Tucker: Hillary spreads vicious lies about fellow Democrats

Hillary Clinton accuses presidential candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard and former candidate Jill Stein of being 'Russian assets.' #Tucker #FoxNews FOX News ...



G53X0Y0Z0: Hillary lives in her own little dream world with her pickled brain. Almost the whole crop of popular Democrats live there with her.

Plumbing Inspector Contractor: He has respect for Clinton because he doesn't want to die of suicide

brenda wilson: Really Hillary....! On one of your emails says greetings from the Kabal......Your agendas is not acceptable trader.........

OneEyedJack1970: Well, Hillary's clonetroopers will believe it without question.

Sam Black: Of course Hillary Clinton was right
when she said that there was Russian interference

If anyone knows about it,
she does,
she paid for it

Jy Byrd: Tulsi's policies are still communist. Don't fall for their plot

Spoton: Lock her up..... In Russia!

Duane Bettger: Now how can you take the lies of a proven liar as anything else, that
anything they say are lies???

Peter Koclanis: Poor Hilary... losing power and relevance must be depressing for a sociopath.

Richard Ralph Roehl: Hillary Clinton is a misanthropic psychopath. The personification of pure raw evil.

OnewithAll: Plost twist: SHE'S THE RUSSIAN AGENT

International Harvester: Article I, Section 9, Clause 8 of the United States Constitution, that prohibits the federal government from granting titles of nobility, and restricts members of the government from receiving gifts, emoluments, offices or titles from foreign states and monarchies without the consent of the United States Congress.

BurninatorTheTrogdor: So this is why twitter is trash.

MFB: Devils hate each other. The system is not made of love at the root.

Phil: A little late to say I told you so... What is it 3 years of this non sense? If I had a dollar for every day these idiots said Russia. I'd go out and buy hella f* beer... lol

Jy Byrd: It's a ploy. Hillary spouting off about Tulsi is designed to draw votes from Trump. Don't fall for it.

Industry Groupie: No...it was to get republicans to vote for her

Daryl Davis: Remember when calling out actual Russian agents in the US government--Alger Hiss, Harry Dexter White, et al--was denounced as "McCarthyism?"

Eddie Cook: How is this demon witch allowed to say anything at all? How is she allowed to even walk the streets? WTH

SeaLisa: Hillary is a Russian asshat

Kip McEwen: The underlying damage as evidenced by Hillary's bobblehead affliction didn't go away.

Olivia Zavala: The only trader is Hillary , the real Russia agent, Russia, Russia, Russia. She's so looney.

Martin Morris: Hillary sold out 20% of Americas uranium to Russia.

Mike Pomeroy: She is a total loon. Thank god she lost.

OLD GLORY: HildaBeast: I see Russian`s...

Blue birds 1: Here is what is going to happen the DemComs will see Biden is going down and HIllary will ride in in the nick of time before the primaries as the great white savior of the DNC.

Sean Stewart: Of she can push this then it will justify why she has lost twice!

And isn’t Trump one of the few people that isn’t bought. Hillary and Bill were bought! Maybe not by Russians, but definitely by other countries.

Cat Dog: Trump is right. Article I, Section 9, Paragraph 8 of the US Constitution is phony.

Levi Wilson: "She's a favorite of the Russians..."

raduvlad CG: Tulsi is the ONLY ONE in the demo-rat party that is an actual HUMAN BEING...........The rest are MONSTERS!

volcano hi: she still believes the hoaxsters that said trump was having hookers pee on him. She knows from experience its true when your husband does that

B Barns: Who cares

randy brandon: He's no robot he just don't want to get killed

trotter73ca: Hillary is a Satan asset


Michael Benally: 7:00 = truth

Russell Watkins: Seems like Hillary seems to know all about what Russia wants all the time.

Just me Jerry: Hillary would have started WW3 with Russia over Wikileaks if she had won. What a hateful old witch.

Urbicide: Ha! Hillary accuses everyone of being a Russian agent. Wonders what dirt the Russians have. . . I wonder what dirt the Clintons have on everyone else. . .

Michael Domansky: Don’t forget, Hillary STARTED the Obama “Birther” movement!

Jo Griffin: Democrats need to be dismissed from politics for good

BBQSmoker NC: I'm sick of Clinton's big lying mouth.

TN BASSIN: Look at that gobbler neck at 2:33 no wonder she wears pantsuits up to her chin. lol

Euclid dopaco: Tucker you watch the chicken show's please please they are but noise

Sick Twistedone: so who was the one that maneuvered for the Russians to get a deal on yellow cake uranium?

scotiansen: Hillary is DEPLORABLE

Manderson 72: Just found out ALL 3 of my goldfish are working for the russians.

Paul polo: Trump is the only choice for 20/20!

Silverwitch 1: Hillary exonerated!! The emails were never an actual problem! Time for some apologies, no?