Wheels Of Justice Turning 10X Speed Now [Time Is Up]

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Patsy Faulkner: This is biggest story it real and it must be told to all America people. Justice is serve and must put this guy in the jail or he might be murder by someone. I went to hear Amazing Polly wow she tell about his school on his jobs as teacher but he didn't last on teaching the girls. I went to hear George Webb he got some info but he has limit info's on weapon trafficking stuff. I haven't got further there is still more story. I assume everyone has a story to share. You know how he got away with his dirty business and even he connection with Bill Clinton he also gave huge donation to Clinton foundation. He blackmailing on certain people for years. he has pornography business and as well human trafficking. He has blackmailing connection with dot. You can't hide under the rug of his dirty business. now you got mrs story compared with others wow it about time everything is connected and who got the news to share with. I will made a chart on Jeffrey Epstein past with Clinton this will give the whole picture what this guy really is.

Daniel Grechka: Woh! After seeing that clip I think even Darth Vader from Star Wars would go into the decompression chamber to vomit if he heard that news and then turn on Darth Sidious long before Star Wars Return of the Jedi.

Jeannie Miller: Biggest concern other than Benghazi was what Killary and Huma did to the girl. Both of those bitches need to be strung up and left hanging till their flesh rots off their bodies. Can you handle the truth?

Michelle Olson: the real mommy dearests

Mosey Ballad: Q says now is the time to come forward. I pray for God to empower many to do just that. In Jesus name

Donna Graf: I am looking now for this mothers of darkness video(s) you mentioned.i hope you will please repost them..I am very interested in seeing them.thank you!

kristiana :: So copper has known nothing but evil. He looks so ghoulish. Vampirish. So freaking white .
Maybe he has been mk'd ?

Yorktown 1781: 10 times faster I will have to see it to believe it. It would be a good thing to happen.

Slider drago: Trust sessions

Ale E: ...Thankyou Micheal for paying attn to the comment section replys
...was nice to see full screen without banner
...the banner is cool though blocked info
...thx again!

Linda Courson: The devils money. Ulcers lots of ulcers. Get out the Prilosec mylanta and pepto.

Ed B: Barr has Weiner's laptop and the evidence on it,

Abd Rahman: Verify mainstream network news, especially cnn,MSNBC,abc, owned by big corp ,elites controlled.

Mosey Ballad: No wonder the other boy took his own life. This is sick. When she died the media made her look like a saint

Tracey Mixon: Excellent! Thanks🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏❤✌

stevie Flax: So why exactly did Sessions have to take one for the team ?

Chella Taylor: I got sick !
The little girls face, huma and HILL ? OMG. ! ! !
Maybe we SHOULD do THAT to THEM....... JTOL

ss ss: Is p. Trump about to sign executive order eacting law for audits of these treasonous pos, im praying

trebled99: Thanks from all the deplorable WWG1WGAWG

JoAnne Anderson: We really like you Michael Ben and Woodman. Watch everynight. your news is good. voices soothing. thanks for all the hard work! We watch at night after I get off work. I am listening by earbuds at work now....love your show #WWG1WGA

Jilusion Portal: Spygate also still playing....

Jilusion Portal: Good tune!

Cathy Cutler: Check out The Deplorable Choir
Maybe you could use their music🇺🇸

Leona Denson: God only knows how many have Kuru But Hillary the Killary has Kuru: Side Effects Of Eating Human Flesh
Side effects of cannibalism include the negative moral ramifications, the unhealthy nutritional consequences and the possibility of contracting a rare disease called kuru. Kuru is a neurological disorder that attacks the brain and causes damage that may not be immediately evident, but which always leads to death.
One consequence of cannibalism is the nutritional effects of eating more fatty red meats than advised by USDA. Because cannibalism is generally considered morally wrong, another side effect of the practice could be social ostracism.
People contract kuru by eating an infected brain or coming into contact with open sores or wounds, so cannibalism involving brain consumption runs the risk of spreading the disease. The Fore people of New Guinea practiced cannibalism as part of their funeral rites, and their consumption of human brains caused a prolonged epidemic of kuru that peaked in the 1950s. Women and children among the Fore were infected the most because they were the main participants in funeral rites.
Symptoms include muscle twitches, loss of coordination and difficulty walking, chewing and swallowing. People with kuru need assistance to move and stand, and they eventually lose the ability to eat, leading to starvation and coma. There is no cure, and it's usually fatal within six to 12 months.

John Weiner: Great stuff Mike thank you Patriot

Kenyon Vandervelde: How do these people even show their face in public with all this deeply evil twisted stuff going on behind the scenes? Much less acting all self-righteous and superior to all of us deplorables? Amazing.

Jeremy Hicks: WWG1WGA!

KJS FL: What concerns me most...
Now, that the truth is finally going to come out, will people believe what we have called “fake news” (CNN MSNBC etc) when they report it? When President Trumps actions and the truth are finally revealed will “they”say well, you can’t have it both ways!!! Fake or not? Am I concerned over nothing? I just want to have justice for all the vile creeps who have hurt our children and our country.

XOXO: Oh btw this is reason case relooked at. News clip from last year...


mjunveiled88: Pe-Lotion!!  Hahahaha!  Was that a Freudian slip??

Mary Lindsey: Yeah. Blow that rabbit hole wide open...
Thanks Mike

Jesus isLord: Love the lead off music!

Tyler Parisi: Tune is dope

john butterworth: we will not forget what they did. log everything.

john butterworth: keep your eye on the media perps that hid the moneies.

john butterworth: we need a million +

Mizzuz aWiggins: We are so thankful to God the Father, and Mike what good friends you "& Co" are. You're
all great Patriots and we're
proud of all who have served
our country. Our military is
the brightest and the best representation of what America was created to be. Strength,
Courage and compassion when called for. WWG1WGA

Damon Head: Brilliant thank you. I trust the plan however like you said trust nothing without your own research. Love your devotion thank you. Not long ago I was thinking about all about the awakening. That if it was not true people would see how quickly people are and can be miss lead so imagine how much we have been miss lead for years. That could be the awakening. Not now this is happening at last. ive been waiting years for this.God bless your PRESIDENT DJT this is global. No one else could do this. They must pay for their crimes at last.

Michael Lennon: You know what sucks. Li ving deep in enemy territory.(blue state) putting up with all manners of nonsense. Help! Mr. President. But we fight hard

Kimiko Fujimura-Warren: Expose! Expose! Expose!!!!
Full and Complete disclosure!
Drain the demon swamp!!!

bill Smyth: Sick people. The worst part is media will try to "defend" the actions by not fully getting involved and not fully condemning these atrocious acts. They will give a small comment here and there. I do hope some high-level media sources are also going to be indicted associated with Ebstein.


XOXO: N474AW How can so many use same tail? When you fall into rabbit hole of this number used by just a few too many air vehicles that are tied Epstien and State Department you suddenly see list of big name perps appears...

Why is Comeys daughter the prosecutor? Why isn't the media telling what the sweetheart non-prosecute deal really is?

It was meant to protect those who had not even been charged yet from prosecution!

Why has a deal already been made? No more than 5 years for co-operation. The black book cds from safe entitled so and so with so and so. They don't need to make a deal they have video footage.

Hard question from Clinton to Obama to Trump all implicated in evidence, why isn't mainstream media pouncing hard on Trump????

Answer those and every one finally will get it...

Research that tail number. Your mind will be blown...


Mr Bonedangles: Okay if you cut somebody's face off and there's evidence of this how are you still walking around?


ROCKY VALDEZ: How do i get that SONG!!

Gina Maria: Sweet, wrappin it up 🙏🏻👍🏻🤗🇺🇸💕

Geo Thomas: No, Sessions will not be a hero. Unless you're into fantasy.