Tucker: How long will the lockdowns last?

The arguments for a prolonged national lockdown are starting to sound strained. #FoxNews #Tucker FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX ...


yadig jamesgang: Tucker sounds like some spoiled child whining plaintively from the back seat. "Are we there yet.!?"

andie andrew: This should have been over by now

MakeBryanPurdy CryAgain: Alex Trebek: “The correct answer would have been ‘Who is pencil-neck?’ although the producers have informed me that ‘shifty schiff’ is also an acceptable answer.”

dont support the news: It will last until they unveil the mark of the beast and tou need documents to travel

David Sincere: Let's see the UN wants to come to my house and take my mom and my girlfriend? I don't think that's gonna go well.

MakeBryanPurdy CryAgain: Hillary Clinton is so very sad that her mentor Robert Byrd has passed away. She learned so much from him

Trina Porter: This lockdown will end as soon as all the pedos are arrested.

irish buck: Vote out every single DEM in November

Aimee Kamowski: It will last until We the People get tired of being dictated to

*Imagine* J.Lennon: Whaaatt? Take people out of homes,if they are at home!? Makes no sense,self quarantine at home right..WTH💥🤯

Curtis C: Thanks a lot China, bat eating morons...

MakeSamNewcome CryAgain: The democrats have to get their opinions approved by George Soros first

Zenmasterme: If they try to take my kids away from me, I’ll take 100 of you with me!!

Last Hope: Maybe only til the 26th because well idk if you will feel we can not let this evil win never will I will

MakeSamNewcome CryAgain: Democrats introduced drag queen story time to little kids

Greg Edenfield: dignify this(#&%$#&) you F(**&^K!!!!!

irish buck: I'm as shocked as Michelle obamas gynecologist

Hit Me: As long as CNN tells them too! The WHO is nothing but a propaganda Deep State puppet!

MakeSamNewcome CryAgain: I haven't seen democrats this angry since the day we took away there slaves.

Mr H: What the hell

MakeSamNewcome CryAgain: MLK would be called an Uncle Tom by today’s liberals.

GMGBlackWhiteMUNGEY: Yeah I’m just about done with the WHO.

Trianna mag: I dare you to come to my house and try to take anything.....

Jackye Ferreira: A.

Terry Daktyl: The Great Seer Carlson will now bestow his wisdom from on high. All of you behold! Come! and SEE!!!

MakeWolfe123 CryAgain: The Left hate Russia ever since it ceased being a predominantly communist country. Now, there are fewer commies there than here in the USA. ☹️

MakeWolfe123 CryAgain: Commies were banned in Russia. Putin called them despicable and said they dont fit into Russian society
This is why Democrats hate Russia

Sunny D: We're shut down for as long as the old rich fatcats feel threatened to lose 0.004% of their profit.

Young Blood: WHO sounds worried about their food supply......

BearlyMHere: 🤢😷

jUST ZIPPOS: Daily Reminder, Obama is taking it in the rear from Michael.

I mean Michelle....

MakeWolfe123 CryAgain: "i like kids rubbing my hairy legs" the ONLY honest thing from a dem this year.

MakeWolfe123 CryAgain: Question to Democ RATS...what do you enjoy representing most with your party?...
A. Planned Parenthood
B. The Klan
D. Drag queen story time
E. All of the above

DSXmachine: The USA will learn nothing from this.

DeBugs Bunny: First

Ryno411 J: 1st