What's Happening To McCabe, Page And Peter Strozk [SHARE]

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Lee Stiles: Why was the a Mike Bloomberg ad after this video??????

VI X XX Titan: How can Mr Stone face 9 years in jail if he was entrapped under fouls warrants fouls fizer warrants under oath bye investigators leading a entrapment campaign? ..... Don’t Americans have protections in law for such things in court?

Gold Hunter: Stone wrote a book show deep state involvement in the JFK assassination.

Cindy Dufala: Whatever happened to DECLASSIFYing information to expose these crooks? Not sure because of security clearance holders what those secret rules are. There are lower level Democrat operative getting busted arrested, tried, convicted, fined, sentenced and serving time, Mayors, councilpeople, judges, school districts, many others. How fo you drain a,swamp? Pull the plug dirty water base drains first, saving scum at the top for last. There's many layers 6 ways from Sunday that would continue if top crooks taken out first. Their operatipnd and network would continue. Many politicians resigned, retired, didn't run again, many companies getting busted too. Way too long, closed ears and eyes by establishment, if it didn't affect them personally or their job, why stick THEIR neck out? 35 Senators are up for election. All of a sudden they have something to say.

Cindy Dufala: Peter Strzok wife hours after Mueller appointed she was promoted (was already in govt) to Asst Director Securities and exchange commission. The "story" Lisa Page "lovers" is bs as each has a high powered position, excuse to communicate so much between these two.

JoPa GeRi: What’s happening with them?
NOTHING!!!! Not a goddam thing. They walk free while innocent people like Roger Stone face years in prison. While Trump does nothing but complain. Enough of this Q BULLSHIT. 😤

Justin Facer: Fox just reported that McCabe will not be charged with anything. Where is the fucking Justice??? Sick of this bullshit about the storm is coming. Arrest the enemies of our country NOW!

Bob Johnson: Nothing they just let MCcabe of the hook

Strokes McGroin: They better be singing, causeMaccabe should be in prison

Gazelle Richardson: Welcome to the legal system. Happens to every day people every day.

Undisputed Blackjack: Obviously as I knew it nothing is happening accept for announcements of no charges being filed! I told everyone people would walk and god dam it I was right! It’s not what you prove outside a court room, it’s what a prosecutor has to prove beyond a responsible doubt to 12 people! Fuck this shit, can’t believe I actually fell for all this BS! The Deep State runs this country!!

Gazelle Richardson: A moot point in the big picture our govt. isn't looking at.

BIDABEACH: No charges for McCabe... Smh

ideacrafter: Well, McCabe just walked. No charges. If this isn't due to him turning evidence for freedom then our President could be in a lot of danger.

George ONeal: McCabe walks free. Barr has some explaning to do

David Vinson: How r u gonna spin mc cabe?

Sandy West: One man is not going to be able to stop the corruption, the swamp is the size of an Ocean.

Sandy West: Nothing wil happen to them, they are protected by the deep state.
No one can save this country from the corruption that's been going on for decade's, Barr is not the savior we all expect.

M Brewer: The suicide rate for Police and Farmers is higher than the rate for our Veterans. Control the food control the people. The economy has grown for 123 straight months, or just over 10 years. That tops the previous record expansion that lasted from March 1991 to March 2001, according to Natixis. "When you have a system where inequality is rising – and where some groups are perpetually overrepresented at the bottom of the income and wealth distribution, even when they follow the standard prescription for realizing the American Dream – it's a recipe for a politically and socially divided nation.
CURRENT NATIONAL DEBT: $22,942,849,110,170.59
Your daily reminder that Donald Trump proves two things:
1. The Tea Party never really cared about the national debt.
2. Evangelicals never really cared about "morals or values."
Just a reminder, Americans elected a Democratic Congress to do what the Republicans failed to do.
Hold Trump accountable. You're welcome.
He cheats in his golf game, he cheated in his business, he cheated on All of his wives with girlfriends he cheated on with paid porn stars, he cheated on his taxes and he cheated in the election and is trying to again, he's cheated our national security and he has cheated on America. You can play the Pee-Wee Herman defense all day long- "I know you are but what am I?" but you have turned your back to God and embraced corruption, dishonesty, greed, lust, anger, jealousy, envy, gluttony and the biggest sin Trumps Pride in only himself "Unmatched Genius" - You have disagreed with the teachings of Christ- You might as well melt your gold down and make a Trump statue to worship.

ucouco78: So any arrests yet?

one-of-us: I hate it when they say "just a little longer"

We're at 3 years now.

Is this another scam on USA citizens? Hope not!

jimgall ufos: Let`s hope it`s the realisation of what THEY brought upon themselves is about to come down on them,and i will laugh when it happens,with more to follow.

Marlin Dailey: MSDNC...quote that fake news!
President Trump continues to razzle the media...
His style has been consistent and it just keeps getting better to watch their complete meltdown.

Marshlight21: After everything is finished, we should know more than 40%. "For our own good" is not appropriate. 100% accountability. We the people should be able to spot it from a mile away so it never happens again. Plus, it would build trust back with the people. In the end, we run this country, sooooo....

william tell: So tired of hearing about potential arrests and it never happens . Talk about the coming pandemic that will kill millions

Romeo Foxtrot: People will see this years from now and they will be like what were these communist doing in Americas Government to begin with.


Love Roscoe: Sry, I don’t trust Barr as far as I could attempt to roll him over his damn bagpipes #BelieveItWhenYouSeeIt #AntiTrust

Enduring Hope: Preach, Mr. President!!!!

Marc Blaze: Republicans have no spines, all this abuse of power and harassment under a republican President and senate, idiots.😂🤣😂🤣😂


misty heyen: You no you don't always have to pray out loud .i work with all types of people and I walked in a room filled with Muslims and I was thinking just thinking I'm glad that is only one true living God and the power of God I could feel all through me
My REDEEMER LIVES I love him .praise you Jesus . God bless you Michael .

New Beginnings: the Democrats are trying to pass laws to protect the corrupt murdering illegals like some of them in our government are if they're Satanist and pedophiles. no lawmaker should be able to make any law to protect any Criminal ever! if it goes against the Constitution and it is a law that does not protect the innocent the person tried to push that law should be removed from office immediately!

New Beginnings: is anyone going to the Phoenix Arizona rally at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum on February 19th 2020?

Kjartan: thhe scribe behind POTUS the scales are on the what seems to be a calendar qeep your eyes on the 24th

Gail Harris: The live show wasn't available?

Victoria O'Shea: Powerful Presser

Diane Smith: I’m with you President Trump and I’m Australian WWG1 WGA

Diane Smith: To mention $35 million the demons cost the government

Yorktown 1781: A few videos back you mentioned that they are afraid to walk down the street. We are not at that part. What Q is talking about when the people find out what they really are and what they have done to this country they will be killed by the people in the streets. We have not gotten there yet. You and your hopium twisting shit. Bloomberg is guilty of treason with China where is Barr? So when can the military step in and take over the corrupt screwed up civilian authorities? Many in the military cant be trusted. They will fight back and they will increase attacks, but our side makes a great punching bag. So far Democrats have the upper hand on being corrupt bullies and Trump can't arrest one single major billionaire bad guy. Gee imagine that?

G V: The swamp is deep...

Noli Slusher: Go Mr.Trump call them out exposed every dirty Democrats leader in the senate and Congress. We want justice. Investigate the Clinton's, Obama and Biden they need to pay for their crime abusive power.

Mary: All the great things happening right now. I’ve had this wonderful feeling all day, like something big is going to go down soon. Something good. God Bless everyone! WWG1WGA

We the People United: If CNN and MSNBC were charged for sedition I would celebrate. So many lies. It's our time ladies and gentlemen to stand up with our great president at election time and lets rid DC of the DNC! Trump 2020 🇺🇸

j.d. di giusto: What was that odd thing on the lapel of President Trumps suit jacket? On our right-side, his left. It looked like an overlay of some kind, weird!

Byte Me: Why is Bill Barr just NOW getting involved in the Stone case? When will he get involved in the Manafort case?

Byte Me: What indictments has Bill Barr brought? Where's Huber? Where's Durham? Why no convictions?

Jimmy Butler: Would like to no the answer to those that are being asked the question myself where is the justice with them?...

Scott O,Donahoe: Pardon them and give them back the money they lost and restore their live,s !

J H: Trump just proved that he has no control over prosecution, and yet he is calling his own prosecuting attorney a disgrace. Who might that be? Oh shit it's William Barr and his Barney Fife, Schultz. What did I tell you before I was bastardized by you so called patriots? Now Our President is saying the very same thing. So F all of you! Pelosi disgraced the entire country by shredding Official Documents, ie. the State of the Union. A charge that requires a $1000 fine, up to 3 years in prison, and or both, and revocation of all access to ever returning to public office. You had your chance, and NOTHING WAS DONE! Now remember I have been saying this for longer than your Lord Michael has even had a website. Oh but I am a lunatic, and your Michael is the new god! Nothing has changed and yet another 3 months have gone by. After over three years have you not decided on your own that you are being deceived? If not, rot in your worship for this last presenter of false news. I stepped away for over a month and when I came back it's the same bullshit. And so many stupid false worshipers. I shake my head.