White House responds to Barr's concerns with Trump tweets

In a statement, White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham says President Trump wasn't bothered by Barr's comments at all. FOX News operates the FOX ...


maynunal: In poker, you look for your opponent's "tell" to know when he's lying; Donald Trump's tell is when he's talking.


Faster Quicker: Trump will pardon Stone and all his buddies who didn't flip on him during the Spanish Inquisition of the dims.

Veronique Zobel: 😂😂poor Barr. Trump would not be Trump if he held his tongue though.


Lafe Denton: Someone needs to close Trumps account. The guy is his own worst enemy with them stupid fourth grade tweats he does,

RefusesCookies: I'm so sick of democrats and their endless lies and BS. 3+ years of lying about Trump, attacking Trump, and everyone connected to him. They all need to be voted out.

Jack Crump: It’s called the 1st amendment Barr and everyone else need to get over YouTube is already striking the first amendment by deleting videos that discusses the whistleblower so they are working hard trying to take our rights

TheGOPforlife: AG not doing his job.

Frank Galante: Barr better get used to “impossible.” Imagine what President Trump has to deal with on a minute by minute basis. AG Barr better raise the bar, or end up drowning his unemployed sorrows at the bar.

Weekly Daily: We need Rudy Giuliani for attorney general!
Out with the cowards and traitors!!
Start serving the American people with pride, and guts!!!

Michael Shapiro: Leave him alone. Stable geniuses know what they say & mean. That's what he wants and get off his back. He has to clean the house a little more. Dons the man!!!

MMAFighter38: Only reason liberals want Roger Stone to die in prison is because he’s a trump donor/supporter. The jury forewoman at his trial lied under oath about not having a bias against trump or his supporters. A tweet of hers back from 2017 says otherwise. This guy should be pardoned.

Tom White: All I hear is talk out of Mr. Barr, very little action!! What is he waiting on??

Lauren Emory: Yes hes so busy doing his job making sure patriots conservatives and land owners like the Bundys get prosecuted while making sure all the swamp roams free like as in the Epstein case and all the criminal agencies and child traffickers.

marpsr: Making his job harder? The
Left is never going to make it easy for him. Boomer/loser thinking. Grow a pair and fight Mr. Barr.

Mr Pitter: Get your daily dig in Brett?,feel like a man yet?

Rose White: We the people do our job and read
It is called multitasking
AG Barr

Chuck Dalton: Listen, it’s the freakin news people who want to make everything said into a nuclear explosion. I want to start a news media that hounds the news media.

Rose White: Barr is bringing his nonsense of complaints and going to liberal media for interviews but he should just do his job

Ricky Ricardo: Come on Barr if you can’t do your job it’s not because the President tweets

Evelyn Goh: We know Mr President is kind, compassionate and wants good for the people. Please not Twiiter is not the only effective way of communication.

MrDoug41: Listen to Barr Trump. Shut your big mouth for once. You’re going to get impeached again because you can’t shut up.

Rose White: May be Barr should reorganize doj and finally remove coup which exists
above the law

Kathylee Choi: Doing he’s job but where are they criminals,should go to jail Barrs,

joey mac: President Trump is basically saying "I'm not terribly worried about my authoritarian tendencies". It's strange that people aren't more alarmed by the fact that he seems incapable of showing some restraint and doing the responsible thing. This president has never been one to police himself, and he's not about to start now.

1 antique nut: Barr needs to do his job and not worry about what Trump is tweeting.We’ve been waiting patiently .Our Patience are wearing thin.Republicans talk a good talk but can’t get justice for nobody.Idiots.

Michele Lindsey: Maybe barr should do his job and arrest some democrats he has been handed all the info on Ukraine what in the hell is he waiting for i dont trust that guy barr

Evelyn Goh: The President would do well to note the suggestion of the AG. Pray help yourself Mr President, do not because of your ego make it difficult for those serving and those affected n you want to help. There are other channels of private communication which can expeditiously resolve sotuations of injustice.

Rose White: Christopher Whray needs to explain why fbi used armed agents and televised arrest which took place early morning

m g: barr is right, there are times when trump tweets are a shot in the foot, but at the end of the day, stone is a victim of the witch hunt, the fbi showed up to his home at 3 am with machine guns drawn like he is el chapo!! your last name must be obama, clinton, comey, or be a member of antifa, or be a criminal violent illegal, and you get a free pass and pat on the back by the media!!

Leonard Griffin: Yeah, our president tweets a little to much with anger. But it shows we have the right guy on the job. He won't take any crap from anybody.

Rose White: Barr should know already that swamp is around him.
Trump is just reiterating status quo.
Drain the swamp.

Ethan Dang: Fox propaganda channel you are a disgrace to the industry of journalism

Love_Crypto_Freedom: I WANT the President to speak up when he sees injustice or anything else he may wish to bring to light.
At this point its only the President and a handful of others that I fully trust so its encouraging to me that he has his finger on the pulse.
Keep tweeting Mr President!

Global Warming: Just a bunch of lying grifting conmen. That includes Fox News.

S A: Mr. Barr, except a few key note speaker talks has not done a bit for our President. He is now pleasing Gen. Kelley and Deep state FBI Christopher R.

Robert Roehrman: Our out of control, chronically lying, lawless, megalomaniacal & despotic POTUS. God help us all!

Richard Russell: America has a complete moron for president.....come on November 4th...dump dumb donald 2020.

OliverDePlace: Justifying fascism, that's what trump teevee does best.

S A: Brett is the George Soros loud speaker.

Toilet Paper: You mean people can disagree and criticize each other and still get along??? Take notes, Democrats

WSN000: There's more pressing issues than this pointless narrative created by ABC about "Trump's tweets". I wish the media could focus on the fact that there's a miscarriage of justice taking place in the Roger Stone case.

shafer360: Lol take a small segment of that statement and say trump. Lol what he was actually saying is trump, congress, and the media commenting on cases makes his job impossible.

Frederick Belak: As a fair minded American,here is my take.
While,one can disagree with the content on some of Trumps tweets,and one must take careful consideration,on how a tweet of the President,in contrast to the average Joe,can effect world Affairs,overall,it's just a new source of communication for a president.
Every tweet,like FDR using the new medium of those times radio,should not be seen as absolute truth,but the selling of a presidents agenda.
And using a new mass media technique to reach out to the public.
That's really all this is.
Look for Sanders,after he becomes president using a weekly
Live tv show with instant citizen reaction,on the internet,web on cell phones,etc,for interaction with the President,and for Sanders to get his message out,without being hostage to the establishment media.
Just like Trump but in a different way.
On Barr,unless this was a cleverly played deception that Trump and Barr planned together,not out of the question,regardless of how the white house spins this,or Trump says it dosent matter,Barr is not long for his job.
At least till after the election.
No matter if Trump wins or not.

Jim Shepard: Barr needs to know half the country hate the media, hate the democrats don't trust the FBI, DOJ and the judicial system. We know that the democrats committed felonies, sedition and probably treason. He was hired to clean up this mess and all we hear about is 50 billion sealed indictments. The media and democrats are going to try to stop him and conduct criminal acts to stop him and cover up crimes. so how about he man up and earn his paycheck.

gerry etheridge: It's working, just read the snowflakes comments. Trump 2020 and beyond.

O. Joei.B: Corruption at its best!!!😂

ȘȚɄƑƑɎǾɄ1oo: That's strange, a measured response from Trump.

O. Joei.B: Hes using bullying dictatorship tactics