see on TV. Literally, this is a game. The matrix. we’ve gone insane and it’s time to wake up. Love and Light to ALL 💫💫🙏❤️🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Scott Drewes: I love your program but the preamble is a bit long on most episodes.

Merry Black: Warning. Aussie coming to South Cali...
How would I manage to shake your hand and buy you a drink please??? 🥰🥰🥰

Ion John: Next NSA will be gen. Flynn after he will prove the FBI abuse in his case and be clean of all false accusations...

Martha Butler: Horowitz is stalling

Robert Hendricks: LMAO!!! I never noticed them Little ears until you mentioned them. You are beautiful, just keep talking and no one will notice the ears 👂