Will Texas become a blue state?

Panel reaction and analysis to President Trump's campaign rally in Dallas, Texas on 'The Ingraham Angle.' FOX Business Network (FBN), FOX News Radio, ...


Rudol Veloz: White ppl talking what hispanics thinks lol.

Ricky Alan Lusk: Texas don't like blue have you red that already

Tavish M: Texas has blue influx because of all the commies fleeing the failed, rat infested, homeless pandemic and heroin injection center promoting People's Communist Republic of Commiefornia.. Stop bringing your failed leftist ideologies to great Texas..If Texas becomes blue, it will be right before the democrats turn the U.S. into a 3rd world country. U.S. as we know it will cease to exist as the great U.S.A. Vivaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Trump!

John Kiene: The strategy for open borders is to turn Texas blue that is the objective make no mistake about it

Rudol Veloz: Split the usa with fox viewers and the rest. North east and west to the south.

Zebra: Illegal immigrants are 1 to 9 people living in the USA.

super five nights at Freddy's power casarez: I hope ppl don't believe him he is telling the truth.

John Kiene: You don’t see tents and poop on the side walks in Dallas but you do in Austin which is run by crazy leftists and it’s become a mini LA

FatNinja Flip: No it will not be blue lol

Kevin Richerson: Hispanics in texas don't like illegal immigration either. They left mexico for a reason... to get away from certain mexicans.

Brad noneofyourbusiness: TRUMP 2020 !!!

Always Honest: Beto Orouke, is from Texas & gets 500 people at a rally... Trump comes to Texas & gets 20-25 thousand people at a rally- & your question is..... "Will Texas become a blue state?" - insulting our intelligence

great outdoors: Is our disgusting president still winning??

Marcos Villarreal: American hispanic here from mcallen tx...
Tx blue , never in a million years...trump 2020

Brandon Comer: if Texas goes blue the country will fall apart within two decade

Phillip Johnson: Europeans are NOT any form examples for us American's...The EU is simply Totalitarianism disguising themselves as a Democracy!

Michael Dvorak: The demented left failed in 2016, failed with Muller report, failed with Muller hearing, failing with current BS investigation by Schiff. Now Pelosi, Schumer and their group of mentally deficient are trying to portray Trump losing his mind. One BS story after the next just to attack Trump. I'm fearful for Trump's life. The Democrats are backed into the corner. Pelosi wearing a green dress (go) and pointing at her gold bracelet with what looks like a bullet.

Katherine Noddin: Are you kidding

Agape Bang-asan: yes fight emotionally, mentally and spiritually too. God bless America

dosia1 boby: isnt Obama just meddle with Canada election??????????????

Phillip Johnson: I am still laughing at Trump's tweet about the DNC 'debates'..."Boring!"

I have been saying for awhile that Californian's ARE NOT fleeing California they truly are parasitic and spreading like a virus.

Emerald Gemini: Trump never ceases to amaze. He puts in a long day and then has the energy to be very entertaining before thousands. The Dems have noone that even comes close.

Tree: Praise the Lord... and God Bless President Trump!

doug camara: Trump Landslide 2020 get off your duff and vote. It’s very important to stop these Haters.

Atlantic Antiques: The people moving to TX form CA are the people that have businesses or work, not going to turn blue...

ben dover: Fox turning into cnn. Hell no texas aint turning blue. TRUMP 2020 KEEP AMERICA GREAT

Josie Whales: The real working class Americans know the Democratic socialist party is so corrupt and what would really happen to this country, open borders, Green deal, gun confiscation, We just can't do it,Thats just naming a few things,I'll go with Trump and our Economy booming

Joe Parmer: FOX your Graphic for text is so bad! It's is giving wrong words from what your panel is actually saying. Either Fix it or Stop using it. You are deceiving the hearing impaired!

Morality Sheriff II: Your red state turning blue theory has a major flaw. To assume people migrating to Texas from California are going to vote Dem is a major stretch. Why would they do that when their home state is in such a mess that they are compelled to leave? Anyone with half a brain would not vote for what they are running from.

Chuck Cox: Arizona used to be solid red. All the libs have been driven out of California to Arizona by the shitty taxes created by the people they elected. Now they will ruin Arizona. Dumber than a box of rocks! After they ruin Arizona completely they'll be headed for your state.

sean ausome: Democrats only policy to win 2020 is impeachment. Trump 2020 !!!!!!!!

Marty Robertson: It is possible folks! They are transplanting Californians at record numbers, and everyone knows what happens when Californians migrate to other states.

samuel mcgill: There are more people at trump rallies than there is population in some states.

Duicy Love: If Conservatives are so great ....why were the Best Republicans Liberals ?

Al Wilk: Texas has a big problem... Democrats are fleeing from California and bringing their vote for more democrats to recreate what they did in California to Texas.

francis soi: win or be in jail.. lets take momentum...we alreadyhave bars..no more bars😀

LilRed M.: TRUMP 2020

dakotail: Texas is a beautiful State ,,,, and the whirl MAN there ,,, and people from Texas will vote for the President TRUMP!! there we go TEXAS!!

Judge Jury: If Texas becomes blue. The end of time will definitely be near! Texas is always red!

PoGirl: I'm not all white & I voted Trump to get rid of political corruption.

Josie Whales: Texas would never turn blue,They gotta get those Cali transplants out.....

Lyricallynn: Breaking News....the Rapture is coming and very soon! Are you ready? Google the term if you never heard of the event. Don't be left behind for the 7 year Tribulation. What is the Tribulation....take every apocalyptic movie ever made and multiply by 1 million...you don't want to be here trust me....

Josie Whales: Trump sold out again it was better than a Judas priest concert, there was another 20,000 outside that couldn't get in

Joe Hackney: Texas will stay red and will not change.Not as long as Russia has control of our vote totals.

Red Mustang 1976: Thanks to iligal immigrants it wil. The Democrats have their voting army from accross the border.


Doc D: Adam Shiff for brains is a loser to the Nth degree

me Marcy: hey fox, we know your fake news now, but how can you even ask that news,after seeing the crowd size

Rose Henderson: Please allow the guests to speak Laura! You overtake the whole thing and don't give your guests much of a chance to have their say. I realize you are a host, but you go on and on, interrupt, and really don't say a lot when we are really waiting for your guests to speak!

Nom: No because Texas is full of idiots.