WE Know THEIR Moves Before THEY Do?

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Cylant Justice: Indeed we do.
WWG1WGA 馃檹 馃嚭馃嚫馃寧 馃審馃實

Arie Abbe: My wise earthly father always told me that birds of a feather stick together, the word of God says all liars shell have have their part in the Lake of Fire !!!

Jay El: Love Trump he keeps it real and very entertaining, whooping their asssses. Props to Jim Jordan and crew busting their assssrdsd!

Jessica Deery: That country that was invaded by Russia during the Obama regime, cried out for help and the Obama White House said NOOOOO!

Dylan Jones: They have nothing the bitter idiots..

Deirdra Riordon: Do another line of coke shitbag schiff

Sissy Herring: Shit needs to pay for the 3 yrs he didn't bother to work for the people, along with most of the other democrats and a few republicans!!!!

Ed Nelson: Democrats today are nothing more then the Communist Party

Renee. Wilkins: Sock it to um !

Karen Nichols: Adam Schiff there is NO TRUTH in YOU! You will REAP whatever you SOW. What does YOUR 'Garden Grow'.馃馃悳馃槬馃

David Runge: It's time that Trump and most of the other Republicans stop playing nice the the 3 conspirators and start putting them in handcuffs and taken physically removed from office for their acts of high treason.

Rebelnan: Jim Jordan is a little guy with a big voice. Love Jim Jordan.

Brenda Wise: We love you President Trump. We haven't had a good man in office in my lifetime and I am 61 years old. I believe JFK would have been a good president but of course we never got the chance to find out. And they scared Reagan half to death and he was too scared to stand up to him. But now we've got a man in office that does what he says he's going to do and is fighting for us for the American people. God bless you President Trump I pray for you and your family day and night. They have gone so far off the deep end that we worry constantly about your safety. They have kept him so tied up with all this Russian collusion and now this crap. I don't know how he gets anything done with all the crap they're giving him. The people is sick and tired of this and I believe on both sides. I take my neighbors daughter to work and pick her up because her mother thinks she should walk home and it's about a mile and a half walk. It is a very busy highway and I don't mind taking her I'm home most of the time anyway. I wanted her to run off some tickets to go to one of the Trump rallies and do you know this woman told me to go to H*** and to get the F*** out of her house. She has been my neighbor 15 years

Brenda Wise: Yes we won't Adam shift investigated. We are tired of these Democrats lying all the time. Adam shift was lying. He said he did not meet with the Whistleblower and he lied

Stev3: OR....we are being played the whole time. Keep all options open

Brenda Wise: Shifty shaft why you keep looking up are you afraid that God is going to come down and smite you right there where you're standing? You know he can set you on fire and turn you to ashes and not even burn the building. You are done far. Praise God hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah

d.j. Robinson: Amen POTUS...

Richard G. Wrona: AG Barr, Its Your Opportunity To Write Your Legacy! Will It Be Like POTUS Another Arc Angel Sent By God To Be The Worlds Worst Nightmare For Those Out To Destroy US And Our Constitution, Assure Equal Justice For All! Or A Big Disappointment, We Pray Your Gods Arc Angel God Bless 馃

Vickie Heiser: President Trump...THANK YOU
Stay on course. The USA is better because of you. Keep exposing corruption. God Bless You


Lizette Reyes: Father I lift up the President & the truth seekers & those who are working to expose the corruption and lies to you for strength and protection. Help guide them towards the truth and how to handle these evil & demonic forces who are going against our sovereign nation which you have blessed - we have turned our back on you as a nation help us humble ourselves and seek you and spread the Gospel because this is all showing the signs you warned us about in the end times. We know what鈥檚 coming but those who are still not sealed by the blood of Jesus need you Lord need your mercy and grace Amen 馃檹

SkateOrDie 1: I hope I never see Adam outinpublic

David Smith: Without a House vote, Pelosi and Schiff are just pretending that they speak for the US House of Representatives. They don't know that. They're afraid to find out by having a vote. They don't know if there's any more support for their "inquiry" than just Pelosi, Schiff, and the chairs of the various committees--if that!! This is a total scam. If it weren't for the media, they'd never get any traction. And now they're pretending to issue "subpoenas". Sorry--no vote, no subpoena. Only the House can issue a legal subpoena, not individual members. If the American public doesn't understand this, or worse, doesn't care, we're toast.

TheGgates4: ARREST CONGRESS FOR """""""""""" MALFEASANCE OF OFFICE ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' " " LOOK UP THE WORD....!!!!!!!!

Gus Lauzon: Schiff, this crooked pencil necked ass clown will do anything to keep his and his corrupt party's underworld lifestyle from being exposed. He makes everything up on the run and is in constant contact with accomplices , (and we all know who they are), to rig this circus on a daily basis, with various desperate attempts to make anything stick to deflect from what the rest of us are discovering about how they operate and with the aid of a bought off press to suppress and keep the public dumbed down enough with propaganda to garner their vote come election time.Sad and revealing time in US history. What a corrupt and embarassing system of law and disorder in the USA ,controlled by corrupt lawyers and mafia infiltrated CIA and FBI lifers who really run the government.

123abcxmen: Let the Game begin. Impeach Trump. TRUMP2020. Even better, TRUMP4EVER.

Antony Gilmer: Brilliant!

Vicki Topp: Schiff is the lier & the corrupt smuck

Shannon M.: Treason

sonia Mendez: What you say about it is a lie Obama told Putin to wait until his second term you guys never talk about that Demo-rats are our enemies

WAKE UP: Yall gotta stop letting that one guy speak he literally repeated the same thing 5 times rephrasing it everytime like it was a new fact.. let the pros stick to the talking please

Pierre-Olivier Vachon: That what desesperate mam look like when fighting for his life. By all means ! Full extend of the law PERIOD

Lowell Joseph Gallin: Dear Just Informed Talk,

THUS SAYS THE GOD OF ISRAEL/Bamidbar-Numbers 26:22-27

讻讘 讜址讬职讚址讘旨值专 讬职讛讜指讛, 讗侄诇-诪止砖讈侄讛 诇旨值讗诪止专. 22 And the LORD spoke unto Moses, saying:
讻讙 讚旨址讘旨值专 讗侄诇-讗址讛植专止谉 讜职讗侄诇-讘旨指谞指讬讜 诇值讗诪止专, 讻旨止讛 转职讘指专职讻讜旨 讗侄转-讘旨职谞值讬 讬执砖讉职专指讗值诇: 讗指诪讜止专, 诇指讛侄诐. {住} 23 'Speak unto Aaron and unto his sons, saying: On this wise ye shall bless the children of Israel; ye shall say unto them: {S}
讻讚 讬职讘指专侄讻职讱指 讬职讛讜指讛, 讜职讬执砖讈职诪职专侄讱指. {住} 24 The LORD bless thee, and keep thee; {S}
讻讛 讬指讗值专 讬职讛讜指讛 驻旨指谞指讬讜 讗值诇侄讬讱指, 讜执讬讞只谞旨侄讱旨指. {住} 25 The LORD make His face to shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee; {S}
讻讜 讬执砖旨讉指讗 讬职讛讜指讛 驻旨指谞指讬讜 讗值诇侄讬讱指, 讜职讬指砖讉值诐 诇职讱指 砖讈指诇讜止诐. {住} 26 The LORD lift up His countenance upon thee, and give thee peace. {S}
讻讝 讜职砖讉指诪讜旨 讗侄转-砖讈职诪执讬, 注址诇-讘旨职谞值讬 讬执砖讉职专指讗值诇; 讜址讗植谞执讬, 讗植讘指专职讻值诐. {住} 27 So shall they put My name upon the children of Israel, and I will bless them.'


Shana Tova (Happy Israelite New Year of 5780) and Chag Sameach (Happy Festival of Sukkot/Tabernacles 5780) from The Land Of Israel, City Of God/Jerusalem, Hill Of The Priests (Abu Tor/Givat Chananiya),

Your Friend Lowell EngagedENRAGEDAutist VERY Old Autist

Michael Jorgensen: One would think Schiff鈥檚 wife would tell her stupid idiot husband to STFU? If Schiff believes all of his bull-shit antics will blow over and he won鈥檛 have to atone for his treasonous acts only proves just how fucked up this demon really is.

steve henclewski: You Schiff would not know a fact if it bit you on your butt. You are a traitor, you need to be prosecuted.

10 Minutes to Roulette Fortune: They all have immunity............all of them. They are all untouchable. FACT! I think the info the leaker got was a set up on purpose.

shelia rogers: notice he can't even look strait into camera? guilty lier.

Eddie Stark: I can鈥檛 stand to even look at Adam Schiff he鈥檚 disgusting.

Eddie Stark: Democrats are a criminal organization it鈥檚 time to enact justice for the American people hold them al accountable.

Jane Doe: Nothing going to happen
Ever. It's a sad thing.. I dont even care anymore. I have a place for my family. I'm so sorry for the ones that dont. I'll still pray for yall.

melancholyjam: 馃嚭馃嚥馃嚭馃嚥馃嚭馃嚥馃槑馃槑馃槑馃憤馃憤

Serbes Floket: Trump 2Q2Q the greatest president off All Times 馃挐馃挐馃嚭馃嚫馃嚭馃嚫

Joseph Long: Did anyone else notice that when Adam SHIT speaks he never looks into the camera ! Watch the beginning of this video when he's lying as he always does , watch his face and eyes he looks to each side but never right into the camera !

thegrooote: Afther this 1000 years of peace.

mona Stewart: Dear Schifty Schiff, the American people also has the right to stop you for this continuous hounding and harassment of this president! Please just go away! (we know you won't though)


Opal Valentine: A little low Adam boy is the ex son-in-law of George Soros that should tell you all you need to know they're both evil as hell

studio developers2: ADAM WAS A BEAUTY...NOW HES A LYER

Alan Hardman: Schiffhole can't even look a CAMERA in the eye, the scab-assed lying POS. Used to cut liars' tongues out! Why not now? It's TIME!!!