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Brian Uhler: Always pay attention to your dreams. He is speaking to you, my friend, even in whispers. Spiritual warfare. We have lots to do, like making our own noice!

Brian Uhler: WhoTube is gonna limit you, just like they do to everyone else, like you. Answer my email. Seriously!

Lisa Chapko: tump will be the last pressidennt so we have no more usa america in 2020 or we have no more america in 2024 i rather wait for 2024 to end america yes true had a dream about this years ago thsaat there would be some thing trouble happen in 2024 but did not no so now i no america will be gone

Sandy Moulder: Don't mail in or vote on line. Go in person. Don't lose freedom to fear. Wear gloves and a mask

Sandy Moulder: I pray God covers you with strength and safety.

Charles Roer: its a reaction to Marxism , sicker than hell

Johnny Freezze: BCP, you are the voice of reason that has come at a time when you were truly needed, and America thanks you! You have shined the light where it is needed, and you have enlightened us all with your gifted American insights on many things, and more often than not you're proven to be right, and America thanks you! Our country has a unique way of life under the U.S. Constitution that's constantly being attacked from within by traitors who have taken the money, and joined forces with selfish communist bastards who want to see the NEW WORLD ORDER successfully take over our great nation! I hope the American spirit that lives in you will live forever! Your doing s great job! Thank You!

Your friend, and fellow patriot, Johnny Freezze

Kristie Mitchell: We know the primaries were stolen. Thereโ€™s no way they won. Republicans was winning every race then a box of ballots were found in someoneโ€™s trunk or basement closet. Every time!!!

J A: The sad thing is the Crooked Democrats will always get away with their crimes no matter what evidence they have against them.
I mean come on give me a freaking break.
Name one of the Crooked Democrats that have faced justice for their crimes ?

Darrell Goodman: They already pushed INDIANA primary back it was supposed to be 5/5/2020 now pushed it back to 6/2/2020 .

Darrell Goodman: BP this video is currently showing only 96,554 views as of 5/6/2020 .

XXDP: I have grown to like this man and his presentation.

Leticia Gonzales: George sorrows

Pupdog Hero: I love the USA Flag wall!

SEAN TOOLE: why are the people lettin this go on,take a stand

Mike E: They don't worship a God at all. They Satanist which is not a God in any way.

Rachel G: If you can go to the grocery store you can go out & vote ,"essential" workers are still going to work,mail is still being delivered,gas stations are still open YOU CAN GO CAST YOUR VOTE IN PERSON

Terry Sickels: Ok

Terry Sickels: Known

Terry Sickels: Thumbs up ,,,bcp

Terry Sickels: Yes you are right on audio

Charles Patton: Call your reps now and often for voter ID and no to mail in votes.

Garry Harris: BCP you are the Man no doubt about it I only hope your word is getting out to all the democratic morons out in America today.

Hillyard Enloe: Keep[ up the good work!!! What a blessing!! Thank you

jessetwo1: ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

james mileto: bingo

Michael Brown: In Calif my wife's provisional " Republican" ballot was not tallied this last election , it says Republican on the outside , imagine that ?๐Ÿค” You also cannot choose the other party from your affiliation . If you register D Trump is nowhere on the ballot

Taylormade Texan: Texas is taking care of voter fraud. In the Valley, we have had many prosecutions for voter fraud.

Taylormade Texan: All Planned!

Taylormade Texan: When I worked with the Republican Party in my county, the phone banks were a disaster. Every fifth person I called had been dead 1 to 5 years. I tried to find out if it could be fixed and was dismissed. They never contacted me and I could not get them to answer my phone calls.

Taylormade Texan: GEORGE SOROS

Taylormade Texan: Voter fraud! The only way they can win is to come up with something like this. Neither the Left-leaning liberals of the Democratic/Republican party, nor the Chinese canTELL us where and how to vote in our own elections! The tried and true way to vote works for me; and should for every patriot American. The way we defeat the virus is herd community; another tried and true method of keeping the PEOPLE healthy and free. Thanks for listening. God bless.

Jason Blanton: Brother God shows us things trough our dreams ,if you can absolutely remember every single detail of your dream ,it is what is and maybe Gods trying to tell us we need to be praying more for his GUIDENCE and protection and keep our faith in him to do just that and eliminate that fear from our hearts for fear equals death ,we juat never fear anything but offending the HOLYSPIRT !!!

Peter Del Gatto: Keep up your good work BCP!!!

Anthony A: My rep is Kirsten Sinema so it wouldn't matter if I called sadly

Ellie from the hood: That was before social distancing and masks. We can go to Walmart we can go to a voting booth.

Ellie from the hood: 94k views in 5-4-2020

Daisy Otto: Couldnโ€™t someone else come up with a you tube type platform..?๐Ÿ™ƒ

Richard Shirk: To many commercials!

immrnoidall: one ID, one vote, one vote receipt.

immrnoidall: If we do not know who voted, we do not know how many times they voted either.

Chris Turnblom: Just to make things more clear and to warn against the many possible follies of political party allegiance, I would like to correct you on the idea that a close vote "always goes to the democrats" If you will remember, Bush Jr. won a court decision making him president by a few thousand votes and it was proven that at least 10,000 Black people in that state were prevented from having their vote count due to a fraudulent list of allegedly ineligible Black voters.

Given, the Bushes are in league with the same people corrupting the government currently but it shows that corruption knows no party. If a corrupt person were heading the RNC right now many of them would be complacent in that corruption just to gain favor.

elsmitro: โค God Bless you Patriots! ๐Ÿ˜‡

Sharon Hallinan: BCP, hopefully you see this. People been looking at me like I'm nuts when I tell them Drunk Nancy slipped up months ago and telegraphed their intent. To paraphrase her comment, she fears Trump will not leave the WH when he is not re-elected. How is he not re-elected? Voter fraud. This is the only reason I can see regarding why he would not leave, a contested General Election. Spread the word. I'm a Christian, but I've been accused of being a witch "because whenever you say something's gonna happen, it does".

Lee Brewer: ID and in person only.

Edgar Hernandez: His kingdom has come, His judgement against all wicked has began, victory for his holy ones, and defeat for the unholy . Rejoice bcp family, rejoice for the His kingdom is already here. The Trump ets of judgement has already began right before your very own eyes.

Ronald Fulton: About 1000 public servants controlling 350 million people. That makes us the idiots.

Ronald Fulton: Civil war is already here, itโ€™s just not physical yet. You can smell it. Tyranny is worse though and tyranny is what we have now. Ruck up!

R.W. Ball: To hell with YT and concentrate on GAB and Bitchute

Marni Maren: "We have to make sure our elections are fair." This is EXACTLY what Barry said in 2016. Then we had out President set up by the Barry adminstration.