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Jesuree Marino: I love it when you laugh BCP.😊🤗👍

Jesuree Marino: That's the problem with the Demo's, they think they don't have to follow the rules, and they don't. That is why AMERICA is in a mess.

Jesuree Marino: This is another game by the Demo's, they are trying to make it look like Hillary's "I don't recall", "I don't remember..." was normal response, so ask questions they know this man can't answer. It's all a game with these lier's, Traitors, sex offenders, and murderers.

Roxana Carrasco: Democrats are just fishing for a referrance out of this man to remember what was said. They should make sure the people who are just remember and agree. No. Because he head rights to see that paragraphed they are asked. They are so full of sh..

John Tatum: Dems continue their waste of time and money...so delusional...America is tired of your crap, Jerry Nadler!

chuck tilly: Hey BCP it says you have 0 subscribers, what’s up with that?

bobberguy1: "Clerk will call the roll. Where's the clerk"?

Mona Thomas: I agree with you 100%.. Is this the best we can get? No, it isn't....these people were cheated in because they are bought and paid for operatives who have plenty to hide... They cannot stop what is coming. Oh and yes...they look completely ridiculous!

Iann Jones: BCP....can you just let it roll and then comment.?

whyld chyld: can't believe we the people have to pay for this shitshow or to the reps on the demoRATS. totally out of line!

YahshuaLovesMe: Aw gee Doug is so funny, what a character, splendid sense of humor hehehe! That interview turned out to be a classic high humor session, I am still laughing!

AFN41: Continue to do a great job..

Paul Revere's Horse Bucky: Mr Swallowwell is an idiot

Carol Benson: Black Conservative—I was also at U C Berkeley like you! Was there doing the original Free Speech Movement , bank bombings, Patty Hearst kidnapping by SLA & the bombing of a campus building that killed a man inside. I came out a Liberal & protested the VNam War & demanded women’s rights, started a NOW chapter, marched for UFW farmworkers, blah blah.

And eventually I grew up & realized the Democrats had moved so far into Marxism craziness so I discovered I was a conservative patriot after all who loved America with all its warts & problems. I’m now 180 from the Libtard I once was. Joined the NRA as well!🙏💋👅👀

Carol Benson: Black Conservative: Love your videos!!!
I’m a Recovering Liberal so I agree with everything you say! One day I #got woke & #walked away. All my liberal friends thought someone “brainwashed” me & dropped me; I made new ones as a conservative patriot. I know how libtards operate. They’re liars & sneaky. Watch out for their tricks.

AZ Independent: The over-privileged water buffalo is a pain in the ass, and wish that we could get rid of these swamp rats. That wicked demon, Jerry Nadler, and David cicilline (D-Rhode Island & gay lol), are all criminals and need to be removed from office

Clinton Chadwell: Until justice is restored by prosecuting those treasounous criminals I no longer support

pcfla: Thank you for your insight

Mike Kub: whaaaaaaaa. another fake news clinton crap network whining. lol. corey told the truth, unlike fake crap network cnn. such is life.

BarrysBeenABadBoy!: "It's a big safe Congressman, there are a lot of guns in there!" Gotta love Corey! That comment made my day! #MAGA2020!

soulssong2u: I love that Cory points out that he is being held to a different standard than other people who have been in the same chair and how he trolls the Dems with what is in his safe.

sean strack: Sheila Jackson Lee a fine example of racist black privilege

Tracy Rosellini: Thanks BCP,
that's some good time.

Pieter Booysen: This Jackson Lee woman sure has a screw loose

Skip Stones: I’m still trying to picture you in dreadlocks...otherwise, another insightful video. Thank you. Mega “likes”. Wish I could vote for Lewandowski or Collins.

Chris Thompson: Good recap. I want to compliment you on the quality and volume of the sound on your videos. It is a level above most other content on YouTube.

Oldliver Goodhag: Mr. Wallsnail is such a weasel..

SABREWOLF: This is proof that We The People have more power than they do, and that they have no power other than what we let them have.

Richard Giffin: it kill me to watch this video. How do you do it?

C. Galindo: Excellent video

RED BALL73: Enjoy the show 🍿 Nice Watch Corey.

Stormi Night: Always wasting our hard earned tax dollars on bullshit!!!!

Carrie Lynn: HILARIOUS!!!!!! When you sped up the video of Sheila !!!! LOL I laughed so hard! :D

Laura S: Jackson Lee is all about herself and her self-perceived importance.

Rick Vaughn: 🤡🤹‍♂️🍭🍿🎪🎡🥳🎭🎈🦘⚖🦘⚖🦘⚖🦘⚖

Carrie Lynn: Doug Collins has been great at keeping up the pressure. There are some House members who should be concerned that their true colors are showing. Stalling, dragging out and hindering this hearing keeps them all from getting onto other important work they need to accomplish (thus wasting tax payers' dollars)! Or don't they get that they are being videotaped for all of America to see?

Carrie Lynn: There's their new party name DemHypoCrats !!! LOL

Carrie Lynn: BCP. Did you just say, "Jerry should know better?"? He definitely knows better, it even sounded like he was beginning to berate Mr Lewandowski. Terrible, uncouth, dishonorable behavior from Mr. N !

John Hall: Where is the circus music?

Robert Holland: Corey lewandoski is a rock star.
Amongst drunk karaoke singers.
The democrats are an embarrassment to this country..
Who in their right mind could ever vote these fools back into power. They care nothing about we the people. They just care about their power.
God-bless the United States of America. Trump 2020

Robert Holland: These democrats are such overbearing scumbags it's unbelievable. And Corey wipe the floor with them. It was hilarious ..

Marv Moskwa: The hearing showed definitive proof that the Democrats are trying to run cover for the cabal.

Please seal this with the other evidence, and let the trials commence.

I just pushed the popcorn button and the butter's already melted on the stove!

Cathy Adams: Doug was great.

Robert Baird: Nadler should be removed from the Chairman of this committee.

Jackie Wagner: I love that we are establishing a team. Each player has a specific job. Each channel has its own topic. You all are doing a great job. I'm proud to be on board!!!

Chicksue: These communists/marxists would love nothing more than to remove our forms of protection and throw us "peons" in internment camps to suffer for generation after generation, while they remain gluttonous in keeping all the riches and luxuries to themselves...so Corey speaking to them in this manner is the least they deserve. They should be thanking him for going so easy on them.

Aunt Linda7: For years, I've watched British Parliament duke it out on BBC. Our Congress is now comparable in it's antics. Very entertaining. And they wonder why we have lost all respect for them. If children acted like that, they would be given a time out! Their egos are enormous ... and unwarranted!

john waller: nadler is one of the sickest darkest and horrid of the pedophiles.

MsMyxlplyx: DUDE...I cannot picture YOU with long dreadlocks.....but, I hid all the pictures of me with my Cher haircut and outfit.

MsMyxlplyx: Fatso Nadler was trying to TRAP Corey in a misspeak of some small item, THAT IS WHY THEY WERE ANGRY THAT COREY ASKED FOR REFERENCES>>>bwahahahahahhaaaaa.