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Jim Wheeler: Love your insight with regard to the truth. Keep up the great work!

Likeitornotbot: Elissa will get a phone call, you know THE phone call...

Robin Thiessen: I love Donald Trump because he says it exactly as it is. What he thinks he says and if you don’t like it you don’t like it but at least he’s honest with you. Yeah and Lieutenant Colonel Vindman probably wants feminine pronouns too

Robin Thiessen: What is it with the Democrats are they all stoned?

Robin Thiessen: So the truth comes out huh Nancy? This is been your scheme from day one and the American people see through the crap.

Question4 4Question: Truth or many lies, will people see the difference?

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beagle8boy: Wow! Who's her dentist?

jimrb67: There is so much corruption that could be revealed in a Senate trial. Real witnesses could be called that can do even greater damage to the Dems. Trump doesn't fear a Senate trial because its an opportunity to expose more of the criminal activity that fostered this impeachment farce. Regardless, Giuliani, Durham, Huber and Barr all have ongoing investigations that go far beyond the limited scope of the IG report. Then there's the coming DeClass which will reveal even more. The hunters have become the hunted and they're desperate to depose Trump - but they don't have anything but a manufactured "insurance polity"., and many of them are complicit. WWG1WGA

Phyllis Westbury: Let’s subpoena Biden financial records. Both Bidens and Obama too

Phyllis Westbury: I could watch you all day

Glenn Spreeman: Actually, if you're sure you're winning, take it. don't take a chance. But, follow later with charges, court time for nothing else to say after the fact of exoneration.

kevin perry: BCP you are a main man,keep doing what you are doing!!

kevin perry: Nancy is so full of shit.

Dora Dora: Why is there not a max term or a max age for politicians?

Dora Dora: Is there ever someone convicted on only hearsay evidence?

Purple Rain: I guess hilter has him in his pocket to.

Gloria Gehring: So, I can get voted into congress and watch TV and sleep in......sweet job for losers!!

rodric sanchez: And I quote “ POEPLE ARE DISCUSTED” 😂

Justice Boofer: 🍺

Jeannie Myers: God help us is Michael Obumer runs for president! She/He will be exposed I pray and the fake kids that I truly believe are not theirs, would come out, I pray this would be the reason this heathen does not run but Obumer himself seems to be prepping for it.

crushthis123: Starbucks sucks, lets drink Tim Hortons coffee. Way better and supports our police and military

Ld P: Falling asleep and watching golf while they impeach the president

Johnny Gee Jr: make sure killery is arrested, where is huma? mueller? lynch? andy weissman? all these criminals are still free.....let the hunt begin .......put a bounty on their ears !! MAGA USA

Johnny Gee Jr: schummer is now a spiteful criminal/traitor like most of the dems and rinos, bloomers bloomberg is just a rich jelly bean loser he can't buy justice !!! MAGA VOTE ! 2020

Goofy Dog: TRUMP 2020

David Trout: Trumps abuse of power will result in him being dragged out of office by his urine coloured combover. IMPEACH

Xx Xx: Take the weekend to make a decision, what a disgrace! Democrats jumping on the Trump train, oh hell no....there is no back peddling, its time to let the Trump train run these communist treasonous bastards over.
Its time to get rid of the Democratic party once and for all! They stand for against everything that is good about America!

REPUBLICAN PARTY .....and now we should consider a party to replace the demon crap party that should no longer be able to practice or show its face in the public ever again

Melissa Devine: Awesome video. Can you provide link to that interview with Nancy noted at the beginning? Or tell us where and when that was done?

Greg Ner: BCP another great and really informative show.

Russell White: I'm curious. Don't we want impeachment so we can find the whole truth. When it goes to the Senet , Trump can defend himself. I know it sounds strange, but we can drain the swamp from within.

chad cole: We all need to watch the adds on your favorite channels too keep them Viable according to YouTubes new rules . Watch some adds like them or not . First they demonetized now they are going to put so many adds the we need to watch some so they can’t presume we don’t support their adds . Watch the adds or loose our channels

the groupies: Hehe what could they put then later on for impeachment in the history and school books? POTUS got impeached for using Twitter, when there is no crime? hahaha LOL! 😂

the groupies: Okay so doesn't that Pelosi grand mom just gave factual proof for an impeachment BS sham here? How can you say it has been going on for 22 months when the Muller report was just a few months out? She should have said 'No we just recently decided to proceed (for whatever reason when there is none) after his conclusion, yet supporting the Horowitz report in conclusion???? One is always innocent till proven guilty, unless she meant POTUS was guilty from the day he got inaugurated, when there was then zero proof and no witness. People who lie that much have a hard time keeping track of their own lies, I guess when you lie that much it becomes politics! 😂 LOL!

Sita Rainbow: The real beauty in this mess is how it's acting to awaken so many who were once asleep to such things. The Dems are so blatant, so in-your-face with their partisan hatred, that it can't be missed. We're even seeing Dems convert to Independents or Repubs, God bless them. It shows us that there ARE still some wonderful people wearing the Dem hat. May they awaken soon! :D

Sita Rainbow: It's beyond interesting that Nancy admitted to an impeachment process that's been ongoing for 2 1/2 years - when the charges being brought concern a recent call. Their 2nd charge is now on hold until the Supreme Court gets to decide on it, so all they have left is a laughable "Obstruction of Congress;" the very Congress that's been so far out in left field they can't even be seen by the majority of us.

This impeachment farce is a sick, sad joke, one we only wish the Dems could see for themselves. It's hard to believe they don't realize what fools they're making of themselves. Maybe they do. Maybe it's worth it to them to get rid of POTUS & thus hide their sick corruption (that's beyond depraved) from the public.

They're addicted to power. So sad. No real power, but abuse of power. They're definitely going down. Pretty soon the HUGE majority of the people will see through their sick impeachment charade, an investigation - excuse me, an inquiry - looking for a crime. What if the roles were reversed, Dems? How would it feel to be on the receiving end of your BS?!

Ellysheva Basa: Shawn Dems can change their word at the drop of a hat. They could be spies desperate to find false dirt on Trump. Caution!!

Tamara Lee: not getting notifications

Ronald Coleman: Bring them all in and prosecute these traitors. If the republican don’t put people in jail they will lose votes

bobo4691: How can Justice Roberts oversee the Senate trial, when he was the one who oversaw the treasonous FISA Court, allowing an obvious fraud on the court to go through unchallenged and unquestioned, even after its malfeasance became a matter of broad public knowledge? He's clearly either extremely biased against Trump, a deep state operative, or under the duress of blackmail. He needs to recuse himself from that role. For the Senate to convict the President of "abuse of power", for that appears to be the only article of impeachment now operative ("obstruction" thrown to the Supreme Court to consider) would very likely trigger a military coup, as that was the alternative to Trump running for President proffered by said military prior to his announcement of his candidacy. We really don't need all these draconian legal precedents unless we're going to trash altogether the de facto privately owned corporate government and return to the de jure, non-corporate government form hanging in limbo since the first Civil War, and the Constitutionally guaranteed common law (NO VICTIMLESS CRIMES==YAY!!!) that came with it. That would be an extremely abrupt end to the deep state in Murka, and likely a beginning of the reign of terror that culminated in the beheading of Robespierre, as all the treasonous illuminati bastids get their just reward.

Susan Kelly: Pelosi sounded so arrogant and snotty saying it's been going on 2 years!!! She ratted on herself which is so. Funny!!! Proff!

kingcrusher: Love logical voices of reason. Keep up the great work!

GMH: You are the MAN

draggngmac386: The Democrats are delusional because they’ve abandoned The Lord Jesus and ultimately forgotten what’s truly important in life. I truly feel sorry for them because the devil has them fooled so bad, that they can’t see the muck he has them trapped in.

candice beebe: Hey Nancy you might want to go read the First Acts Of Congress 1790. I think that will shock you

JAK: By now you should be at 500K subs, someone has a finger on the shadow ban button!
Amazing reporting!
Merry christmass☃️🎄🌟🎁❤️

leslie hale: She admitted it they have been going after this President for over 2 years going on three he should be able to be re elected for 7 years would the dems and there coup just shit!!!!!!!!

P Wi:

123 pitcher: Meanwhile the democrats led by Nutty Nancy passed the largest military budget bill in US history ... yeah she's really opposing him. None of them will go up against the Military Industrial Complex, none of them. includes DJT.