Tulsi Gabbard: Trump cannot 'pimp out' our military

Democratic presidential candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard addresses her comments slamming Trump over Saudi Arabia. #FoxNews FOX News operates the FOX ...


liquid79: Make Saudi Arabia Great Again

Neville DSouza: There goes the little glimmer hope that at least one democrat could take on Trump in 20/20. Now that she’s shown her credentials maybe the DNC will rehabilitate her

Sonny, Woon Tat Loo: Tulsi, i heard your speech in full. You said that all wars must have Congressional approval. Ah ha. You forgot the Iraq War that was fought without approval by Congress. George Bush Jr is the responsible culprit!

Neville DSouza: Have lost all respect for Tulsi, but then she probably knows better about prostitution and pimping

Mark Oliver: The biggest investigation should be how many dicks did Harris and Gabbard suck to get to where they are at???

Ajay Singh: TRUMP wants Billion DOLLARS from Saudi by attacking Iran so he could fund his next election n his own business across world and make his defence industry partners happy

Ajit Kumar: trump is great

lithgrapher: She is hot and clueless

Terry Quelet: Tulsi Gabbard gains my respect daily. My father and I both served in the Army. My cousin, who served on nuclear subs like the Tautog and the Gaurdfish told me about her. We love TulsiGabbard. We do not feel that way about Biden, Warren, or Others.

Doc Watson: I always thought Tulsi Gabbard was a pretty good looking lady, that is until she opened her mouth.

Clint Stevens: Whoa... I really never thought to read the comments on fox news videos before. This is some depressing stuff to see.

Robert Reed: I dont trust anyone who is either a current or past member of the CFR.

Cougar Land: Hot girl, dumb brain.

Norman Rausch: I live in South Africa and the fact that you refer to Donald Trump as President Bone Spur - A S reveals that you have no defence against my logic. Since Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th president of the USA the economy has hit record highs and unemployment record lows. Where everyone predicted that Trump would get the USA in wars with China and Russia and North Korea and Iran the exact opposite has happened. His track record of being a leader of note is long established and he has accomplished far more in his life than you A S and that fraud Tulsi Gabbard whom you so enamored with.

P J: $130M drone? Has the US shopped Best Buy?

LostBoyFound Finally: Trump is Pimping out our country and he is also Pimping out Melania and Ivanka to Secret Service agents

mike walter: F Tulsi....did she question Barry when he attacjed

Jammer Mann: Democrats are trying to start wars, Trump is trying to bring troops home

El CID71: Tulsi, I want to be your 1st man !!!!

Angel Space: She's out of our league. We are lucky America still makes people like her. We need this generation to WANT to serve in the military. She's the answer. She is God's grace to US. Do we have the good sense to accept it?

j dragoon: Tulsi is the only one who could take down Trump. And i voted for Trump lol.

pauline palmer: No one cares what you will do,please.Who gave them the money to increase their arsenal?Pres,Trump did not.

Hands On Patriot: Typical Demoncrat and just another Trump hater.

tredigi: As a conservative, I agree completely with Tulsi Gabbard. This is not our war, we do not belong fighting a holy war. Let them figure out what they need to do with their land and their people.

Mingo Sanchez: I don't like this hour of FOX NEWS SHE'S NOT A TRUE REPORTER

Ben Lutz: I think Trump wants the Saudis to be the liars this time and he wont dare say that Israel is responsible for these attacks

Kimberly Howard: Oh my a PC lady, good luck fox, she doesn't get it, probably never will, I pray she never becomes president. She will never understand what it takes to protect America, hugs and kisses dont cut it. They will build regardless!

Patrice Slater-Lee: bloop, Tulsi told her

Clint Whatley: If she wears a bikini, I will vote for her. Grrrr.....

El CID71: Martha is so disrespectful and IS next in line to go down with the likes of bill, tucker, etc..... this NEO-RACIST CONSERVATIVE IDEOLOGY is straight from the septic tank of hell! Martha wallows around in it, like it is the greatest thing to ever grace us, but in reality it pollutes the people of our beautiful planet.

JC RAY: She seems to be a likeable moderate communist.

Chris Hughes: Trump never did anything but make money for himself! However from this side of the pond it seems to me (as Tulsi Gabbard seems to be advocating) we should take the Nelson Mandela approach to reconciliation.

Dave: I love Tulsi Gabbard!

ZappaFan101: Although it wasn't perfect, we should go back into the Iran nuclear deal. Years from now, the Iranians would be able to build a nuke. At that time, we should negotiated a newer agreement.

Trump pulling out of the deal, which Iran was following by the way, was a dumb move. You can forget any potential deal now, because Iran knows we can't keep our word.

Gordon Adams: Tulsi has her head in straight when it comes to Iran and regime change wars. So sick of these tools in the media trying to put words in her mouth.

Tote eicke: Who cares's if they do it again. maybe saudi arabia will do something about it. NO MORE US SOLDIERS DOING THE FIGHTING FOR OTHER COUNTRIES. PERIOD!

Crystal and Bruce Parsons: OK I liked her when she got on kamela Harris but now this is krapp we need to camp out there unfortunately but it is getting to the point where we these Arab nations need to start being able to take care of themselves but what concerns me is are supposed iron dome missile defense system didn't work now I don't know if it was in the right place or what

Max Havelaar: Superb reaction Tulsi GAbbard, looking super confident! The town halls do her well, apparently.

Eric Williams: Tulsi belongs on the view. That's it. Hot wind. BTW she has zero momentum. She's actually pimping out Trump's words.

Blue Dress: Why are all the states that depend upon America to keep them free and not turned into 3rds world shitholes all so antiAmerican.

Mark Ding: She has no problem the bushes or obama pimping out the truth

Blue Dress: It is time to purge the military of this treason Mr. President. Anyone who will not follow the lawful orders of his commander in chief should either retire, get shipped out of the military, or be court marshaled.

popweaselcrunch: Two days later from this report and Donny Bone Spurs is sending some more troops to Saudi Arabia. Trump criticised Obama saying the Saudis should defend themselves and look where we are again sending troops and still waiting for them to buy this mythical 400 billion in weapons from us. Disgraceful.

Blue Dress: Tulsi wants to talk for the military. If she and other military people genuinely believe and want to follow her, then we are looking at treason and possibly mutiny in the ranks. Is that what Tulsi is saying? Is she saying that the military will not follow their commander in Chief? Better think people. Where was this nasty biatch when Obama was starting wars all over the ME and Africa? She was hiding behind her party affiliation. I have no like for the Saudis, but I have less like for treason and people who hide. Anyone who agrees with her should gtf out of the military right now.

Blue Dress: Democrats are always go on war. It makes even an Obama believe that he has balls.

Jay Williams: Tulsi would make a good addition in President Trumps cabinet

comedy of errors: Tulsi has balls as big as turmp's head! You go girl! We need more politicians like her and less like Pelosi, Schumer, Pompeo, Mich M, etc.

kevin ham: lol more dislikes than likes.

John Dunn: sure he can. he gots 63 million hoes itchin' to see da money. they do anything fo money...
anything. any god damned thing.

John Dunn: sure he can. he gots 63 million hoes itchin' to see da money. they do anything fo money...
anything. any god damned thing.