Trump speaks to the Nation's Mayors in the White House

President Trump delivers remarks to the Nation's Mayors on Transforming America's Communities in the East Room. FOX News operates the FOX News ...


Petey Barnum: Trump sounds tired.. like he's off his game or something. Saving the country must be exhausting work!

Michael O'Leary: What makes America great is a respect for one’s own dream and the dreams of others / a shared dream - the American dream. You have been brainwashed. You - are deluded. Mr. Trump does not respect you. He does not respect himself. He does not respect others. He does not respect the dreams of others. There is no communist threat. It is a myth peddled to you to keep you distracted and under control.

Ron Wuerch: Best President Ever...Go Trump

Manumalo Taylor: He Also bring in business that we were never seen before and Taxpayers Lower our tax Put more money in our Wallet go Shopping On Weekend. 🇺🇸🇺🇸

Thuong Phan: President Trump We need You More the fore Year

camping730: I am from Russia and we want to elect your President Trump..

Manumalo Taylor: We must Vote him for ty next 2020 He’s Change the Americans People he is Change the way we Were in 50 Years , now he makes Americans Great Again.

Taro: He works hard without pay for our country! God blessed our president!

tim whiteside: Trump for Australia!

Steve -O: New poll out...100% of people with a brain will not watch fox news.

AuntChuck: I agree... "It's time to move on to the President's argument", and, I might add.. It's time for Martha to hightail it to CNN. I seriously can no longer stand her. And, shame on FOX for allowing the left to enter their network. They used to be the "go to" channel to watch if you wanted to hear TRUE news. Blah..

Caleb Witte: God bless him

elizabeth hestevold: Well done,so needed to push back tents , return our great Cities, it's people to dignity , President Donald J. Trump. Thank you for focusing on the right policies for our children, parents, their Cities.🇺🇸🇩🇰🦅👍

extra solar: beto would make a good mayor of msnbc. it would give him a chance to toute some of the presidents numbers while getting his foot back in the door for the democrats candidate suspense before it comes down to biden or the waffle. bernie has the progressive potential beto has, but not the credentials.

hot rod 218 hotrod 218: Oh one thing when are you gonna put a stop to the,democrats ruining our Constitution and trying to strip us of our god given rites and constitutional rites. You really need to put a stop to this before inicent people get hurt.

hot rod 218 hotrod 218: Our president 2020 people. Great job president trump keep up the great work.

nicklenose01: Donald Trump - 2014:"If I decide to run for office, I'll produce my tax returns, absolutely"

Kent Koester: And all the Angels smile as America gets great again. Stay the course.

Jason 777: Boycott everything Democrat!!!! 😁
Including Media Stations that are Democrat Supporters!!!! 😁

Thunder Lightning: Donald J speaks the Truth.. TRUMP 2020

Any Huang I: 冷静。冷静。冷静。

Any Huang I: 习明泽看到了吗?他们不让我进入川普现场写字!他们怕我揭发黑川普看到。不管是不是她搞得都是她的意思。我知道尼必须听她的话。妳现在冷静停下来几天过了一月份再活动。

Willie Robinson: This ☝️ is news.

Dan Deutschmann: what about help for the homeless in this country

Eric Vickers: Dems heads will explode listening to all of these facts! Pace yourself sir, let it sink in slowly for them. Trump 2020

Megan Alexandra: Legend.

nicklenose01: Obama - 8 yrs in office; 4 investigations, 0 indictments, 0 convictions, 0 prison sentences
Trump - 3 yrs in office; 36 investigations, 1 Impeachment, 38 indictments, 212 counts, 20 convictions, 9 prison sentences and counting.
Donnie is the swamp.

Willie Robinson: Great speech 👌

Dung Nguyen: Thank you sir . I love you every time.2020 you top one the rats go to hell

K. Pharis: Mr. President sir.
I would like to take this opportunity sir. To say thank you from the bottom of my heart!! For those of you who think President Trump doesn't have your back you need to turn around. For those of you who think government is not big business you should have paid more attention in US government in school. This is a businessman man with a great head for business and knows how to get things done.
Mr. President sir. I have your back to the end of the Earth !!!!!
Trump 20/20
Go Kansas City chiefs!

Jason Robinson: I can hear some traitors breathing in the back ground.. how can anyone not love this guy Trump 2020.

Tito puente: Donald J Trump 2020

Lady Sundance: Who ever heard of Iran?
Iran who?
There is no Iran. I can't find it on the map.

TyrannousFUBAR: His many huge accomplishments don't matter at all cuz he's still a big orange meanie!!!

jas hall: Best President EVER...   TRUMP 2020   proud Vietnam veteran.     I am living through HISTORY in the making.   All us veterans are behind you commander and chief..

Vince Norman: For over two year's Schiff was obsessed with the Mueller-Russia collusion investigation. Every day on the Fake News channel, CNN he would state, 'Breaking news', 'Conclusive ground breaking evidence', 'New Intelligence report'. Round  the  clock abnormal, obsessive behavior. Now the Impeachment and the very same psychological paranoid obsessive, 'Twilight Zone' behavior. Very worrying.

Roger Dale: Not tiered of WINNING!

Charl: Can't any of those people there use a bit of initave and give That Absolutely Awesome President Glass of water to drink one can hear he needs it

Renee Crawford: Love you Trump keep helping the people no matter what .

bella fanning: My President, President Donald J. Trump, sir.

Steven Flowers: Sounds like a preview of the State of the Union address; and it's only a fraction of his accomplishments. Can't wait for the State of the Union address.

mike koutras: We the people thank you Mr President. We stand with you .

Willie Robinson: They should have played President Trump in with some Wang Dang Sweet Poontang!!

🇺🇸 2020-2024 🇺🇸 The KAG years 🇺🇸

Peter Bowen: Mr. President.
Hard worker!
The Best ever!

Stella Blue: Works like a beast AND gives away his entire pay check! 🙏🇺🇸 Love our President!

concerned citizen: You love someone that has just MESSED up your clean water act. He watches TV all day and then comment on the ones that talking about him. He has time to tweet 100 messages. Do you know how long that takes, he could be doing infrastructure, repairing the bridges that you cross everyday. He has rolled back Your Emissions for Clean air through Automobiles. Oh, No Fox won't tell you that. He has made The 1% more rich that they don't pay any taxes, they are not passing out raises to their employees. They say it will hurt the work force economy, but yet you still pay those high taxes. The economy is failing, people are losing their jobs, some have to work 2-3 jobs to make ends meet. The Republicans had The House and Senate and did nothing for you. Hate is taught and who is teaching you to hate the people. Follow the books. You worship someone that is INSULTING people because he doesn't like the narrative and got FOX doing the same thing. The Republicans are there to UPHELD the needs for their constituents, why are they in the 1% and only thinking about their own interest. It is not Rocket Science to see the fallacy of the Corrupt way their thinking about you. All he talks about is himself in every interview and how people are doing him wrong. He caused the effects with his tone, no U.S bank would loan him any money for all of the Risk that he has taken that put the banks in default of loans. He has filed bankruptcy (4) and he won't even be HONEST enough to tell the truth. I don't hate the man, he is not responsible to handle this type of Magnitude. Just like a boss of a company, if they are not Successfully doing the duties that was elected, then they have to go. I bet if you didn't do your job correctly, guess what, you got escorted to the door. The Presidency is a job, not Entitlement.

Kim Nguyen: I hope all of Mayors will working with President Trump for helping America that can make America strong, rich and peaceful. Thank you all. God stands with us.

Frankfuerter: Latinos for President Trump 2Q2Q Baby 😂 😂 😂 Where We Go One We Go All ☺

Linda Reinen: My husband and I will be voting for this Great President in November 2020, President Donald J. Trump! ❤️🇺🇸

Diane Bujold: This Canadian wishes for our very own "Trump" :)