UK Parliament votes against early election in latest blow to Boris Johnson

Embattled Prime Minister Boris Johnson has introduced a motion to hold early elections in the United Kingdom after Parliament voted against his push for a ...


joe grunt: Stay tuned for next week on Downton abbey

Daniel Duerst: Stand tall, stay small, don't join forces with the big globalists EU bullies of the world!! God will help Make Britain GREAT AGAIN!!

CentralRealityisCollectiveGoal: Kick Scotland out of the United Kingdom.

MusicLovingFool1: Why is there a need for another vote...let the people leave the EU without a flipping deal with Soros....evil man!!!

DSP: Yes, let the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn and the Scots sink into the dismal abyss of the EU..........independent Scotland will never last without the English

Alpha WΓ«rks: The people voted for brexit you dumb twats...

Bobby K: Britain has become pathetic.

John Daniel: PARLIAMENT has now become an ACTIVIST GROUP - they are no longer representing WE the PEOPLE. They need CORRECTING.

Andrea Azzam: You don't have to worry about trade.... America has plenty.. will help you out..
England! you are our distant cousin's you know! πŸ€”πŸ€—πŸ˜

jason sanchez: This form of government is ridiculous.

Iam N.: The European Union eventual objective is to dominate the UK. These sellouts are hooked on EU money.

Tree: UK’s new version of the Benny Hill show...

Dan The Man: So this is just a simple case of no one agreeing on anything and therefore deals cannot be reached and therefore no one can leave the European Union or else the UK falls in to a hell of their own making. After the 2016 election, google searches for "what is the European Union" spiked. What SHOULD happen is the people should vote again on the issue, after being more educated and seeing how awful this is being handled.

Alan B'Stard M P: this idiot from Scotland forgot it was a referendum for the UK

Jean Wallace: Traitors to the leave vote. Lock them up.

MAGNUM1244: She has horrible teeth.

Andrea Azzam: It's quite simple..... just leave brexit! And say f*** you!

Daniel Duerst: It sure is strange that there is much similarity to the con Job being waged against Trump, in that the establishment dose not accept the results of the democratic well of the people which was determined 3 yrs ago when the majority choose to exit the European Union!!

JoTokutora: The Satanic CABAL at it again putting their strangle hold over parliament. The Red Dragon must be angry

Rudy Rutan: #3 yrs later still No Brexit...EU is desperate to force UK to stay and accept Slavery....

Cheryl Clark: Trump and Boris are long lost Brothers, they are two of a kind😏

Mitch Young: Get rid of the Scottish parasite that sucks English blood.

MVE: Boris will go down! Yiha!! πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘

Dave B: He's as incompetent as Trump.

C Connelly: Scotland's Legislature has ZERO power under the EU! BREXIT ALREADY!

Kevon Thomas: Doris u are a loserz. U are a failure..πŸ‘ˆπŸ‘€πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

mb mb: Boris is losing lol !

Art Artomatique: Omg what a disaster!!! Let the people chose!!!!!!!

Daniel McGrath: I for one, welcome the time that the Scottish accent is not heard in Westminster.


Death Usagi | Kantai Collection: These people have no backbone.

C Connelly: The EU are COMMIES! They are not elected and they punish Free Speech. What happened to the Scott's?!! Commie infiltrated!


Daniel McGrath: are you not entertained? All it needs now are some machetes, pistols and swords dumped in there overnight and left at the dispatch box. They can settle this sh*t among themselves.

ChristianBolt: The globalists just want to find a way to weasel out of the mandate. The people who are not democratic are actually the ones opposed to brexit.

Harry Booth: Boris looks like Gary Busey on freebase.

Longhaired Granpa: Trump supporters are the type of people who fart'in'cups and then smell it

smiley: All of you traitors have lost our respect. Can't believe Scotland have no balls.

Sumerian: Noice theatah...

Alison Gerstein: Didn't the people already vote for the exit 3 years ago?


Sumerian: Does the vid comes along with the comments ans likes? Wth!

Starhunter Terra: Oh dear, Poor Boris he cannot get the Uk away from the EU?. Maybe at a time like this the British might miss having an Empire that could literally invite Europe or push England away by force.

Derek Tomlinson: The actual fact is that parliament has treated the people with contempt for three years, the people now know exactly what sits in parliament. Their BS will not run in any future election.

Nonye Business: yes we have, get the deal and lets have this election. lets vote boris out

wantmetogotohell: Wow. They are scared to hold the election. They are not listening to the people.

The all seeing Eye: Boris is a clown

Nonye Business: we stand with u scotland

Justin Case: this looks like a BBC produced television series.

The Memo: White Nationalism White Supremacist populism raises its ugly head periodically. Trump and Boris Johnson are a passing fad that will be relegated to the trash bin of history. After trump serves his prison sentence for his various criminal conspiracies