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Maegan Kafka: What a crock of SHIT!!! The F.B.I. didn't reopen the Killary investigation to help DONALD J. TRUMP win the election!!! They did it because they were so sure she was going to win, and wanted to clear her of any wrongdoing. That way on paper she could look like she is as pure as the wind driven snow, and wouldn't have anything hanging over her head!!!

Greg Newell: I like your new platform/presentation...

Great short work.

Secture Vero: I am a little pissed atm. I received a RNC "census" questionnaire. And wanting me to volunteer for 2020 Republican support. It was a multiple choice type survey.
But in every "other" response line to fill in your reply I put in comments like "why aren't more Republicans backing OUR president." and "I will start volunteering and donating when ALL elected Republicans back Trump." and on the area to make credit card big bold letters "BACK AND SUPPORT TRUMP FIRST!"
it pisses me off that no mater how corrupt or stupid a DEM is ...they stick together. But out of the HUNDREDS of REPUBLICANS we hear from three or four backing Trump. Even then GRAHAM says he backs Trump. Check... his date he has DONE nothing but run his mouth and get on TV so he appears to support Trump...with no action to support him .

Deborah Cantwell: Trump won because God wanted him in there! Amen..

misty heyen: President Trump is the best. Thank you potus . God bless you and your family. . WWG1 WGA .

Susie Q: Once again excellent reporting. Thanks for sharing.

Nathan Mark: Cheers

Ourdogseven: 17

M. P.: One word can make a difference. Comprise.... or as you said compromise. (45 sec mark) Keep up the good work!

Vote Your Conscience: ๐Ÿค” arrest the lot of em and allow a 3 way race between republicans democrats and libertarians, without the corruption behind the whole process

Elizabeth Cooper: At 2:00, the Obama Comey FBI only re-opened the Hillary email investigation at the last minute to try to cover their own criminal deeds in which they were sabotaging, then candidate Trump , in the event that they could not leverage all of the people, and Government's who had Hillary's emails. The FBI was not trying to help Trump, they were trying to destroy Trump, for their puppet master Hillary. In point of fact, the FBI,CIA,DNC, Obama,Hillary,Soros, the cabal known as MSM Mockingbird Media, and others, were all along engaging in High Crimes against America in efforts to tip the balance of the scales, with their thumbs on the scale, endeavoring to leverage a Hillary win in the 2016 election.

The problem for Hillary, Obama, and the FBI,CIA, et al., was that they very well knew, that just before the election, they would have to do damage control for Hillary, and do damage control for themselves, because they knew that Crowdstrike in the Ukraine, along with other INTEL within the US had her damning emails that would destroy her and other high level establishment organized crime figures, as did other organizations and Foreign Countries.The FBI covered for Hillary's High crimes for as long as they could, while disadvantaging Trump with the FBI's criminal cover-up for Hillary, hoping that America didn't see the last minute pivot moves, and that is why the FBI waited for the last minute pivot trick. I suspect that Ukrainian Anti-Corruption Director Artem Sytnyk either did not really understand the true nature of the last minute rabbit hat trick by Hillary, Obama, and the Comey FBI, or Sytnyk may have had some type of other role to not acknowledge this Deep State rabbit hat trick. The FBI thought she was going to win anyhow, but she did not, because America knew that something was very, very wrong.

In the final analysis, this Democratic Marxist Socialist Party Department of Dirty Tricks fiasco, was something that the DNC, Obama, Hillary, and all of their co-conspirators, knew they could not keep contained, and that the lid was about to blow off of their co-conspiratorial criminal enterprises. Trump was already fully on the road to the White House Win in 2016, because he worked so inordinately hard to get the most important message through to America, that has ever been conveyed ,i.e., "I will fight for you, America, with every breath that I have". Melania, went on stage and said, " My husband will help you, America" . We all knew that America had a hauntingly unshakeable feeling about how dire our situation would become, if Hillary, "I will kill anyone in my path including Children" Clinton were ever to steal the White House.

There were also Patriot's like Dr. Steve Pieczenik, and others, speaking to Mr. and Mrs. America, before the 2016 election. When one read between the lines of what he was saying, that is when the overall picture became even more clear on something very huge being at stake. Dr. Pieczenik and his wife, Candidate Trump and his family, Military INTEL, NSA, Q Team, and God held America's hands when we feared a possible Hillary/Obama/Soros theft of our 2016 election, and the fracturing of America that was set to descend upon America soon after a Sum of All Fears possible rigged election Hillary win.

True Americans and the Patriots, all stood shoulder to shoulder to save America on November 08, 2016, and we will be doing this again in 2020. TRUMP2020. WWG1WGA. For God and Country.


Melinda M: Soros, and his devil offspring need to banned, and banished out of this country!

Amilee Stutzman: Biden and the 'If you like SubPeona Coladas and get caught in the Ukraine' still has me laughing. Thanks, I needed that! Kudos to the creator.


Pinkfox56: Yayyy youโ€™re back. Iโ€™ve been worried. Nice to get in from docs again and see you have two out! Youโ€™re not well yet though are you? Bless you for soldiering on dearest Patriot. Great video. Glennโ€™s video was great wasnโ€™t it? Much love, respect and prayers that you are really well soon. โค๏ธ๐Ÿ™โœŠ๐Ÿป

Gramma W: I only came on this one to put out a comment. stop putting out this crap who cares what the elite Hollywood singing acting people do they're full of Satan and I don't want to hear about it give me some good news not the trash like this


bo diddly: Wow a bunch of professional proof readers on here today with nothing but a stick up their dont have to take it out on mike just because things arent happening as fast as you would like.i dint see any of you complainers with your own site,so sit bck and shut the f**k up!!

Elf of Courage: 2:28 GREAT MEME ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

Glenda Kirby: comprise,not compromise,how can you take seriously someone who cant read.

Stevilkenevil99: Take off the voice effects

Amona Maria: Trump 20 20

Classically Modern: Any arrest??...nope, still waiting, even the A teams plans came together......time for this game to end.!!!!


Debbie Hardy: The entire bunch is immersed in crime.

K. L. The one who made you loves you: Can you post docs tomorove Romney and pelosi's children are on boards in Ukraine? I know of Biden and Kerry's sons

Jim Dehler: We the PEOPLE are seeking the TRUTH......NOTHING MORE...NOTHING LESS


Dave Williams: You know it is real when Trump and family suddenly leave DC and their homes. Keep an eye out for this

Meegan Fixler: Love the Biden meme! Thanks Michael!

Ben Vineyard: So what is going on then?

the rav: With no q and no arrests everyone of these tubers r running out of things to talk about!!!

rae balogh: Cool Michael Feel Better SOON...GOD BLESS YOU...WWG1WGA

Nevent Chaush: Trump & Putin , playing together!

Debra Bain: Biden, Pewlosi, Kerry, and Romney all are dirty birds trying to set up their new world order, but GOD says NO! I pray our Lord and King, Jesus Christ comes soon.

Don Sears: HILLARY lost because of BENGHAZI ...nothing else ! ...this Guy sells 100% SHIT

Buffalo Dustin: Big fan, BIG ๐Ÿ‘ GOD BLESS & PROTECT the POTUS, his FAMILY & ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ WWG1WGAโœŠ SHARED on my twt'r: Lexiconduit @DustinKirby83

Leigh Klingler: Thank you Q WWG1WGA ๐Ÿ’–

Chris Anderson: 144k chosen ones noted in the bible are the the 132k victims of fisa abuse better known as gang stalking and targeted individuals minus the 12k who have been killed by the US government fbi cia nasa military and many more. the chosen ones are a mutation who have the RH negative blood type. This maga q blah blah blah trump space force crap is nothing more than a cover up and you are all blind to these facts but rest my friends the end is near as we are in the final days.

Roman Hoax: Year of the Boomerang. Deep State in mortal PANIC. Biden crime family exposed in Ukraine as whistleblower hoax falls apart. Barr and Durham get ever closer each passing day to revealing their Spygate investigation. FISA OIG report due in 2 weeks. Marines on call to support domestic civil authorities (MARADMIN 550/19). Welcome to THE STORM #WWG1WGA

pdogone1: the illegal votes made it appear closer than it was

Fred H: its going to happen soon. everything is escalating big time. its either FREEDOM or communism. and i think its going to take a whole bunch of dead bodies to get it thru their thick skulls - the USA is not with the stupid NWO

Don Wilson: Now they probably wish they had left well enough alone.

Linda Perry: Awesome video, like ALWAYS!

Maria Mulford: Gosh!,, best cry yet some give the demos their cry baby towel. Whwhaaa

Rudy P: Hmmm.....
makes Trump look bad and inept i think. This gives footing to the Libs claim he is a
" illegit pres ".

Bonnie Wilson: It's ok twisters can't handle truth and they stolen my account want me to take tweet off ..I won't do to facts stated and that that..not fiction ..

Julia Hawkins: So is this money laundering or the green new deal scam? Pushing the green new deal and stopping fossil fuels so America can invest in Burisma enterprises,the get rich scheme to steal Americas wealth? Knowing the globalists,it's probably both! This climate hoax fills every guilty parties pockets! The mental instability they cause is inexcusable!!

Tina Wooten: KABOOM ๐Ÿ’ฃ KABOOM ๐Ÿ’ฃ KABOOM ๐Ÿ’ฃ