Tucker: Why isn't the ACLU fighting for our liberties?

As freedoms vanish across the country the ACLU has filed dozens of lawsuits, none protecting the Bill of Rights. #FoxNews #Tucker FOX News operates the ...


Lorraine Dantu: That was not a essential service as she does not have much hair so whether she had a haircut or not it made no difference whatsoever. You broke her own quarantine moron.

jon doe: The ACLU is just as corrupt as the SPLC. They are both globalist front groups whose real agenda is to tear down the west to pave the way for global collectivism.

Melissa Porter: The ACLU is a globalist tool now. Absolutely useless.

damn it Chadwick: Here in Michigan we like to say "Hitlermer" it suits her

Tony C: Sorry but getting her hair styled is only step one in making this corpse look presentable.

Kevin Pritts: Ppl in Michigan had nooses really?..was it for Nancy hopefully or old Hillary maybe please god anyone

David W. Green: Hey Whittmer, I see only American flags in your footage. What a liar! Whittmer is the Queen of Karens, and she just ended her own career.

Val Beauregard: Tucker Carlsson is an intelligent person I just do not understand why he is using ideology when unity is needed , one cannot compare the situation of the opoid crisis with the covid 19 one. People takes drugs own their free will if they make their life in danger they are the only one responsible for it , in the case of covid 19 one makes life of others at risk you can apply the same argument to tabacco smoking , like the old saying goes your freedom ends when mine starts.

G Mail: As a Canadian we hope the borders stay closed u til you ppl get your country under control. When you are ready to get your ** together we can talk about visiting.

Corporate Commander: Looking at left vs now really reminds of of the Kingdom of Britain (left) vs the American Revolutionaries (right).
The modern left is exactly what made America come to exist in the first place. They are the tyrants, the ones obsessed with greed and power...And we already know they HATE America.

__: So Tucker asked a Great Question... "How did BUFFOON Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot get into Office) She got into office the same way Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and MOST Democrats get into office---> Voter Fraud~~~!

Tony Humbert: Who the fu©k does she think she is. This is the United States of America. We have a bill of rights, we have a constitution, we have due process. If an elected official violates ANY of those they are committing treason. As such they need to be charged, arrested, tried, convicted, and sentenced to the harshest legal penalty available.
Crimes committed against the people of this country by elected, and law enforcement officials are in my opinion are some of the worst crimes one could commit. They are in a position of trust and power levied on them by the citizens of there community, state, or country. When that trust, and power are used against the very people that granted that power to them, swift legal recourse must be taken.

Pat Chisholm: Sweden numbers are 10x worse than Norway and Denmark because Sweden did not do a complete lockdown. Google the info. Something tucker you should do when reporting the news. The public has a right to correct information

billy boy: Trump said that he wants all protesters in every state to continue protesting.
Governor Cuomo said divided we stand in United we will fall, I rather be 6 feet apart than 6 feet under ground, don't listen to a president who has no experience what so ever

Ballsdeep Singh: Lori lightfoot is a female? Nice haircut though

Jager's 4xFORD: Criminal government hack.

Alex McGregor: The Left loves all the ‘emergency’ power, feels like East Germany saying things like ‘compliance’ and ‘we’re watching you’.

Michael Kurse: Because they are a scam. They are all about fundraising for their foundation. Just like SPLC,ADL, Urban League and other con artists, they are all about the schmooze-parties and the tax free donations. They will take on an occasional slam dunk 1st amendment free speech case to keep up appearances. The Institute for Justice and Judicial Watch do a much better job.

Manuela Gabathuler: If she leaves the house,send her to arrest. These Democrats people are evil and hypocrites. Stupid idiots...

RMS Fabrications: Democrat tyrants how sickening

ftrent70: I hope you all get your way and you get exactly what you deserve.

Darrel C: ACLU doesn't fight for our liberties, because just like the media, they work for the DNC. And right now the Democrats want this shutdown, for their demented plans.

Truthsabre7: Where is the DOJ?

Ray Dicey: Lock her up
This woman need to be arrested and put in jail. Someone arrest her

John Treble: Anyone who is unable to do their own hair isn’t fit to run a city.

Victor Chiappetta: If anyone could get away with a Flobee--

Beau Bollinger: How do these mayors think they will be re-elected?

subvet657: Chicago needs to have block parties. they can't arrest everyone.

Shannon May: That hairdo could have been accomplished with a Flow Bee, that vacuum cleaner hair cut gadget. In fact, that’s what the results usually look like.

Truthsabre7: We will take you to jail, translation kidnap.

ThePatriots010304: “Nobody walks into a barber shop and says give me the Larry Fine”- George Costanza

I think Lori Lightfoot did.

Charles Wroth: Why isn't the ACLU fighting for our liberties? Because the ACLU isn't a moron. It understands that the only way forward is: lockdown and testing x3 until the mess is under control, THEN careful re-opening.

"Our liberties" too soon == out-of-control spread == killing more people.

supercoolsunday: I'm not going to cry when governors start turning up dead.

Aiden Titnac: As for the drones...1x12 bore shotgun,2xNr.10 cartridges should do the trick.....lol.

Ex Effectum: Our institutions are at war with each other acting in their group interests using people to fight the battles those institutions claim to fight while taking credit for any victory. Religion struts as a moral and spiritual authority exploiting and subverting the most fundamental spiritual qualities of freedom of choice. Special interest groups like the NRA claim to be defending liberty to rally their members to fight while they lobby for federal control over rights for things like exclude machine guns from Concealed Carry Licensing. Pro-Choice advocates actively oppose women being told the truth and facts about abortions thus perverting and subverting the fundamentals of women having a choice.

History is consistent in societies acting in peoples interests until they dont. Then collapse happens from revolution. Then rebuilding the next generation of societies begins. As great as Americas founding was, it was a stepping stone to the next generation of societies in civilization. America was an epoch with the merging of Popular Sovereignty and Natural Law. A massive change occurred in the world and understanding took on a new nature as it also grew. Now, another epoch may be looming. The first era where societies dont die and become replaced with new and better ones. The 21st century is filled with technology that helps to protect and preserve the capacity of institutions to secure their interests using people at the expense of people. Our next evolution as a species in civilization may be one of evil and unnatural destruction of our humanity through the old sins of control over people.

Matt Mick: Pritzger, Illinois' governor, imposed a travel ban. Yet his wife and children went on a vacation. When asked, he said his family is off limits with the media. Politicians are exempt from the laws they impose on the rest of us. How nice...

Marci Fulghum: Lori the buffoon Leadfoot, someone needs to snatch the life from that thing...


Mf1984: That thing spent money on its hair!! What a waste! 😂

Rodney Weber: Yep that's mayor Beetlejuice, just a crony of Governor Pigster. We let murderers out of prison so we can make room for social distance and violators

Barzing Barzoo: Simply they are all leftist liberals and if they're not fighting for leftist liberals completely then they kind of go onto the sidelines they don't fight for conservative people's rights

Tony Humbert: Because the ACLU is a liberal organization. They tend to toe the line and back democrats

Steven Antony: We will take your RIGHTS AWAY! Wow Chicago....What's up with that! I, I, I "Do as I say...NOT as I do....Little bit more off the Top Please!

Mary Sumner: You think it might be because they're part of the problem!?

theodore lovesu: The ACLU is corrupt just like the Southern Poverty Law Center. They're both irrelevant now.

C Grills: When does drone season begin?

B Teem: Sounds like a commist talking to me.

What about others needing a hair cut? Wait, my hair is silky soft.
Right, hate me for that remark. I can take it. There isn't any difference than her. She is a bigot. There isn't anyone worse than a black woman with a little power.

Sydfreed: If your going to allow these idiots to rule like kings you might want to change your anthem to home of the lame and insecure instead of the free and brave.

Eric li: So who you gonna vote for in 2020? This video has showed.....I guess

Green Sombrero: Chicago - Chaos. What a clown - you get what you elected. Vote her out.