Tucker: John Bolton refuses to acknowledge his mistakes

Trump ousts National Security Adviser John Bolton. #Tucker #FoxNews FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX Business Network (FBN), FOX ...


mattsworld: Tucker is a lier. Bolton is not progressive at all. Bolton is a conservative double standards.

marcelino duelas: The mistake is Trump.

Luis Dominguez: Tucker you are one of the greatest journalist on Fox or western media. Thanks for all your work..pogressive democrats mad 😂 we just need kushner out imo.

Paula Stevenson: Who gives a crap what Romney thinks.

Norma Woods: What another white nationalist leaving the white house. Great news LOL

themistero: Tulsi Gabbard for National Security Advisor

NorthSA: tucker is still constipated, his facial discomfort is embarrassing on tv, go see a doctor tuck.

Anime Right: Trump 2020 Ban The Neo - Cona

Byron Leal: He refuses to acknowledge his mistakes? Great, make him President then.

Emperor Don-Nee Chump No chance in 2020: "Mr. President, who drew on the map with the sharpie?"
"I don't know, I don't know, I don't know."

Crazy Barajas: Why did trump put him there in the first place.
Pompeo is a ex chevron ceo aswell

Joshua Anderson: We can agree on some things

That1negro Outta1000: Deep State revealing itself. Let's see who fights for Bolton.

I'm African happens to be in America: Israel main guy got fired.heee haw.

Primer Ministro Sans De Britannia: Bolton should cast himself as Dr. Wily from Megaman.

Anne P: bolton is only as bad as the idiot who appointed him. no fan of either of them. The loser in chief has surrounded himself with like minded fools and/or sycophants and he can't even keep those people. No president EVER, has had the enormous turnover seen in this administration. Each replacement has less intelligence than his predecessor. Anyone with brains or a professional reuputation refuses to work in the Trump whitehouse. Crap attracts crap people

Sptpeace3: Well, that figures. Typical Globalist warmonger.

danks den: It is said thst Carlson maintains an inventory of 20 sharpies in his blowhole

John Howard: Of course Bolton would refuse to acknowledge his mistakes, for he is an idiot and should have never servered in the Trump Administration in the first place.

Pall Mall: Tucker, great segment, I have a question, when President TRUMP picked him the left went crazy, he's a war monger, he's going to get us into ww3, now that he's gone then left is jumping all over President TRUMP, what a bunch of fools

Esteban Perea: Tucker was mad because his wife is currently involved in a threesome with a Mexican and a black guy. in turn Tucker is happy now because he has a boyfriend and learned how to deep throat

Paco taco nep: 0:23

Me as a 16 year old

e causey: now get pompeo/ peelousy out! she was in Pakistan july2019, promising more SEC? VISAS ..when "weget back in"?and we carewhatromney says ...because?...

Dan Gannon: Yea, this is important and all BUT who else gets unbelievably angry at the STUPID ANIMALS at the zoo? I always find myself yelling at the DUMB ANIMALS to do better! You IDIOT ANIMALS! Its 2019 for crying ouloud! EVOLVE! Grow legs and learn human languages but the ANIMALS ARE TOO STUPID! And dont get me started on the STUPID FISH at the aquarium! I can feel my blood pressure riding thru the roof over the DUMB ANIMALS and IDIOT FISH!

Does anyone else feel that way about STUPID ANIMALS and DUMB FISH?

Vesta Girl: Tucker Carlson - thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Albert Douglas: All the trumptards are turning on there own like a bunch of vultures typical pieces of garbage

Philip Accaria: Tucker: Which policies, if any, do you believe Bolton properly supports/abides? Any?


Tom Jackson: Something has turned....feel a bad storm coming on..ANYBODY ELSE?❎™🇺🇸GOD BLESS ✝

A. Aziz: Good work Pres. Trump!

Black Hole Guy: I kind of thought hiring Bolton was a tactic to scare Iran and NK into negotiating without actually listening to his advice...

Vietkong Fire: Bolton is so full of himself.. Its pathetic why we have to have this man in positions of power.. Trump was an idiooot for putting him there in the first place..

alex M: I'm going to celebrate John Bolton is a warmonger I'm glad he's out good job

Jack Calatayud: You have four decades to do something so apparently all your policies suck.
I stand and support President Donald J Trump on his decision

Eccentric Bazaar: Bolton is a man of the left? I guess left has a pretty broad definition. Who is this guy Tucker?

randall shelp: Who hired him? Who let hm work for 2 years? Who really is to blame? Such childish an absence of intellectual examination... GoTuck.

SureOkYeah: I'm not a fan of Bolton's, but its funny because his resignation is like that scene in Waiting where Justin Long turns down the promotion and quits, to which the manager says he's fired. This Trump reality show just gets funnier and funnier. Especially when the pundits come out to try and spin things in Trumps favor. I Love it! Trump 2020 cause we need this comedy in our lives. Can't wait for Trump to hire "excellent people" and then fire them because they are "totally inept."

RonRay: Amen, Mr. Carlson, Amen!

Adrian Hernandez: I still don't understand why journalism has become a complete mess filled with sarcasm and hyperbole. (Both liberal and conservative media) It is impossible to find unbiased information.

Catherine Morris: Would love to see Tucker fired.

infinightsky: Only the best people lmao!

Jorge Soto: Lol

Remember when trump said he would only hire “the best people tremendous people”

Trump and his supporters are the biggest hypocrites and will go down in history as ... IDIOTS!!!

Gus Lauzon: If Mittens Romney doesn't like it,then Trump is justified in firing Lightning Bolt. Mitt is another never Trumper just like no name McCain .He is so obviously a wolf in sheep's clothing.Bolton's CNN or MSNBC suiters should be on the phones vying to sign him to a contract. Watch how fast he's signed.

Walt Seitz: Are you kidding me? Bolton a progressive? Carlson is a 🤡.

Eddie3074: But wait a minute... I thought Trump only hires the best people? Why are people either leaving or being fired?

Mr. Shlock: Bolton would be a better president than Trump. Did you become a wimp AFTER you took off your bow tie? Perhaps he turned down your advances or something Tucker. "Neocon" -- so you're an angry drug-addled antisemitic conspiracy-theorizing myopic anarchist Libertarian!? But I repeat myself... Oh, and Secy or Ambassador Bolton if you prefer, resigned.

Lester Egbert: They said he resigned.

HachiZenki: Next up: CNNPC announces they hired a new commentator, John Bolton.

Raven Tempest: Romney must be for war!

Got That ?!: Turn off your washing machine or your fan or whatever is spinning in the background...