Tucker: Elites don't want you to question their coronavirus policies

They want you to shut up, obey and do what you're told. #FoxNews #Tucker FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX Business Network (FBN), ...


archisaurus: He wanted her to apologize to the government. F**k them.

the watcher 777: Here in Texas we will hold them or here in Texas we will die !!!


fretsong: The judge is a useless coward - nothing is more disgusting than an activist judge! NOTHING! Pathetic TRASH!

hungry money: This place isn't America anymore Its just called America..

Johnnie Tumbleweed: What hath Affirmative Action wrought? Behold your work, Hipsters!

Larry Pesek: Am I the only one who's BP goes up when seeing this malarkey?

Sally Portillo: Mr. Rothschild, I earn a ticket to USD 2 billion loan and I can repay you in full plus interest up to 3 years or sooner. I don't like in Europe, the US or China... I want to manufacture in Russia.

David Gann: Ms. Luther's courage in facing down this tyrannical judge is an example of the courage it took to found this great nation. And that necessary to keep us free from small-minded would-be autocrats like this judge.

tim knowles: The elites want you to get back to work in that INFESTED MEAT PACKING PLANT; get back totaling care of those older Americans and stop complaining. The elites don't care about your PPE after all your just a nurse or hospital janitor. The elites' pork chop is more important than your life

Jake Iannarino: look at him wearing that stupid mask making a complete mockery of the court. how does a SJW moron like this become a judge? he isn't fit to judge a spelling bee.

Bernadette Burick: David Icke banned for saying CoVid is 5G.

SharkDude1: Aren't Democrats fricken awesome. Showing their true colors during these times. We should all Remember this and Never forget it.

Robert Knight: Finest steaks. Hahaha.

jose amezquita: That’s a tough lady, good for her we need more people like her.

Kathy Fausett: The greedy bastards are making their move. It remains to be seen if they will pull it off.

peace to all: Texas salon owner needs to appeal that activist judge's commie decision. Who the heck does he think he is to say liberty is less important than politicians.

Sherri Duren: They had to get the criminals out of the jails so they would have space for the brave people who dare to defy the coronavirus lockdown laws...😡

sam thomson: I feel lucky I live in the uk I think a revolution is in on the cards disgusting filthy corrupt judges politicians full of bigotry and lip service to your country so awful to see I wish it could be sorted all scumbags swinging from the trees let these people work to feed there families so sad but pompous prick judge still has his cigars steak and 150,000 dollars salary 👎👎

Jeff Tucker: Not Proud to be a Texan after watching this . Gov Abbot needs to step up and pardon her and have the judge do community service in the form of checking on the well being of Texans that have no income. A 50 percent reduction in pay for judges donated to this cause would be a good start to help the state recover.

Tessy Murdock: I wish I had this woman’s address. I would send her money. SHE is a REAL HERO!

Paul Chung: Its cause of Orangeman not being ready and saying its hoax u weird dumb looking chris tucker

Steve Hurley: 5000 armed militia need to support about 2 thousand protesters. that should stand in front of that judges house for about 24 hours!

Anthony D: it's only fair that Jarrad should be collecting a tariff on all new coffins.

Robert Bruner: So are we going to work together to stand against the government preventing us from feeding our children or just complain about it?


Keith C.: Lmao when he called him a poser! Lol!

Kelly Conroy: I live in Texas and we are all wondering how a judge gets to make up laws. A law is supposed to go through legislation. Judges can't just decide there is a new law out of the blue. She needs to sue him.


spooderdoggy: Now who among us wants to live or have a business in a big city run by Democrats🦠😷???🤔🇺🇸

William R: What an absolute disgrace. Free felons and jail a person who WANTS to work & feed family

Lalie du Toit: Thank You!

Paul Swift: You want right? How about the right to get tested by the government? You're not complaining that Trump is failed to provide more than 1% of the country with test even though he claimed "anyone can get one at any time!"

Jay Andrew: Remove the corrupt Dallas judge or the people will.

Scott Belanger: Isn't jail quarantined???? Your in jail..

rwbutters: These are the Judges that Dems like, and will appoint, Activists that have to problem legislating from the bench and ignoring the constitution that they swore a solemn oath to protect and uphold. It is worrisome that they not only don't care about the country or the citizens but they, along with the politicians, will arbitrarily take away our rights guaranteed under the bill of rights but will not be held accountable until its too late, at all. this Judge should be removed from the bench and his law license should be taken away. But what are the chances that he will even be slapped on the hand? I am more than a little worried about what is going to happen after Trump finishes his next term. Who is going to step in and keep the ship on course? Are we headed for a socialist regime to wipe out the greatest country ever? It may be a joke now but look how close we came to voting someone like Burnout Sanders! I'm glad I'm closer to the end of this crazy ride of life. I'm sorry for those of you that have to grow up to live this insanity. God Bless America and it's people. Good Luck!


Valna: you country is rotting from the inside out, fix it

ed low: We are on the brink.

John public: Bill gates. Gave you Windows. Gave you Windows virus. Gave you Windows virus protection. Bill Gates gave you research and development. Bill Gates Gave You a big smile. Bill Gates gave You a vaccine. Bill Gates is delighted that a bioweapon has opened the world to his tracking and vaccinating software But there is nothing to see here.

Kim Lemerise: Is it true a Governor can only take control of their State for 30 days in an emergency?

Dave: That is so messed up.

Jabathaslut: What is an elite person?

In political and sociological theory, the elite (French élite, from Latin eligere, to select or to sort out) are a small group of powerful people who hold a disproportionate amount of wealth, privilege, political power, or skill in a society.

The owner of Fox - The Murdoch family - elite by the above definition
Laura Ingraham - Net worth $45 Million. As a media presenter has influence and power - elite by the above definition
Bret Baier - Net worth $16 Million. As a media presenter has influence and power - elite by the above definition
Tucker Carlson - Net worth $20 Million. As a media presenter has influence and power - elite by the above definition
Sean Hannity - Net worth $80 Million. As a media presenter has influence and power - elite by the above definition

You slaves to the Fox view of the world are being taken for a bunch of fools. The money is in their pockets, not yours. While you continue to be slaves to them, you never will have that money.

Shamananda Takhellambam: Its racist black man putting white woman in jail.why isnt it racist and xenophobic.white women lives matter.

Neal M: Elites get paid millions to talk about this so you will feel like someone is on your side, while their republican masters do nothing about ANY OF IT.

wreagfe: Seems like the authorities are going for the civil war option, which will be slammed down.

T C: Nice mask judge. Is there anyone within 20 feet of you? These morons sit in judgement of us.

Lina Vu: He just cannot take a strong woman standing in front of him because she broke his law .wait till his wife tell him off when he get home.

Jackie Eastom: Tyranny must die

Michael McFeely: Step one: cut the pay of public employees.