Who Knows Where The Bodies Are Buried- Part 1

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Caroline Chase: those awful humans are so deranged that they stopped hiding their activities.....so very thankful for the internet, we would never have known, except for the cameras and computers.... now I think its ok for us to lose some privacy if not to ctch the rancid, putrid criminals "in charge" of our country.... I can't wait for things to change....for the better...WWG1WGA

Michael Vaughan: Rumor has it Weiner has got his laptop back.....

Tribal Equestrian: Check Tom Hanks back yard. He said nice thing about being the nicest guy in Hollywood is the don't check your backyard for bodies.

Kathleen Robbins: When are these “timely indictments” now? Isn’t this the right time for the world to learn about Killery’s criminal matters? We’re all home and willing to listen!

Rebecca Farley: And NO ONE has been indicted as of 4/8/2020, COVID-19 very convenient.

GoldenRatio Girl: What Eric prince is on about is what Q talks about in post 34 ( 2nd to last paragraph)........which I've just been going over and I believe post 34 - 64 is JFK jr..........on post 64 Q states " I must go for good" and refers to prior crumbs as MY crumbs.

Kitty Gonzalez: Please take The GATES’ From HELL DOWN TODAY! That will give Americans and others around the world that there is hope!

Sum Gumption: 1:34 World Council of Churches.... Q did not wake me to the depth of their deceit. God did long before Q. Q woke me to the fact that it is now time for me to stand, speak up and verify. I mean no harm. God wants all to be free and yes, the children are most important of all. They are helpless and were unknown to the world. The free slaves next, we are most visible and yet completely unaware of the chains. Then last, the very visible chained slaves. Once you are aware of your own enslavement you can finally free the world too. For good, without throwing everyone in the same sinking boat you were born and live in. God works in natural ways. Through real flesh and blood humans. Through you. He gave us a voice, not so others could hear us speak but so we could hear our own words coming out of our mouths. Listen to yourselves. Ask yourselves. Be honest and true to yourselves. Because you, are your own worst enemy.

Now, if you truly want to understand. Then read your Bibles from front to back as a whole book. But first, ask God to help you see the truth without religion. Leave the talking points, religion and imaginations out of it. That’s how I came to the truth. The truth is with God, not a book of laws and not any buildings that profit from you believing them. Don’t get me wrong, God left you clues to the truth in the number one go to source to find Him. Why wouldn’t He? He is Love.

I used to say, that you can not make sense of lies. This is why no religion has the answers. Because they have been focusing on the talking points. The lies. You must memorize them. Book, chapter, verse and word as it is written. The talking points are your armor to hide the truth. To attack the world. To put all in the same frame of mind. But God made us all different for a reason.

The fact is that in order to make sense of this world, the Bible and everything around you, it is impossible to put the puzzle together without piecing the lies and the truth together. You can’t discern truth from lies if you don’t see both. The truth is kept from us by making us focus on the lies. If we never hear the truth, we have nothing to compare the lies to.

So I urge every one to see for yourselves. Read the Bible through from front to back like a book was meant to be read. So that you can focus on the whole book for a clearer picture.

God is Love. If you know love, then you already know God. Above all things, love one another. ~ Quotes from Christ.

Natalie Anne: love your work Michael sharing it downunder

icy dawn: Excellent Michael

Lazarus 2020: General Milley knows, Flynn knows, "Q" (plural) DEFINITELY know.

Lori Hensley: Under RICO ALL of their assets and wealth can/will be seized by the government. Imagined the connections, imagine the wealth, anyone who is connected becomes apart of the organized crimes/cover ups. Black market: human traffic, organs, drugs, illegal objects, and needful things. Illegal porn or snuff videos/pictures. Think/research how many NYP officers have committed suicide after viewing A. Weiner's laptop? How many people have been murdered or suicide in connections to the Clintons? Godfather.

Shan Bowen: They were gonna kill us all,let's return the favor.

Jim Shillingford: Many of Our founding Fathers were Freemason's. George Washington was a Freemason and laid the cornerstone of Our nations capital wearing his  Masonic apron. The Freemasons helped us win our freedom from England. I know many Freemasons and they LOVE this Country. " WWG1WGA"

Steve A: Robert Mueller was the one who delivered the uranium one sample to Putin.

cathy cupcake: so in 2016 there was all this info...its 2020...4 years later and most people are still unaware of anything. Define timely...no matter what so much is still sitting on a shelf while people sit at home. Time for class to begin ready or not...besides who could ever be ready for this...we werent and we survived ....lets go

Rusty Appling: It goes back to Bush Poppy and Jr

Nona Barton: The evil witch Hillary is going down eventually. Btw, where is huma?!

Brenda Gurley: They will face God one day. There won’t be any more cover up!

Jill Falter: Could you turn 1-2-3 together? Would like to send in a package so the new ones can watch the series.

Justin Price: Help tayloville ill they all vote one another in

The Geek Experience: im a bit new here, and was turned onto this information and I fully believe it, my question is, if they have this info on the laptop, why hasn't anything happened to her, and the emails and content on the computer, ? I get why when obama was in, but Trump has been in for 3 yrs

Bosuns Mate: Eric Prince is a dark hat

TheDodge1011: Excellent Michael, thank you and God bless.

s negoro: How bout highlighting the fact that EPSTEIN helped start the Clinton Foundation 🤧

Her Hammer: Does that" D " in the word Classified look like a" Q" to anyone other than me on that podium...

Dawn Pesz: https://youtu.be/oZxWInwqjNo

Dawn Pesz: Must https://youtu.be/oZxWInwqjNo

bruce dunning: I have been following you for years now. And I watch every post. I have learned so much I couldn't even have imagined the things that are going on in this world. Thank you and God Bless you!

Frannie B Blair: We could definitely tap into technology used to find the answer to that let me get re-said she waited with Looking Glass tech and maybe send me more info to go off of and I will let you know [email protected]gmail.com

Russell Curtis: Are you are working for "Them" or are you completely brainwashed? Please be careful brother this is a world operation and you are participating in it. Find the truth read your Bible, we are living out Revaluations. Prophecy is coming to pass. Great time to be alive.

Susan Lea: Really like Sydney Powell, attorney, and Gen. Flynn's attorney. Have prayed she succeeds in having all charges dropped. That is a better solution than a pardon as it comes from a court reviewing the alleged evidence and lack thereof, and all the proof that exculpatory evidence was illegally concealed, and all the proof of criminal extortion by the DOJ. When will the Deep State operatives be terminated from government employment???

Melody Godbey: Possibly in hank's backyard for starts.......why has she not been arrested? No way America be the same .....

Daniel Meegan: Great Work Mike Praise The Lord

JB McGregor: Sad that our great President gave the authority to de-classify to AG Barr years ago and nothing will ever be made public if it is de-classified. Barr is a mole for the cabal and a Trump hater. Too bad that Sidney Powell is not a member of our Supreme Court. She is brilliant, knows the law and the Constitution forwards and backwards and also believes in it. As far as Weiner's lap top no one in this government cares what is on it, if it still exists. All of these treasonous thugs will walk away completely unscathed without one charge brought against them. No one cares where the bodies are because they probably were instrumental in placing them in the graves. I am so fed up with all of this pandering and breaking news 24/7.

Margery Franko: Thank you Michael for this great video
Trust The Plan
WWG1WGA ...Thank Q
God bless. God speed

Sherry Pippen: I had not been seeing your information...searched for it today and I was unsubscribed! 😡

Terry Manning: Great Video!!!!! #TruthBombs

Daniel Tibbitts: Awesome video keep up the great work! Thank you!!

Eileen Jones: Why does Eric Prince sound like Michael Flynn ? Coincidence ?

gxxxumpy: 8 years of obammer and 8 years of hillary to destroy AMERICA...that was the plan,,,

Jeannie Miller: Thanks Michael for exposing the real truth.

Hippie Farmer: what does it matter who knows where the bodies are if all the people in charge are total cowards? They have a Mountain of evidence and it's a daily shit show trashing Trump. Sick of it...

Robert Harden: I hope old Hillary and Willie and friends pay the price . its way past time.

Michael Paul: Evildoers will fall.

ericstrattendgtmy: "WAIT-WAIT-WAIT!!!" Nothing happens. Except. The laptop is gone. Detectives have been "suicided".

Paul Mendes: More drug and trafficking busts in San Diego. Border patrol is on fire. Two meth busts with over $500,000 in drugs captured. Also, caught a coyote and four of five illegals captured last night. The war is on.

Martha Lins: Thank you


TRUTHs Handmaid: You’re doing some great work on these! 👍Can’t wait to see that 3rd part. Hope you knock that one OUT OF THE PARK! ⚾️