Tucker: Elizabeth Warren's campaign on its last legs

Warren suffering from 'woke brain virus.' FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX Business Network (FBN), FOX News Radio, FOX News ...


John Doe: Environmental racism??? So when it rains is that racist? Or wait no snow!!! Snow is definitely racist why does it have to be white 😂

Max Cave: Hod i sure hope she and the perv Biden are out. And Im sick of Tom Steir. (Or how ever u spell). Im Max Cave and I approve this message.😀

Gabi Ramos: Did she make this story up with the student as in a HINT HINT.

Thomas Price: Omg. //////// Warren uh bye bye....😁

Gordon Stewart: She is completely off the reservation.(pardon the pun).

Amy: Warren seems to have lost touch with reality.

Dan Vicary: Systemic racism for centuries continues to erode America's idea of it self. Freedom to pursue success at one's abilities is short lived by a privileged few and scapegoated by so many. The language here on FOX NEWS assures this divide with every post here on YouTube. Be sure to know, Corporate framing of every issue here on FOX is designed to influence, not inform.

weasel Boy 2.0: Warren's campaigns on life support because she's an insane pathologic liar

Michael Shane: Tucker you wanta report in Elisabeth that’s fine , but show a little respect Pale Face and address her by the proper name,
‘ Elisabeth W. KickingWing ‘

Thomas Marshall: Ever time a Dem opens their mouth Trump get another thousand votes.


Duncan Walker: They are all as mad as a box of frogs FFS
I can't wait for election night LOL. It's going to be a Doozy !

DAVID ALVIDREZ: Sorry, I forgot the French. The Louisiana territor. That's got to be worth another five mil.

John Timmins: Her brain only operates on carbonated bubbles

Arthur Humphreys: Fake wench

Tiki Tavi: Meanwhile, Doomberg is flooding YouTube with his garbage ads.

DAVID ALVIDREZ: Reparations? Sound good to me. My family is from Mexico. The US took California, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona from Mexico, so I'm entitle to money. I'll settle for a million. The US also went to war against Spain, and since my family descended from Spanish people, throw in another mil. Lets see now. I think there were a few Arabs, lebanees, and who know what else in there, another mil. Oh, I was forgetting the German blood, maybe some Austrian too. What do you say we round it off to an even five million. Just make out a check and mail it to me.

blh3863: Poor Pocahonky

Ronald Zeitlinger: Tucker Carlson is making fun of a candidate for taking a $3 donation?

Vsm Yu: All socialist love your money to the last drop!

Petr Ivanoff: Mentally she is not well because "Anything that comes out of Warren's mouth is a complete lie" = it means psycopathy

Jeff Young: Lol look at the lady to her left in the pink top. Look at the reaction on her face when Pocahontas says, I'm going to have the trans kid interview blah blah.

P Hawthorne: Sister forked tongue, take up your teepee and leave. Native Americans don't claim you and neither do the rest of us Americans.

Daniel Cooper: I actually struggle, to believe any of them represent a real opposition. 3:31 - 3:56, lady in pink's face says it all, that whole crowd is paid for...total madness.

Howard Amey: She needs to go away! Her showing in MY was dismal. A direct reflection of how she can't tell the truth. She is indeed a pathological liar.

Stanley Smith: This just shows how much Democrats are detached from their own voters. Warren might be good at fake CNN debates, but she's a nobody when it comes to popular support.

Yuri Orloff: I guess the MSNBC campaign to promote her over Bernie didn't work...

Mick Thomas: Hillary: unlikable, terrible campaigner.
Warren: "Hold my beer"

Maitreya S.: Lie-awatha

Mike in MD: Broke college student? Can anybody relate to that? Did you do without to send a child to school? We'd be better off with less whining. I'd suggest that the student should have stayed home and studied. She might have improved her grades! Warren is a farce. She is so desperate that she's saying anything to attract the fringe. And the fringe will not control our country. PS: I'm waiting for tuition reimbursements for myself and children, and since everyone is getting reparations, I'm in line because of all the times I was told I was being overlooked because of quotas! And that is the truth!

Del Kerley: Lie she's a Democratic what do you expect

Mark OnTheBlueRidge: "She really believes it!"

Yep. This is common with habitual liars. They tell the lies so often and with such sincerity that they convince themselves and being actually believing the stuff they make up. And it's a very slippery slope that gets steeper with each lie. She's gotten to a very advanced stage of this where she thinks it up and believes it as she speaks it.

Bob L: And the Warren supporting college student can take the other 3 dollars and buy a lottery ticket. Then the college student Warren supporter should get a job and earn some money.


LOL_Garrus: Won't be long until she's saying "Pow Wow Ciao" regarding her campaign.

Juan Solo: Didn't some crazy person donate half their life savings to her campaign? I'm guessing she's going to return the money. Yeah, right...

tdunlopmusic: nuttier than an elephant turd..

Randy Sales: She's promised to give space alians equil right now

Alex Moore: So let me get this straight.. the front running for the dems is Bernie, who the DNC hates? Could it be any easier for trump to win this year? Lmao Trump 2020

yupyup1562: As soon as candidates start begging for money, they’re soon to announce they’re dropping out.

RichB: Hi I'm a broke college student with six dollars in the bank and huge student loan debt . Hi I'm Elizabeth , I have twelve million dollars in the bank and a four million dollar house in Cambridge Massachusetts and I was paid five hundred thousand a year to teach at a college . I will gladly take your three dollars because you can still buy Ramen noodles with the three you still have .

Antilib MAGA: Sick women she is. I want this woman in jail

Andrew Bartlett: What is environmental racism? Are trees now racist or something? Stuffs gone crazy!

Ivory Poet: Figures that any americans would support someone who lied about her race to gain and faced no punishment at all.
it shows that parents stopped teaching anything to do with honor

the fight was for equal rights. we get it and now its not enough.

shes so full of hate for non trans people

ez1913: Give college students... Give all your money to Aunt Lizzy. She will forgive your debt.

riverspirit7: Woke ppl need to go back to sleep..

81bestof: Ooooh the cringe!!!

Pretzel twist twist: I cannot believe her supporters don't see through her inauthenticity.

Dragon Hank: Lying dog face fauxcahontus will leave this campaign 2x's richer than when she started.

Jerry Donohue: Too long in wackademia its addled her brain