Warren reportedly turns to Hillary Clinton for 2020 advice

Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is said to be advising Elizabeth Warren on how to beat her Democratic presidential rivals; reaction and ...


xr440r: I thought she was dead. Oh well.

Carlos Perez: Advise on how to lose> lol

Patsy Faulkner: She going kick Warren off the stage and she can take over, she bad news.

Chang Noi: Hillary could have a big impact on the next election in the wrong direction. Voters will think “Not this again. How do we get rid of her?” So go ahead consult the two time loser for president so Trump can coast to victory. It’s amazing how hopeless and clueless these Democrats are. You have to ask yourself “Do you want them to run the country or ruin the country?” It is literally up to you.

Gregory Kellerhals: Juan is that pimple, if you could pop it you have a lifetime of relieve.

merlhemlok007: The Dems best candidate is Tulsi, and they won’t even let her debate. Typical tribalism

vrnc M: Good news, time for Donna Brazile to join the Warren-Clinton team,

merlhemlok007: Seeking guidance from the witch!

Jk M: 🤣🤣🤣🤣

The Mystic Ruler: 🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷 TRUMP 2020 🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷

C.A. Golf: VP pick

Iron Cross: Why would anyone get advice from a two time loser?

Iam N.: 0:06 "Weeeeeeee!" Roller-Coaster to Hell. 😲😲

C.A. Golf: L

Mike Adair: Tap out otw lol. Pathetic said it all in 1 word.

Dr. Swinewald: Crooked H is gonna run again

The Mystic Ruler: Two lying dried up old cunts.

Kentucky Tim: Great strategy! Getting pointers to win an election from someone who lost an election. 🤔 Trump 2020! 🇺🇸

zebratangozebra: Hey Juan, if Hillary is so popular why don't the Dems run her again ?

Imon2udude: Hillary to Warren:Get a Vampire facial with aborted baby parts, wear a pantsuit to hide your adult diaper, and lie through your teeth because your constituents only watch fake news and will never fact check a word you say, and don't forget to do your Spirit Cooking rituals. One more thing and probably the reason I lost. Have your aid change your diaper at least once a day, I can't stress that enough. Now get out there and make me proud.

Jerry DeLaFuente: That's rich!

Getting advice from a 2 time loser.

Beverly Lyle: That is just like the blind leading the blind! Two SICKO warn out OLD HAGS!!! I despise them both.

Kathleen H.: Barf that woman stole my race and used it for more than I ever wanted to. Cheating her way all over the place. She stinks and if she stinks Hillary is rank as a rotten body.

SodaMinted: Warren: What should I do?
Clinton: The exact opposite of what I tell you to do.

Scrapman VA: This is the funniest thing I've heard this entire decade.

Davonte McPherson: Great! Perfect! Go Hillary you support Fake-O-hontas!

WWG1WGA! USA: Advice from a 2 time loser. Idiot. Trying to get those I’m still with her voters. Btch has no chance.

Marty Wheeler: Congratulations... President Trump! The four stooges👒👒👒👒 and Pelosi👒… just got you re-elected in 2020! Wow!... really....how? They kept eating those bowl's of stupid in front of the American voter's! American voter's will prevail and remove the Democrats from Congress and other offices in 2020! Shàlom🇺🇸

VAMPYRE ANGELUS: now poke-a-cuntus can lose properly, lol....

SONNY SPEED: Juan is a Puerto Rican. He is not American Black and he do not speak for US!

Inigo montoya: Mark my words, Joe Biden will get the nomination( to capture is past voters or Obama supporters) that won't be enough so, helll take Pocahontas or Harris as his running mate. Then it'll be 24/7 of turning women against Trump. If it's Harris, they'll add in the racism BS. Then comes Hillary throwing around her (I lost because i'm a woman) victim card. None of them will actually have a single good idea to run on.

Fred Lenway: There you go how stupid is Elizabeth Warren taking advice from Hillary Clinton on how to win an election

Karaoke Rebel: It's absolutely amazing to see that there are still so many people ignorant of the long list of atrocities committed by HiRC.The Haiti case;.the list of "suicided good people who were on their way to testify against her"; the "operations of the Clinton Foundation" ; the "rituals and sacrifices" she engages in; the long list of "airplane, car, train, etc tragedies" conveniently eliminating people deemed "undesirable" and so on and so on...:IT'S TIME TO WAKE UP !

Bitter Cephalopod: Criminal association. Hmmmmm..... Not a good look.

Frankie Fernandez: She told Pocahontas "you dont need to campaign in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, etc"..


brian henry: Warren in the future be like, I did not have sexual relations with that woman

Rhonda Todd: LOL

Travis Pickering: Talking about selling your soul to the devil to get involved with Hillary.

BlackGuard: I just asked a homeless person how to be a billionare, and his advice is probably going to be more useful than hillary's on election winning.

rubies200: Killery KKKlinton is going to run again! She can stay outta jail longer that way.

Tended Olive: Big impact on 2020! Do you have the slightest idea how ridiculous you sound?

Wendell: Hahaha

lynne kennedy: Go find a low paying job

Barb L K: Ah-haha She needs the advise.

Tree: Yes... I always take the advice of the worlds biggest losers. BWAAAAAAAA!!!😆

Michael & Paulette: Hilary wants to be Pres. Anyone who allows her to help, or by some catastrophe or the rapture of the church, and chooses her asVP, had better watch their backs.

Steve Morgan: You know the worst part about this whole thing with Warren going along with Clinton they are not even making it hard for mr. President Trump this will be a record landslide victory,2020 Trump

Michael Riddle: Well there went her chances to beat anyone.

Catherine Trammel: Isn't Warren American Indian? That's so magical🍃