Why the Virus Threatens the Chinese Regime's Imperial Dreams (Opinion)

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misty man: This virus sure quelled the Hong Kong protests didnt it

John Bradley: I like being a hero and making the President look like a genius as much as the next man, but I also getting paid for my work; and we're not talking the cost of an F-35 here...despite my work delivering a far greater ROI.

St Myles: Thank you for your Real News and Journalism Gina and Epoch Times.

ND Grandma 212: https://qz.com/africa/1850839/tanzania-president-magufuli-blames-covid-19-rise-on-faulty-tests-goats/

RL H: Completely cut China off. By all National Nations.

Jim Cumback: Communism is evil, along with socialism and globalism, the most vile and evil ideologies ever created by diseased minds. COVID19 has illustrated the CCPs true nature. The only question is;
Is the rest of the world smart enough to see the truth, or are they cowards, who will suck up to the despots?

GDPops: America must move as far away from communism as possible. Socialism is a gateway to communism.
2020 - Re-Elect President Trump & vote ALL democrats out of the House & Senate

Marvin Montgomery: There is one thing that is for certain and that is If that Bata Male homosexual snowflake Barack Obama were in office or that retarded Warmongering mental midget George W Bush along with his old man who looked the other way when the Communist Chinese Party murdered students at tiananmen square but when that corrupt degenerate pervert pedophile president Bill Clinton and the rest of the WHORITICIANS in Congress sold out to Wal Mart and Wall Street along with the CCP this was bound to happen eventually China would have taken over the world and with the Globalist cabal George Soros Banksters the world would have been one big slave camp like China. Let's hope that Donald Trump stays on course and ends the Communist Chinese Party while there is still time

Matthew Rice: it's over for China, the people of the world should boycott all things made in China and any company that manufactures any product there, period, as for me i don't care if i pay more for a product made elsewhere, i am willing to pay the higher price, because i am paying a higher price now and it has nothing to do with money. take note China, it's over for you.

Dennis Vogel Hoffman: Great Work Enjoy The Paper

Ric Hochulski: that one line, the Chinese made doctors who came forward about the virus disappear, this is what the left wants to do in the US, anyone who disagrees with their policies will simply disappear, and it doesn't matter who or how many, let that digest

Vex tract: Restricting flights out of Wuhan to other Chinese cities but not international flights says it all. Complete shutdown on US doing business with China.

Frostie-Flake: Australia Sky News shows weakness in bending the knee to the CCP on some panels. Tough talk, but weak in the knees and the CCP knows it!

Frostie-Flake: Excellent commentary! Now, how is NZ going to decouple from the CCP?

douglas lockard: Looks like no more 50 pennies LOLOL, good riddance to a pathetic group...long live freedom and liberties, freedom of the press begins with freedom of speech and the rights of a Free people depends on a Free press, censorship of any kind is counter productive and enslaves the truth which results in rejection of the oppression and subjection impressed upon the Free people, like dominoes one action has consequences and opposite reaction, interrupt the action at any point and ta daaa, the propped up house of cards which has a flimsy foundation built on soft and fine sand, collapses in on itself unable to stand up without the facade, and it's internal structure of wet noodles falls limply and unimpressive in the hearts and minds of the righteous, courageous, and highly confident, intelligent people who, given the opportunity to be properly informed, will choose wisely and thoughtfully, not rush to judgment or conviction least the evidence be overlooked or misunderstood, strength and conditioning takes patience and understanding, chess is limited yet takes a degree of strategic planning, contingencies and flexibility with the willingness to sacrifice for the greater good and "Nike" as the final conclusion, so I'm exceptionally impressed with the Epoch Times' declassified with Gina Shakespeare and Joshua's crossroads, I pray that you all at the Epoch Times are watched over by the one true and everlasting God and I will be there for you whenever you call as God is on our side and I stand alongside of you and if need be I will stand in front of you, for I no not fear as fearlessness is a trait of every warrior, courage in the face of tyranny and evil takes little effort and we Patriots are equal to the task, COG silently and confidently wins the battle for the one thing that is worth fighting for, every man woman and childs hearts and minds, as it only takes an idea to vanquish the corrupt and tyrannical hypocritical compromised and pathetic cowardly evil bad actors who are treasonous seditious and always become the forgotten defeated ugly and ill intended... hmmmm well okay then I hadn't realized that I would express myself so deeply this morning and please forgive me for my passionate ranting LOLOL may God bless you and your family and friends and keep you safe and sound, may God lift up God's countenance upon you and give you peace, through the one and in the name of Jesus Christ my Lord and savior AMEN... LOVE YOU MUCH GINA SHAKESPEARE AND IF YOU EVER FIND YOURSELF IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD OF WILLIAMSPORT PA, LOOK ME UP, you can find me through the ARW, as they can direct you in the correct direction... anyway that goes without saying that I'd love to make your acquaintance formally, I invite you to a cup of coffee or lunch sometime okay thanks for being such a great devoted and committed reporter of Free press and press fully devoted to the ethical Journalism I so appreciate, till your next report I await patiently... DpL

Kim Griffith: miss the live shots, Stay well to all your team

Who Hash: Gina rocks

Markus Ferguson: Now that's what I call a very succinct presentation... thank you. Keep up the good work Team-Epoch and your alluring commentator, Ms. Shakespeare :D

DignTrdoffRoad: We Signed up and don't regret it, even that's true news.

Sniper: May this evil be destroyed quickly

passtime for civilwar: See the democrats think they aren't expendable to the CCP. They don't get that the CCP has over nearly two billion mouths to feed. For them we are all useless.

Steve Sharman: Love it! 10 yrs too soon Xi boy






😎 #PinkPedoMist
😎 #NapalmSticksToPedovores

@realDonaldTrump πŸ’–


Sarah Haugh: I read that China lost 400,000 manufacturers in the first quarter of 2020, and even worse, there were no future orders on their books! Some factory owners have resorted to burning their factories to collected fire insurance claims and avoid oppressive CCP production quotas!

And I will avoid buying anything Made in China until the CCP goons are gone!!

Robert H: Like now Canada tried to ban you? Anyhow you rock...πŸ‘πŸ‘

God hates IiberaIs: The Ieft was subverted by communism decades ago

Eugene Gee: The CCP's goal in spreading the CCP virus to the world was to cripple the world and make the world more dependent on China. That is why they allowed international travel from Wuhan while stopping all domestic travel from Wuhan. However, their plan is backfiring on them because they underestimated how much their own economy would suffer while they were destroying the world's economy. They may not have anticipated that their strategy would result in the world reducing their dependency on China's workforce to produce goods for them.

Instead of increasing their power in the world, it looks the CCP pandemic may decrease their power. I hope the entire world wakes up and realizes that they have been lied to and manipulated by the CCP for the last 2 decades. Only if the world stands together against China do we have a chance. However, the CCP will be using all of their power and influence to stop such a coalition from forming.

Chris T: This is why Democrats have to be strongly defeated! Dems are on the side of China it seems. Get out and vote people!

Kevin: Enough talk. Repatriate all key industries back to their native countries.

overlycreative1: Yes, this report about sums up the nature of this CCP failure

Red Dog: the one product that this country excels in is the firearm manufacturing.china has flooded markets for years with many bad things including fentanyl. we should return favor and flood their country with weapons.

Luke: Subscribed in January to The Epoch Times. I live in Minnesota and haven't subscribed to a any major news source here (Minneapolis Star Trib, Duluth News Trib, St. Paul Pioneer Press) in over fifteen years because of lopsided and biased news coverage at every turn. Epoch Times journalists put integrity back into a profession that has been all but destroyed in North America by political pandering and clear CCP influence. I rarely watch or read any other news source now. It's worth the $16.90 per month to have access to real news from real journalists who excel in the art of critical thinking and are not afraid to put their lives on the line to capture the truth in news events. I would encourage anyone interested in the truth to spend the money if you can budget for it. And, this is coming from a world-class cheapskate. : - )

Lynn Cuthbert: They have simply blown it. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯

Shane O: Epoch Times πŸ‘πŸΎ

John Hemphill: Gina, I wish you reporting every day, I deeply wish you were. Amazing

Eld Jr: China's 'economic miracle' owes its success to an international Class of "Progressives" - foreign and domestic - political and financial - which moved quickly to raise a new Foil-State against American military and economic hegemony following the sudden demise of the Internationalists' last 'Great Red Hope': the U.S.S.R. in 1989.

Reagan's victory over Russian Soviet Communism was immediatly followed by the "Big Idea" of GHWB: "A New World Order" which would gradually evolve into dictatorial, soviet-style international beaurocracies operating surreptitiously - and seditiously - to ensure unbroken perpetuation of the unelected Regulatory - or "DEEP" - State positions, structures and powers.

And we see today what kind of arrogance these subversive 'leaders' indulge in fiat decisions which effectively force small entrepreneurs out-of-business while larger - or favored - businesses are permitted to latch on to the Public teat for support. This isn't Fascism?

Wretched Whitmer is only one example plain on its face, but we could also mention States' Gubners which have banned the use of a drug - hydroxychloroquine - which has proven effective to all but those too partisan and unwilling to know it.

The Chinese Communist Party is defended so vigorously by "Progressives" in America because they are Fellow Travelers toward what they believe is an inevitable global submission to Marxism; they believe that their collectivist fantasy world cannot appear until they've destroyed and effaced forever the Self-Evident Truth that All Men Are Created Equal, and that each Individual has Divinely-endowed Rights; among these Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness, and to institute governments deriving their Just Powers - their Legitimate Authority - from the Consent of the Governed.

This Idea - that no human being has any Natural superior; that no Peer has a 'Divine Right' to rule over another - is itself the death-knell to Monarchism, Papalism, and Socialism in all its forms [communist, fascist, communitarian], because no human being may usurp the Creator's Divine authority to endow His creatures - either to supplement or subtract from their Rights - it doesn't matter how many Peers agree in their opinion: one, many, or all human beings in the World do not - cannot - overrule the judgment of the Creator.

This drives them to hate God and His people; because they hate Jesus Christ, they hate the Golden Rule woven into the fabric of republicanism: "Do unto others as you would have them do to you". Thus they hate the 'United States' Constitution and Bill of Rights, and why they will not rest until they overthrow it - or die trying.

The Wuhan CCP coronavirus was released by a Chinese CCP viral laboratory. CCP cut off internal travel to and from Wuhan province but allowed infected people to disperse around the world and LIED about its transmissibility; if their economy was going to be devastated, then everyone's economies should be equally-devastated so that no-one can have an advantage.

China could buy time to survive PRESIDENT Donald Trump's "America First" strategy by bringing down the juggernaut of the American economy and damaging his re-election prospects. Four more years of Trump could bring down China as Reagan brought down the U.S.S.R. naturally, American DementoCrats are only too eager to help the CCP by keeping their jack-boots on the throats of the "non-essentials" lest the economy come roaring back and America re-elects Donald Trump to four more years.

Jeje Wa: Ok let's start demanding the sacking or resignation of Xi Jinping! Let's start a "sack movement"

mahbin: If nothing is done about these people it's just TALK. And I have had enough TALK.
(The only thing nesesary for evil to triumph is good men do nothing)!

WRath: I'm on here reading, listening and watching a great deal lately. It gets to a point you want to explode or implode.. or pull your hair out..lol There are so many "over the top" events happening in the last 5 yrs.!
That is when I look for you Gina to calm my thoughts and soothe my aching head. No muss no fuss. There to give us the news, no sides, not the glamour gotcha pooper scooper fake news.
Especially Gina Shakespeare, but the whole lot of you at Epoch times; always spot on and balanced with vetted insightful sourcing; always refreshing and easy to follow. Thank you!

william hunter: Laowhy86 did an interesting vid today. Exposing Canada's government's mouthpiece the CBC. Check it out. I'm Canadian and the degree that our PM and his media push his pro CHina globalist views is both frightening and sickening. Throw in the RCMP< CSIS intelligence report from 1997, that was put aside by the liberal government of the day, makes you wonder, If that was 23 years ago, what degree has Canada and it's government been controlled by the Chinese Communist government today. Even our health minister , a UN globalist supporter from Hong Kong seems to be pushing the CCP agenda. Google photo search Trudeau Lunar New Years celebration. Feb 1st when UK and US were quarentining from plane to Quarentine facilities, Trudeau is partying with his large Chines block of supporters and waving flights from China in with a welcome to Canada and a brochure on what to do, if self quarentine isn't working out. Wash your hands. Sickening.

Ski Man: The plandemic is its real name, scamdemic as it only targets elderly and sick

Bill Daniels: The w.h.o. screwed us all on this one also so don't forget them and the news media like CNN with there crap trying to make things worse

Elizabeth Morlan: I will say this F china and the ccp.

T S: China lied
WHO complied
Press denied
People died

Skip b: Thanks PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP for exposing this. He has been the biggest threat to their domination. They are trying to get him out of office but he trumped them. THANK YOU PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP

Anon Ymous: is this like a Siamese dream?

Captain cope: Sic 'em Gina

Kenn Smith: Thank you Gina for another well researched, truthful and informative presentation.. we look forward to your next one.

Despiser Despised: The CCP shut down China on Jan 24th yet still allowed International flights. A direct act of War. Democrats in the US have parroted the CCP party line ever since. Hey Gina can you revisit the CCP hack of the Office of Personnel Mgt in 2015 and identify any links?

craxd1: Think what is really behind this, since the days of Nixon, Rockefeller, and Kissinger; it's money. Politicians in both parties courted the Asian nations, especially China, until, under Clinton, they brought China into the WTO. Manufacturing flooded out of the US, starting under Nixon, to Asia, and it settled mainly, in China, as a source of cheap labor with no environmental protection. The WTO has had it rigged for them ever since. It has always been about cheap slave labor, profit margins, and increasing the wealth of the progressive elite, and that needs to stop, today.

Great job, Gina!