Why are House Democrats giving up on John Bolton so easily?

House Democrats say they will not take former Trump national security adviser John Bolton to court, adding that his reluctance to appear only adds to their ...


Ethan Roeder: Fox is right there with Trump. They are intentionally misleading the American people.

The Dems are tryin to get a man who is grossly unfit for office out of the office. I am a republican but I am ashamed of the lies. Every two seconds a republican is caught in a proven lie but they keep calling the Dems liers with NO proof. I can barely watch Fox anymore because I know they are intentionally misleading their viewers. Fox almost always defends Trump instead of our constitutional democracy in such a way that hurts their credibility and foregoes journalistic integrity. This is why the Traitorous Trump is destroying the republican party.

Kyle Gibson: John Bolton should be locked up the rest of his life

jesse fay: Bolton is everything wrong with the Republican establishment.

jj 767: Bolton is a war monger period


Debra Frazier: Bolton needs to tell all the dirt on Democrats child trafficking and drug running over the years he help keep it covered

Pal VB: Amazing....bureaucrats questioning the top elected leader by leaking his/her communications with foreign leaders. Sedition not impeachment.

Jeff Perry: The term for the DNC is "average self destruction" political suicided, the proverb that says "IF YOU SEEK REVENGE DIG TWO GRAVES"

Robert Quesinberry: Bolton is probably the whistle blower. - it absolutely has to be somone like him.
Others are telling him everything. The document appeared one week after bolton left. He says he did not have direct knowledge of the call. And there is incredible confusion about him testifying.,

niagra898: I love Byron’s insight but all I can think right now is-how hot Martha is.

Martha Hernandez: The show of the Democrats are so sick and Liers. the witnesses are trained first the Russian plot didn't work now is plan b Impeach. we now the TRUE. TRUMP 2020.we will win.

theresa42213: The dems are going to fall FLAT on their face! GOD told Kim, and Mark T! ''....and they will cry ''lMPEACH! lMPEACH!'', but neigh ..and the democrats will do many embarrassing things...'' ~ Kim Clement 2013. Yea ...looks like God is right AGAIN!

Joseph Skinner: they made mueller testify and they even had a bunk report!

Mudd Hammer: To avoid investigstion/prosecution just run for president. Got it.

T Huss: He keeps an AR hidden in the stache

sandra martinez: Arrest please 🙏thedi nothing demonrats are a basket of garbage

GTP: What’s the difference between Jim Jordan and Joe Paterno? Nothing!

Whistleblower: They have more than enough to convict Trump. They have Trump dead to rights. They don't need Bolt-man. Trump even told on himself.

B. Carlsen: Hey, Bolton....You are a traitor not just to the President, but to this nation. If I was your child, I'd change my last name.

DLTD: Why do people even watch fox???

I get the feeling deepstate is blocking other channels in the Midwest ...

Russ Gallagher: Mr. Potato Head may or MAY NOT know about various foreign policy moves toward Ukraine or any other nation, but that comes under the umbrella of executive privilege. The Framers of the Constitution knew that any nation would have to speak to foreign leaders, almost all kings, self-styled emperors, potentates, or various other dictators, with one voice and that voice would be that of the President of the United States acting as head of state. This in fact was seen as the president's primary role; Congress would decide domestic policy via legislation.

yan chang: This is more YadayadA about nothing. More opinionated babble. If no one is being arrested and charged with a crime,then what is the point of your rumor mongering. Be part of a solution don’t add to the problem. This is the media trying to appear relevant and justify their obscene salary. Being on camera doesn’t make you smarter than everyone else.

discoverytube: John Bolton has a large grenade tattooed on each of his butt cheeks.

Margrit Kaminsky: Bolton is not needed. There is e.ouch evidence. It is interesting what kinds of twists FOX makes.

Kerkopes: Bolton wants a federal judge to clear the way of any conflict with the DOJ before he testifies. Other then that, he's ready to tell all.

Tommy K: Spying on the president used to be a crime

1313 from Greece: Well its pretty simple.hes a liar.

Murchad99: Let me answer FOX's fake question, despite the fact that they already know: the Democrats are not going to let themselves get bogged down for months in court trying to enforce valid subpoenas (despite the fact that they shouldn't have to) while the impeachment inquiry loses steam, all so that the Senate trial can be delayed and hurt Senate Democratic candidates right around the time they'd be out campaigning for 2020. We already know what Bolton said about Trump's actions with regards to Ukraine.

They want the trial in January. Late enough that the overwhelming evidence (as well as Senate Republicans shamelessly ignoring it) is still fresh in everyone's minds, but enough time not to hurt challengers in the 2020 election.

If you're a regular FOX viewer and that's all too boring, here's the Trump-supporter version: it's because Bolton secretly knows the DNC is controlled by space lizards living in invisible spaceships hovering over San Francisco, and his firing was fake as part of a secret strategy by Trump to buy time in his impeachment while the Space Force finishes constructing their antimatter missiles. It's all part of Mission Codename: Covfefe.

MrRoach1981: It seems to me if John Bolton had something to say that’d defend the President and upset the impeachment hearings, he’d have shown up, sworn in and said it.

Common Sense: It’s hilarious. The Dems act like politics is never conducted behind closed doors. All of them have things that aren’t meant for the public. But to fit their narrative, now the President is supposed to be 100% transparent. Stupid and short-sighted. Will come back to bite them down the road. 🙄

AustinGentleman: Bolton is just trying to stay relevant.

John Bell: Not needed...the Dems have all the evidence they need to impeach and get rid of the Trump Crime Family! YIPPEE!


Bud Lee: Is John Bolton the guy that played Captain Kangaroo ?

Y y: What an example for the rest of the world. The president abusing his power, trying to corrupt and blackmail a country threatening to eliminate aid in order to cheat in the elections. A shame for the Republican party and for the United States, leader of the free world

Doc Tom: Or, Bolton may bring up even more crap from Clinton or Obama.

Michael Trotter: Lol. It's coming to an end soon. Democrats are going to eat it

Geoff Clapp: Suggestion Stroppy me 2.0
2nd youtube backup channel as well .

David Stevens: When Bolton testifies trump is DONE!!!!!!!

Rodney Carden: Wake up people the only crime committed was by the democrates with the fake whistle blower that was coached by that piece of Shiff who is a known lier who is a deep stater and nancy can't tell the truth pelosi also deep stater there was no quid pro cwo they are the real conspiracy

ryvr madduck: Where's Mueller!?

Robert Blake: Because he has as much dirt on the dems as he has on trump that’s why

Rosebud: mr. president! Why!!! because here no one can act like you. As a former TV showman and experience in buying/selling condos, you know how to act, talk, walk, etc. to cheer up the most educated and mindful people of the USA: your fans, who non of them like yourself are filthy racist.

James Keith: We know what the President said. We have the transcript. Bolton has nothing to add. Why don’t you people get this. SMDH

Beat guy 777: Democrats gave up on America. Once Trump got elected

Samantha Cooper: Kupperman. Not Cooperman. Dumbfucker

Murr T. Haynes: My gosh! I was a registered Dem for 50+ years and changed 2 years ago because I finally realized they were not going to come back to a centrist position. They have since gone completely off the reservation and I see no redemption for them. The leaders of the party are clearly deranged and are blatantly lying to their own party members. Obama and his Chicago Mob politics and Lying Crooked Hillary ruined the Dem party. I'd like to see a third party come in and clean up the dirty lying crooks in Congress.

Rich Rockefeller: The Dems want him to squeal.

studfindingball: Bolton is merely protecting his own career as a confidante to power. He'd like to squeal on Trump but only if they 'force' him.

Robert Goch: This story makes no sense to me. I think Bolton would testify if Trump was not blocking his appearance and therefore there would no need for court intervention or any delay