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Jim Bateman: BCP. YOU are my only reliable source of honest news. My wife and I have even stopped local news (part of nbc), and I removed Drudge from my desktop p.c. We have even stopped Fox, unless the President is speaking. GOD BLESS, and THANKS FOR BEING THERE.

Captain Chaos: BCP Bush 43 was a pilot in the Texas Air National Guard when he was younger. That was proven after Dan Rather did a story on Bush saying that he didn’t served in the Air National Guard.

Peace Justice: Welcome to the Trump Train👍🙌🙏❣

Kanook: and to think THIS PRESIDENT DOES THIS FOR A DOLLAR DO YOU REALIZE THIS???????????????????????????? all this shit he takes he still loves this country enough to just take a freaking $ 1 $ so give that a thought ... 400k a year he takes a 1$ no one talks of this no one.. tell obama to give 399K a year please no hes still spewing crap making money and living the great life... hey thanks america .. fuking people .... I spit on him

Kanook: curious question have you ever found racist people ever.. cause i can't understand it because of all the people I meet mostly it's black that hate me ... so on a curious level have you experienced hate.. i have in jobs and in my life and well... i'm white.. and it seems blacks hate me for my skin color not for the person I am .... and my mema was NEVER angry considering shes black cared and loved me all my childhood.... if it wasn't for her my real mother may have actually killed me so help me understand please why theirs this disassociance.. i'm just not clear of this racismism thing i mean i just don't understand... and I miss her deeply =(

demoCRAPS suck: Republican party to a republican politician, "You're accused of child molestation." "We will get to the bottom of this and if you're guilty, you will go to jail"
demoCRAPS to a demoCRAP politician, " You're accused of child molestation." Don't worry, We'll cover it up for you and make it the child's fault. The media will help by spreading fake news!"

anchoritehat: It was really interesting to hear your personal evolution to becoming a libertarian/conservative...especially while you were a student in California at Berkeley

Gitana Shimmy: I think Cuomo is NOW.

Gitana Shimmy: Would you trust news that doesn't want to give you the uncut version? Just"snipits?" That's exactly how you get someone to sound like they said something else. No thanks. What are you hiding?

plantation free: These people are trying to destroy the economy to the point of no return.
This hoax is by design.

Detoxing Reality: Looks like your country is becoming the nanny state. Trump has unfortunately lost his fight to make America Great Again! The Globalists have masterminded this Corona Virus sham and Trump took the bait. Sad really and my Country of Australia 🇦🇺 fell for it too! The whole world did (except those of us who are truly awake). Want to know what Im talking about then check out this David Icke video!

Reginald Dentry: When they hang Schiff that pencil neck is gonna snap off I can’t watch what a mess arms flailing George Soros trying to reattach his head

TimeforThinkers: Loeffler is from my state, my party. If she is guilty, let her be gone. If you are guilty of sneaky, underhanded, illegal dealings, NO MATTER WHAT SIDE OF THE AISLE, what your gender, heritage, race, etc is, you should be relieved of your seat or job if guilty of the accusation.

JP615 A: BCP
I had to go back & rewatch your segment, regarding what you said about people being locked up, because I thought that I misheard you. I have never given one of your videos a DISLIKE before. However, because of what you said, I Disliked this video. I'm so tired of hearing people whining about how terrible it is to have to stay home for a few weeks. Due to a number of health problems, I have been in that situation for the past 6 years. I would go out maybe once or twice a month for necessary appointments. Then last fall my health took a drastic turn for the worse. I have been bedridden since November 2019. My wife works full time at the county health center. So I spend 23 + hours per day completely alone. We spend from 10 minutes to 1 hour a day together, not including when 1 or both of us are sleeping. When she goes to work, she brings me a cooler with food & drink. Even on her days off, I'm in our bedroom & she is off doing whatever she needs to do. My only companions are our cat & dog and the TV & my phone. I'm starting week 21 of my Isolation & I'm getting by, so don't tell me how everyone is at the end of their rope & can't take anymore after just 3 weeks. At least they can still do things around their house or outside.

Margaret louise: BCP's LOSING WEIGHT!!! Isn't he?

David Wilkening: Its interesting that people are making accusations on insider trading due to the STOCK Act ( With as many leaks as we have after Congressional & Senate briefing, it is only a mater of minutes before the information is published in the media. That in itself may well be a free pass for those who have a head start. And, who is going to punish the perps? Congress, Senate? Its just more crooked games.

Bill Muller: BCP best news straight down the middle Great going guy’s

Roland Warren: Bro, Berkeley, you is a hipsters, LSD Berkeley, a knowzy student 1968 came across Timothy O'Leary 1962 experiment, Jim Hendrix Purple haze, sex drugs and rock enroll

Knarly Knuckles: Please place a warning prior to showing CNN clips. My ears threw up by the time Don Lemongrab began barking.

Angela Jacobi:

mitchell walker: A great story line to give to Hannity, might be...’ Maybe, just Maybe this virus, is not NOT as biga deal as they make it’
After all the[MSM], live to creativity cause, fear,distraction, panic ?
Think logically. You believe them now? After years and years of overblown hogwash?
Watch the backdrops research for yourselves ❤️

mitchell walker: What piss’s me off is her pictured with ‘Old Glory’ behind her... hiding behind our symbol , like saying... I’m for you the Americans.. I believe in equality.
And yes it has gotten bad! Both particles have put the dollar first, in many cases. The system is( as POTUS eluded to), rigged. Lets get rid of them whomever they, ‘say’, they represent? 2020
🇺🇸WWG1, WGA🇺🇸

joedmac78: Orange Man bad.

Dean Wille: I was a Republican til Iraq War. There was no reason to go to war with Saddam Hussein but Republicans backed Bush jr . They should’ve voted that down.

Kat E E: What crap. Wrong is wrong and smells bad. Kick her out.

Poppa 58: Trump is a brilliant man. He hasn't done wrong yet. Trust his decision.There is a plan.

Kat E E: What else is new?

johny fencewalker: A word of advice to all voters dump the emcumbent

Donald Carey: Even the little Bahamas has Voter I.D. with a photograph!

Mr. Know Itall: Get our Children out of the hands of the Leftist propagandists in the Western School systems run by the Frankfurt Institute preaching and teaching marxism
Lets break the back of communism socialism marxism in the West Europe and the world over. Done deal! Bastards. Lets teach our children real history not lieberal revisionist lies.

David Miller: Only God knows when this event will actually come to pass and what day has been planned to end. Pray everyone every day for everyone who is sick and the doctors and pharmacies all businesses and companies back to work once again. I have faith in God he knows people worry and panic it's not good. Amen

Lisa Natorski: Don’t know but Fredo looks pretty good to me. What bull shit. Maybe Fredo chipped his tooth on a bold faced lie.

FUBAR: Term limits would take away alot of the corruption.

Kevin Cobb: Schiff is a little worm trying to make a name for himself he needs to be removed and jailed he is a fool

Winged 1212: George W served in the National Guard. I'm not a fan but you call him a draft dodger which is not true.
Yes he wasn't overseas but he didn't lie like Kerry did nor did he put in for a fake purple heart. Nor did he go on the floor of congress talking bad about our country. Kerry is on par with Jane Fonda as far as the Vietnam war - Bush is not.

DAMIEN KOY: Mark levin is such a legend & so smart, he does not suffer fools & shoots truth.

Candice azzara: God Bless you and President Trump...Praise Jesus!!!!

Doug Texas: Something needs to done to Adam Schiff. The leaker and lier Adam Schiff. He needs to be stopped !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr Phillips: The Mark Levin bit at the end is needless. We are about to reset our debt and go to gold. This measure is to bankrupt the Rothschilds not the US. The Rothys are about to pay America to go on vacation till Dec. Ha!

Mr Phillips: I love calling whistle blowers whistlers now. THANKS.

Steve Elias: Barry Satoro and Soros sure are flying under the radar.

Steve Elias: I'm sick and tired, not only of Schiff , CNN, MSNBC, attacking President Trump, but more pissed at people that find they've been lied to by Richard Maddow (lol predictive type inserted Maddow after I typed Richard) for 2 years but still listen to her lies !

Steve Elias: I hope Durham is looking at Schiff because Linsey Grahm hasn't like he promised Maria Bartiromo he would.

Etb Etb: WOW much respect on the New Pearl Harbor T.V's talking heads' tale of 9/11(1) was formed into a faith by group trauma while the empirical evidence of the towers played on loop. 9/11 was data rich, apply the laws of physics to it & TV's conspiracy theory is invalidated (2). NIST didn't even try claiming WTC1&2 disintegration was 'inevitable' (3) The trope 'Jet fuel can't melt steel beams.' is not about weakened steel it refers to FEMA's Appendix C analysis of I-beams liquefied by a hot corrosive eutectic of Fe,C & S (4) as witnessed by the NYFD (5). 1: 2: 3: NISTNCSTAR Pg43 4: 5:

Jesse Pearson: The only nonessential workers I can think of are sitting in Washington D C and we the people should give them their walking papers without retirement benefits.

Jesse Pearson: It as good enough for Martha should be good enough a politician no matter the party, seize their assets and place them in our recovery account.

danny whitney: American people are getting very sick of this corrupt scumbag called Adam Schiff nothing but a liar a communist piece of trash and extortionist and a thief you piece of trash you should be in prison for the rest of your life


Daniel Gonzalez: We were manipulated to vote for Bush Jr!!! 911 swamp!!!

Rodney Armstrong: It's only about power because they don't want to go to prison for their crimes against America. Remember Trump came out right away that he would drain the swamp in Washington DC. That was Trump's first promise to the American people, Trump has been playing their game the hole time and Trump hasn't drained anybody in the Washington DC Swamp. The American people are going to have to suffer because Trump hasn't drained them from Washington DC. Trump has the military behind him but Trump isn't using them to drain the swamp in Washington DC I just want to know Why ?. No matter what the American people need to take the Democrats out of the House and Senate and the Presidency during the next election or America and Americans are dead.