We Fight For Truth

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QFRIEND: I see we have 10 members of the domestic terrorist group the Democratic party with thumbs down. We are currently monitoring all these people or trolls, and in the near future when there's time to waste we will make sure we go back and question these people for their treasonous antics against the American people

QFRIEND: And faster Taylor is hiding a lot more than he shows oh, it's quite obvious he has been practicing his lies and propaganda. I wonder how much the Deep State pedophiles paid him to lie?. He needs to be fired immediately by President Trump and replaced with a decent Pro American Patriot

QFRIEND: Now that we are in the storm , and the people have been exposed to the Great Awakening. More than likely over the next 36 months I would not be surprised to see a minimum of 1,000 executions of high-ranking government officials military generals and Personnel across this nation holding office. They will face military tribunals, and when they're found guilty and yes they are guilty we have all the evidence already they must hang by the neck until dead without exception. If you had it my way we would put post along Pennsylvania Avenue and inpale their carcasses after we take him off The Gallows. This would send a clear message to anyone that's treasonous against the American people in the future that we will not put up with your nonsense

Andrée Langlois: We have too, a son of the hell demon,who's Trud'O... Euhhhhhh, or may be papa Castro

QFRIEND: most all of these people are guilty of treason. Especially congresswoman Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, creepy Joe Biden the pedophile, and his son the drug addict Hunter. Are all guilty of treason and must face military tribunals and when they are found guilty, and yes we already have all the evidence they must hang by the neck until dead without exception

Michael Fee: Need a break? Check out “How to hunt.com” on You Tube.

Jenny J: The weak Democratic party is now known as the lunatic party. They have let the bad actors in their party take total control and I don't believe the party will ever be respected again. Good job you weak men that still call yourselves democrats. Why don't the good men of the Democratic party( if there's any good men left) step up and say ENOUGH !!!

onryou74: The Inspect Her Genitals Report is nigh.

Temporary Billy: Who else would like to punch that smug Taylor bastard right in the face when Jim Jordan is questioning him at the 16:00 mark on ? He looks like a child caught in a lie but, has a smug look like he won't be in any trouble because his mommy's there and she'll protect her little boy from the bad man !! Kinda like nanna nanna boo boo 😠

Temporary Billy: You are 💯% correct sir ! We have no faith in our government , state department , department of Justice or any other tentacles of this monstrosity and especially not the unelected 3 letter agencies that have , along with Obama's militarized police forces have been turned against hard working , honest American citizens !!!!! Thank you Mr Nunes for saying what we feel !!

Temporary Billy: Who is that maniac saying here-say is better evidence than first hand eyewitnesses and facts ?? Guy needs locked up in a nut Ward ..how much longer are we going to take these insane , psychotics ruling our lives like dictators ?????

Dennis Neftleberg: Busches are corrupt POS this is why Bush SR was put to death

Bobby Ryon: This woman has worked for George soros, Mr livingstone was a witness for Republicans but Shiffy want let them bring him in, she was undermining Our President,it's been a complete sham ,demacraps lied on live TV to the American people.

Steven Roach: Another Trump associate convicted of multiple felonies. But sure, Q has it all......

Cole Dwyer: Anonymous whistle blowers(insert CIA Brennan spy), disgruntled dismissed employees and hearsay testimony - did I get it right?  Oh oops, I forgot a committee run by a person with dictatorial powers allowed to deny basic Constitutional Protections.  Shades of Third World Justice - might expect this type of investigation in Cuba.  Did I get this part right?  Did I miss anything?

K B: By the way: Trump associate Roger Stone has just been found guilty of all 7 counts. One of them being lying under oath - for the benefit of the president.
As the Brits say: Well, well, well..........

Brenda Cannon: Fun fact...God says earth is immovable & stationary, it can NOT be moved. Step 1 figure out where you are. Bible also says Satan is in control until yeshua returns. Same group that murdered Yeshua/Jesus is behind all the atrocities we are witnessing...synagogue of Satan? Dancing Israelis on 9/11? Wahhabi head choppers in Vegas?

Phil Luna: Also proverbs 19:5!!! Lies. Lies!!

Kat E E: President Trump is the best President ever. Unfortunately, he cannot do as much as he would like because these witch hunts don’t stop. Prayers for our President.

Kat E E: Bush’s wouldn’t know the truth if it hit them in the face. There scum. Swamp dwellers. Wish I had been aware years ago.

Brenda Cannon: In God we trust? If you read the first sentence in the bible it says God created heaven and earth on day 1. Then on day 4 he created the Sun and Moon which means earth is not circling the Sun. We are in the physical realm. The whole world will be deceived* Politics is just a distraction for what they do behind the scenes. Left or right wing?? 2 wings of the same bird. We are 1 world, they are a 1 world luciferian cult. Love your neighbor..not kill your neighbor because a lying politician says too. Jesuit created all secret societies to insulate themselves from there atrocities. Jesuits/Vatican+Rothchild/Zionist+Queen=?

Susan Ralph: "luminous" ad can't be good for the eyes

Warrior Celtic: Nune just let know Schitt is a tool . Clown believed jokers with naked pics of Trump. Such a liar and Demonic soul Schitt is


sit n spin for the win: Taylor gave himself away from the get... He said this is his understanding at the beginning.... He said she said they said that he said she said to me ... Schiff got owned! " i dont know the idenity of the whistleblower" bahaha! " you're their star witness" taylor even laughed! This pos has been A of Ukraine for how long? Dummies! Stupid! Taylors testimony at the beginning was like read a book for dummies aloud! He's so screwed! Bye bye deep state! Schiff cant silence anymore!

Sledge Hammer: The US CONGRESS has become an absolute embarassment for America. It is time WE the PEOPLE IMPEACH them, not our blessed President.

Byte Me: On Friday, November 15, 2019, I can't get dcdirtylaundry.com any longer. I just get a blank page. Can anyone confirm?

Midnight Cometh: We keep hearing declass, yet it doesn't happen and the left continues in their activities with zero arrests. They're openly committing treason.

r385671: Interesting how you are all Christian yet support an adultering sexual assaulter. Lol

Mary Magdalene: We are a laughing stock to other countries. Where have you seen a party going after a presidentcwe elected into office? Truly comm.un.istic! They are taking our rights away.

Don Sears: Impeachment cause we said so ! a new Best Seller ~ EH !...so we can process pedophiles and pompous percentages of profits by pontificating precious pandering of Patriot $$$ to feed the DOMINO dump of JUSTICE and TRUTH and preform anti GOD "PROCESS" for it was PROCESS the George Washington used to cross the Delaware ...it was Process that DAVY C ROCKET used to Kill a Bear ...it was Process that shot Lincoln it was Process That attacked Pearl Harbor ...and it was process that allowed Man And WOMEN to GIVE BIRTH ....AND JESUS used " Process to Heal the sick ...Cast out Demons and RAISE the DEAD ....So Much "Process" so little TIME ! ....Domino s can not be a infrastructure of PROSPERITY and the PLIGHT of Patriotic People ...for Domino s fall Down ...."process" is the opposite of intelligent thought" it is the opposite of Abstract analytical thought ....and it certainly not HEAVEN SENT ....Process can not Get you to Heaven unless Process is all you know ....that's OK ...But its not a leader Quality its not a KING resolve Process is a programed propaganda presentation pretending to be INTELLIGENT and luminary in light and proper in Social Circles ....Yes in a circle of SATANIST ...in a Circle of PROCESSED people ...! .....this has become quite a Peril of Penelope Pits top ....Penelope tied to the TRACK by Domino Dastardly Demon Daren ...was waiting for UNDER DOG ! UNDER DOG ! ..yes Speed of Processed Lighting !...Power of Processed ! Thunder ....but he could not Save his Penelope ...you see Underdog secret energy pill was processed into a illegal NARCOTIC ...so the DOG is in PRISON ...Take your Process and PERISH for its not my words which cause this ...Domino s is a process used to set and and Satanically Sacrifice a Society ...and process keeps you all POWERLESS ...no profits no personnel Purpose just the Domino Process ...POOF! ...can a Domino infrastructure be turned into a Profitable Purposeful Powerful NATION ....why yes it can ! ...can it be like a A Magician wand effect ...no ! its a PROCESS ! and I posses it all ...so if you dont want the Domino s to Fall ...Pontificating Pride and Pandering pompous Peril ....will only further your Demise ...BE HUMBLE ! not under Pedigree Puppets of Propaganda ....no be HUMBLE under GOD its not a process its a rare FREEDOM anyone can Join just SAY GOD what do you want from me ....If he gives you process ...its not GOD


Mary Magdalene: The democrats have become like the kgb. One sided. Guilty before proven innocent. Truly com.mun.ist.ic.

Teresa Kelley: Thank you Mr. Jordan thank you
Mr. Nunes from the bottom of my heart thank you for your hard work to expose the Democrats and Mitt Romney the Rhino in the Republican Party
VOTE the Traitor OUT !!!!

Teresa Kelley: These Three are Communist Traitors to America and are trying to sell America out to the One world order that the Bush’s have been working toward since World War II, this is why Daddy bush brought the maxi leaders to America secretly!!!!!!

kovaxx1: thanks Michael for being here.

Death Dealer: We are at work, with the Middle East for the past 19 years!

carlos delacosta: I had to hit like multiple times as somehow it unlikes automatically

carlos delacosta: The only answer for 1984 is 1776. Pray, fast, read the bible, and still, like our past you will have to confront the enemy with bloodshed in a battle field.

Trump 2020: OH BOY! Mr. Jordan, is on the roll! It's finally happening! Guess whom, is coming to G¡TMO!🤭😂🤣 The whole lot, of the DEMO RATS!

Trump 2020: Wow! That was pretty Damning. Thank you Attorney Nunez!

The Great Chain: Nice to see the marines rallying in support of fellow marine ; Field McConnell 😠 drain the swamp ? drain the heroes of America looking like 😠 heroes ARRESTED=
Julian Assange - Chelsea Manning - Jeremy Hammond - general Flynn- Rodger Stone and Field McConnell - Timothy Holmsmith & ? No I.G. REPORT release until NEVER or many more innocent people slain. Michael is at Gitmo😂with his pet scorpion 😂 what you see are clones because assholes believe any thing. No ARRESTS ARRESTS ARRESTS ARRESTS ARRESTS ARRESTS ARRESTS ARRESTS ARRESTS ARRESTS ARRESTS ARRESTS ARRESTS ARRESTS ARRESTS ARRESTS ARRESTS ARRESTS ARRESTS ARRESTS ARRESTS ARRESTS ARRESTS ARRESTS ARRESTS ARRESTS ARRESTS ARRESTS ARRESTS keebler POS KKK Jeffy MARIJUANA Sessions is not a judge st Gitmo, the slimball is looking for a job😠 Bill Barr just now dropped dead from cardiac arrest, I just woke up from a pleasant dream.

Trump 2020: Wow! Just 5 minutes into to this video!😳The Democrats are in deep CACA!💩


Trump 2020: I have a feeling this [email protected] [email protected], is going to be about the fall/[email protected] of the [email protected] [email protected] tay! Major @rrest, coming to your favorite Vtvbe Channel!

Eric L Krepps Sr: Ssi an bwc are run in the same fashion . Prolonged intentional delays and accusations. Its like wathching someone pedal a unicycle in one place never moving

Marci Hunter: Trump 2020🇺🇸
God Bless America 🙏&

Connie Crowley: Romney lumped in as one of 4 top Democrats. I guess that’s where he belongs.


THERESE: Go in on the website of N E O N R E V O L T - Read the post on November 3rd and you will see what they link you does not work is all about! I can not link to the post because youtube are going to delete it..

Yu Oogami: I really liked when Nunes said" ...they redacted the name of..." and then presented the name of the individual,